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Oh, ah!

At the thought of brother lie, Qin lelan wished that brother lie would appear in front of her and let her see him.

Although brother lie comes to the disaster area every night and returns in the morning, she is separated from brother lie in the morning, but when she thinks of him, she also feels that she hasn't seen brother lie for a long time.

This is the real feeling of people in love. Even if they stick together every day, they still think it's not enough.

In other words, the hardest person for her to teach in the disaster area is not her but brother lie. Brother lie comes every night and returns in the morning. It takes four hours to go back and forth.

"Yes, I think our muddleheaded head is easy to use." Before, because he was confused, he didn't love learning, and his confused father scolded him for being stupid.

After Qin leran came here, he held a parents' meeting.

She let parents learn to find out their children's advantages and give them more encouragement. Their performance will have unexpected results.

The parents also listened to Qin lelan's words. They usually learn to find the advantages of their children and encourage them. As expected, their progress is not small.

Learning progress is not small, life is more active, many children also help their parents to share the housework.

Muddleheaded is the most typical one of them, which indirectly proves that Qin leran's coming to teach is successful.

Qin lelan is very excited that his teaching method has been approved by his children and parents.

Leaving muddleheaded home, Qin lelan came to the residential area under construction.

The houses here are almost built, and will soon become everyone's new home, which is also a good symbol for the people in the disaster area to start living again.

After such a serious natural disaster, Qin leran experienced the work of rescue and reconstruction.

She saw with her own eyes that the disaster area was in a mess and the corpses were everywhere, but the people in the disaster area did not fall down.

With the help of the government, every member of the disaster area and the supporting construction team worked hard and rarely heard complaints.

Now the situation in the disaster area is getting better and better. In the final analysis, it is her strong brother who has a good governance.

Just after he took office, brother lie encountered such a big problem. He made an orderly order, organized the army and the people to rescue and relief together, and then organized the reconstruction of the disaster area. A series of measures were in place.

Qin leran once again exclaimed that her vision was so good that she fell in love with such a big treasure as brother lie when she was a child.

If she had not let her father save the wounded boy, she would not have such a strong brother who loved her so much.

Thinking of brother lie, Qin lelan can't wait to raise his hand and look at the time. It's only eight o'clock in the evening. Brother lie hasn't arrived so soon.


When she was disappointed and shook her head, a pair of thick big palms gently covered her eyes. Qin lelan instinctively wanted to launch an attack, but the familiar masculine atmosphere soon surrounded her to let her know who was coming.

She already knew who was covering her eyes. The man also lowered his voice deliberately and asked, "guess who I am?"

Qin Yueran burst out laughing. Sometimes her brother is really silly and cute, and he always treats her as an innocent child.

A lot of times, she wanted to tell him that she was no longer the little girl who didn't know anything, she knew everything.

Qin leran took off his hand, turned around and threw it into his arms. He rubbed against his arms and said, "there will be no one but my brother."

"Oh, that's for sure?" Quan Nan Zhai grinned and rubbed her head.

"Of course, because my brother is fragrant and other men stink, I know that." Qin lelan is really praising her strong brother all the time. Don't you worry about boasting more? Will her strong brother be proud?

"And your father?" Just instinctively, Quan Nanzhai wants to surpass the super mountain in front of him.

Qin lelan nunuzui: "stingy! Why do you want to compare with my father? I'll tell you, my father is the man who loves me the most in the world, and you are the one behind me. "

"Then it seems that I have to continue to work hard." He should make more efforts to love her and let her know that there is a man who loves her better than her father.

"Brother lie, let's work together in the future." Qin leran hands her hand to Quan Nanzhai's, "brother lie, it's only eight o'clock now. Why are you here?"

Usually he can arrive here at about 10 p.m. at the earliest. Today, he was almost two hours ahead of schedule. Is it because he missed her?

"Because there's nothing to do, I'll leave work early, so I'll come to accompany you in advance." Because he will go abroad for a visit tomorrow, which will take nearly a week. He specially takes time to accompany her.

If he wants to visit abroad for a week, he will be very disappointed if he can't see her for a week.

He would like to take her with him, but the relationship between her and him is still unclear. What reason does he have for her to join him?

So he should deal with his affairs as soon as possible, so that she can stay in his side, where he goes, she can accompany him.

"By the way, brother lie, can I ask you a little?"

"Well, you say."

"Why don't you ask me what I'm going to say, and you'll agree. In case I ask too much, what will you do?"

"But will it?"

"Of course not."

"That's not right." Quan Nanzhai took her hand and said as he walked, "speak, I listen."

"Brother lie, I've been here for a while, and I know their living conditions are really bad. In the future, can you give them some preferential policies to make up for the suffering of the people in the disaster area. " Qin leran is to help the people in the disaster area to seek welfare. In the end, she wants the people in the disaster area to love their president more.

Quan Nanzhai nodded: "well, it's a good idea. But... "

"Brother lie, can't you?" Before Quan Nanzhai finished speaking, Qin Yueran could not wait to interrupt him.

"But the relevant departments are already preparing for this work, so I don't need to worry about it." Quan Nan Zhai laughs softly.

"Oh, brother lie, you've already thought of it." She also felt that she had a vision. Her brother had thought of it before her.

"Well, if you don't mention these things, you can walk with brother lie."

"Brother lie, what can I do for you?"

"Nothing." He just wants to lead her like this, two people walk casually to talk, can let him off all his fatigue.

"Brother lie, do you know?"

"I know."

"You know again?"

"Because what you want to say is exactly what I want to say to you." Quan Nanzhai stood still and held Qin lelan's shoulder. "I will hold your hand like this, and we will go on forever." /p

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