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Over the past ten years, their children have grown up, but Qin Yue's eyes are the same as those of the original.

No, it should not be the same as the original, it should be said that it is more affectionate and gentle than the original, as if his eyes only contain her.

He walked gracefully to Jane.

She chuckled and smiled softly: "I'm back!"

Qin Yue nodded, "well."

For more than ten years, President Qin still cherished words like gold, but there were also changes. He not only answered, but also went to Jianran's side and started to pull her into his arms.

"Hungry." Said Jane with a smile.

"Well." He still nodded and said nothing more.

"Then go and change. If you do, we can have dinner." Jane ran out of his arms and said.

Qin Yue said seriously, "help me."

"I'll help you change clothes. My eight year old son doesn't need my help. President Qin, are you so big? " Sometimes, Jane really has no way to take this man.

Because if she doesn't help him, he will surely pester her to do other things. This man is more and more childish.

As expected, President Qin said, "I asked my wife to help me. Why should I be embarrassed?"

"Well, I'll help you." Jane immediately raised her hand to surrender, and he led her upstairs.

His palm is very big, his simple palm is very small, his big palm can easily hold her palm in the palm, tightly hold her.

All these years, as long as they walk together, he likes to hold her, just like the sentence before to answer the card, hold her hand, keep walking, keep walking until they grow old.

When he came to the dressing room, Jane took Qin Yue's home clothes, turned around and gazed at Qin Yue, as if he could see her.

"Why are you looking at me like this?" she said with a smile

Qin Yue reached out and stroked her face, sketching the outline of her face with his fingers: "nothing, just want to see you like this."

Even if he doesn't do anything, just look at her quietly like this, he can see that the world is old and he can never see enough.

"I've been watching it for more than ten years, and I'm getting old. Haven't you got tired of watching it?" His words warmed Jane's heart, and she smiled better.

"It's only a decade. I'll see you like this for decades to come." Look at her, accompany her, two people grow old together.

"Mr. Qin, you are more and more able to say nice things recently. You said so many flattering things to me, did you do something sorry to me outside? " Of course, she believed that he would never do anything sorry to her, just to tease him.

As expected, as soon as the simple words were spoken, President Qin's face sank: "what are you talking about?"

He can't joke at all.

Especially about loyalty, she said once, he would be in a hurry with her.

Jane smiled smugly: "I'm just kidding you. Do you really have a woman out there with such a big reaction? "

"Simple!" Qin is really angry.

"Well?" Jane looked at him with a smile. "President Qin, do you have anything to tell the little girl?"

"I told you I couldn't see anyone but you." Qin Yue stroked her face and said such a sentence slowly.

Jane is not the best woman in the world, but in his heart, she is unique and no one can replace her.

"Well, I see." Well, Jane is very satisfied, and let the sullen general manager Qin express his love to her indirectly.

She got it?

Shouldn't she have confessed to him, too?

Qin Yue looked at Jianran discontentedly, with a gloomy face, just like a big boy who was angry.

"Me too," said Jane gently

As soon as the simple words are out, President Qin's face will look good.

Alas, this man is really naive, much more lovely and naive than their family. She looks like she has two sons.

Qin Yue held her in her arms again.

Jianran nestles in his arms and suddenly thinks of something: "by the way, Qinyue, let's take time to see ran Baobao and Xiaoze another day. I'm always a little uneasy with their two children outside. "

Qin Yue nodded and said, "OK, when you finish the costume show, we will go to accompany them together."

When it comes to fashion shows, Jane thinks that some things have not been finished yet.

"Qin Yue, come and help me to have a look." Jian ran drags Qin Yue to her studio, turns on the computer, turns to the design draft, "this series of works is the main style of my clothing this time, how about you help me see it?"

Although Qin Yue didn't know how to design clothes, his taste was not bad. He often asked him to give her some advice, and Qin was very happy.

He carefully looked through the design draft, and looked at some samples of ready-made clothes, and nodded: "it's very similar to your design style, simple and generous, I think the market reaction will be good."

"I'm flattered to be praised by our general manager Sheng tianqin." A sweet smile.

In fact, her works can be affirmed by Qinyue, more than by the people in the fashion circle.

She said, "OK, change your clothes. I'll go down and help you with lunch."

Qin Yue said, "I have something for you to see."

"What?" she asked

"You come." Qin Yue took Jianran's hand and went back to the room. He took a beautiful box out of the desk drawer in the small study.

When he opened the box, a sapphire necklace lay quietly in the gift box. He asked, "look, would you like it?"

"You want to give it to me again?" Over the years, he has given her precious gifts. Even the necklace is much better, and her collection cabinet is almost out of capacity.

"Yes. Do you like it? " Qin Yue looks at Jianran, her eyes full of expectation.

If you are more careful, you can see that this time you give her a polite gift, more nervous than any other time he gave her a gift.

Because he didn't tell her that the jewel necklace was designed and made by him for her.

"Yes. I like everything you give me. " Jane likes it very much, but she doesn't think she can use it. "But don't waste your money on it. I have too many hand decorations. I can't wear them all every day."

"What is waste? Isn't it natural for me to earn money for my wife? " Qin Yue picked up the necklace and put it on for Jane herself.

He was near her, and the hot breath touched her earlobes. She blushed: "I'll do it myself."

But Qin Yue ignored, insisted on helping her to wear it, and then stepped back to look at her.

Her skin is white and without any wrinkles. The sapphire ornament makes her look bright and moving. Qin Yue can't help but bow and kiss her: "answer me, do you like it?" /p

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