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At this moment, there is only one idea in Shen Lingxi's mind. She must not be pregnant with the child of the devil man.

As long as she is not pregnant with that devil's child, she dares to eat anything, and whether she can live or not is nothing to her.

"Miss Shen, just understand." Xiaojiu hands over a glass of water, which is still steaming. It should be very hot, but Shen Lingxi doesn't care whether it's hot or not. She swallows the pill with the water.

The boiling hot water made Shen Lingxi's throat hurt like a tear, but she didn't spit it out and forced herself to swallow it.

She must never, never let herself bear the devil's child!

Xiaojiu takes back the few medicine bottles left in Shen Lingxi's hand and puts them back in his pocket and puts them away: "as long as Miss Shen knows how to look, she will suffer a lot less. I'll prepare the contraceptive for you in the future. Usually you'd better wait on my young master. "

The hand, fell empty, Shen Lingxi just returned to the spirit, the vision looks at a certain place dully, straight feel funny, even laugh out a sound.

Shen Lingxi is also born into a famous family. She has cultivated herself and sex in recent years. She graduated from a famous university and was once loved by her parents and beloved men.

And now?

What is she today?

Maybe in the eyes of these people, she is not even a thing.


Pa -

Xiao Jiu just came back to the studio. Before he could see the room clearly, he was slapped on the face.

"Young master..." Seeing who is the man who is beating himself in front of you, and then seeing the man sitting in the room, Xiaojiu flopped to the ground and said, "I, I......"

She wanted to explain, but she was so scared that she didn't know how to explain.

"Xiao Jiu, who gave you such courage to touch the young master in private?" The question is a man named Longtian who follows longyi.

Long Tian grew up at the dragon's house and has been following long Yi. When the dragon's house was destroyed, only the two of them and Xiao Jiu survived.

Although he also hated Shen family and Shen Lingxi, he was more loyal to his master. If the master didn't give an order, he wouldn't dare move Shen Lingxi.

At this moment, he first tidies up Xiaojiu for the master. On the one hand, he punishes Xiaojiu for being the master. On the other hand, he wants to protect Xiaojiu's life.

When he shot, he also knew the importance. When he knew that he had hit Xiaojiu, he also hurt her at most. If they let their master shoot, Xiaojiu would only die.

Xiaojiu knelt on the ground and said with fear: "young master, I This is also for your sake. That Shen family woman betrayed you and killed so many people in the dragon family. She is not worthy of giving birth to your children. "

"She doesn't deserve it!" Long Yi got up and walked slowly and gracefully to Xiao Jiu's side. "Then tell me, who doesn't deserve her?"

Xiaojiu was too scared to look up at longyi. When he spoke, he didn't make a sound. He bit his tongue.

"Young master!" Long Tian flopped on his knees. "Young master, nine is young. I don't know how serious it is. Please forgive her this time for their loyalty to the dragon family. She will never do it again. "

Long Tian hurriedly bumps Xiaojiu with her elbow, asking her to admit her mistake and stop annoying their master.

They have been following the master. How much he cares about the woman in Shen's family, they can't be more clear.

Even if the woman did so much harm to Shen's family, their master once said that he would kill the woman himself, but when he took the woman back, their master suddenly felt soft.

Once that woman shed tears, their master will feel pity. That woman is a typical beauty disaster.

But the master cares about her and is nervous about her. They can't do anything to that woman.

Xiaojiu cried in fright, but still didn't admit his mistake: "young master, it's my fault to disobey your order, but I don't think I did it wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Shen's death has a lot to do with that woman of the Shen family. If you let her give birth to your child, the Mr. and Mrs. under Jiuquan will die in peace. "

Longtian can't help but cover Xiaojiu's mouth. Doesn't she know that the young master is angry. If he orders, he can kill her.

A year ago, the dragon family slept soundly on the night when they couldn't see their fingers. I don't know who set off a fire and burned the whole dragon house.

That night, the fire was burning for half of the sky. When the firefighters arrived, the people of the dragon family were almost burnt alive. Only three of them escaped.

A year ago, the police closed the case by saying that a short circuit in the long family's wires led to a fire. The long family slept too deep and didn't find out in time. It was too late to find out.

Later, the longyi investigation found out that it wasn't the long family sleeping too much, or the wires were short circuited, but someone gave them sleeping pills, someone set fire on purpose, and the long family had the fire that killed the door.

And the Shen family is doing all this. It's the Shen family who set fire.

The people who let the dragon family sleep and put sleeping pills in their diet directed their spear at Miss Shen Lingxi.

Longyi clearly remembers what happened on the day when the dragon family was destroyed.

That day, Shen Lingxi offered to stay at their home for dinner. Before dinner, she was busy helping to prepare dinner.

Longyi loves her and hugs her to prevent her from entering the kitchen: "Xiaoxi, it's good to have a servant do it. Don't rush around."

She poked him in the chest with a smile: "I will become the daughter-in-law of the dragon family in the future, so let me adjust to my life in my mother-in-law family in advance."

At that time, because of hearing her words, he was as happy as a fool, holding her around for a turn: "well, wait for me!"

"What are you waiting for?" she said with a smile

He kissed her and said, "I'll call you Mrs. Long soon."

Mrs long?

Now I think she has never been a stranger to Mrs. long.

All she did, she agreed to his pursuit, but only to help Shen family kill the dragon family.

How insidious and vicious a woman!!!

In order to help the Shen family kill the dragon family, she cheated everyone with her acting skills. Maybe she even cheated herself.

"Young master, Xiaojiu is right. Please think more about the ten lives of the dragon family that were burned alive. " At this time, Longtian is not willing to follow longyi to deceive himself.

So many people will die in the dragon family. All the evidence points to Shen Lingxi, and only Shen Lingxi is likely to put medicine in their meals.

Knowing that the woman is the murderer, why help their master to defend her?

Most of the time, Longtian would like to stab the woman to death for the master.

On the one hand is a man who lives and dies with himself, and on the other hand is a woman who betrays himself. The balance in longyi's hand will naturally incline to the former.

"Step back." At last, longyi let go. When they got up and walked to the door, he added, "if there is another time, never give up." /p

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