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On one side of Shen Lingxi's head, he opened his mouth and took longyi's hand. He bit it fiercely. His teeth fell into his palms and his blood flowed.

She looked at him angrily, two eyes like two X-rays. She wished she could penetrate his body: "roll! Don't let me see you again! "

Release his hand, Shen Lingxi side head vomited a mouthful of blood, mouth has his blood to make her feel disgusted incomparably.

"Don't want to see me? Is it up to you? " Dragon Wing smiled coldly, smiling like the devil from hell.

His smile made Shen Lingxi shiver, but she still straightened her thin body and looked at him coldly: "you are a man with a mask who can't even show his true face, just deserve to live in a cold hell."

Wearing a mask, I dare not show my true face, but live in a cold hell It's true that she was right by accident. This year, he lived a more tormented life than in hell.

But she would not wonder who let them spoil the house and destroy the door, who destroyed his face and made him forget what he looked like. He could only hide under this mask and live in purgatory.

Shen Lingxi doesn't mention that it's OK. The revenge blood in longyi's body is ignited by her again. He bullies his body and easily controls her between him and the hospital bed: "then let me play with you, who is only suitable for living in the cold hell."

"Go away! Don't touch me. Beast! Beast! You're going to die! " As in previous times, no matter how Shen Lingxi struggles to resist, there is no way to change the fate of being "fish and meat" by this man.

Here, in this strange place, this man is the king, the master who dare not disobey orders.

And what about her?

She is a piece of fish on the board. He can only do what he wants. She has no resistance.

After a long time, when Shen Lingxi thought the world was going to die, the man finally left her.

He straightened the slightly disordered sleeves and looked down at her: "Shen Lingxi, remember, you are just a plaything here. Don't put on the airs of Miss Shen with me again."

Left the words of indifference, then Lengleng looked at her almost naked, and he turned and walked away with great steps.

"Young master." When she went out, the woman named Xiao Jiu greeted her. It seemed that she had been waiting outside the room for a long time.

"Yes?" Asked the Dragon Wing foot.

Xiaojiu immediately followed: "the Shen family is already helping to wash the white for Miss Shen's murder."

Long Yi sneered: "Don Shen really loves his granddaughter. She killed their Shen's grandson, and he was able to wash her white. This kind of love is really incomparable. "

Small nine hesitates: "then we......"

Longyi suddenly stopped and looked back at Shen Lingxi's door: "don't worry about other things. Go and see the woman in the room. If she has a slip, you'll see to it. "

"Yes." Xiaojiu took the order and turned to look at the door.

Her eyes, which were just respectful, suddenly became cruel, as if the people in the room were her enemies.


It's daytime, but Shen Lingxi can't see anything. In front of her eyes, it's dark. She is trapped in the dark world, and she can't be born in any way.

"Dragon Wing, where are you? I'm really scared. I'm scared. Can you help me? " I know that I have already been defiled by people, so I should not have any illusions about longyi.

But that's the only one she trusts and can rely on!

Apart from Dragon Wings, she couldn't imagine who could save her from this hellish place.

"Dragon Wing, will you hate me?" Longyi loves her so much, he will not hate her, but she has no face to see him again.

Dragon Wing! Dragon Wing! Dragon Wing!

She called his name in her heart countless times, as if it could make her feel a little warm and make her see the light again.

Shen Lingxi suddenly felt a sharp pain like a cone, which made her wake up from the darkness.

She opened her eyes and saw that the woman named Xiao Jiu was holding a big needle and stabbing it into her body.

She struggles: "what are you doing?"

She wants to push away Xiaojiu, but the woman's strength is very strong. Hold her hand, Shen Lingxi has no strength to resist.

Xiaojiu injects the medicine in the syringe into Shen Lingxi's body, pulls out the needle, puts the syringe on the bedside table, opens a medicine bottle, and forcibly shoves several pills into Shen Lingxi's mouth: "eat it."

Shen Lingxi doesn't open her mouth. Xiaojiu puts the medicine into her mouth. She spits it out immediately. She catches Xiaojiu's needle on the bedside table and stabs it at Xiaojiu.

Although she was seriously injured, although she had no strength, although she could not beat the devil like man, it did not mean that Shen Lingxi would be bullied without resistance.

Shen Lingxi stabbed the needle into Xiao Jiu's arm: "get out of the way! Get out of the way, or I'll kill you! "

Xiaojiu was in pain and wanted to fight back, but Shen Lingxi didn't slow down either. He raised his hand and stabbed the needle in the center of Xiaojiu's palm.

The pain made Xiaojiu step backward.

She knows very well that this matter must be decided quickly, or the master will find out that she will be overwhelmed.

She adjusted her mood and tried to let herself speak in a more relaxed tone: "Miss Shen, I'm doing this for you. Don't be unkind."

For her good?

Shen Lingxi really wanted to spit at her.

Inject her with unknown medicine and feed her with unknown medicine. It's called for her good. Does this woman think she Shen Lingxi is an idiot?

Xiaojiu said, "Miss Shen, do you like my young master and want to have a baby for him?"

"Fart!" Shen Lingxi said excitedly.

She wanted to let that man die, how could she like him, and even more impossible to give birth to his children.

In this life, she only wants to give birth to children for longyi. He and her children can't be imagined by others.


Think of children Shen Lingxi's face suddenly turned white, almost transparent.

The devil forced her several times, and every time And it seems to be her ovulation period recently, which is likely to lead to pregnancy.

No way! No!

She must not be pregnant with that man's child!

Shen Lingxi's reaction fell into the eyes of a Jiu one by one. She knew that the opportunity came, and said, "this bottle is a contraceptive pill, which my young master asked me to take to you. You'd better be obedient, or even if you have a baby, my young master will not let you be born. You will suffer at that time. "

"Contraceptives?" Even if the bottle is not filled with contraceptives, Shen Lingxi can't think calmly.

She threw away the syringe in a hurry, grabbed the medicine bottle without even looking at the instructions, poured a handful of medicine and put it into her mouth. /p

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