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Imagine a pet that has been with him since he was born. Qin leran has been keeping it as his sister.

She has been raised for ten years, but Qin leran left her when she had no psychological preparation. How could she not be sad.

So since Mianmian's death, Qin leran never mentioned keeping a pet, or even forbidding people to mention Mian in front of her.

Now Quan Nanzhai knows that Qin leran doesn't dislike pets, but she is afraid of repeating the past and losing it.

"Brother lie, where is sister Lingxi? How is she doing? " I don't know how. Qin leran is particularly worried about this sister who only met twice.

Maybe she thinks that no matter what the truth is, Shen Lingxi has always been Quan Nanzhai's fiancee. Now she is tangled with Quan Nanzhai, and she will feel a little guilty about Shen Lingxi.

Last night, Qin leran had a nightmare. He dreamed of Shen Lingxi. Shen Lingxi in the dream didn't seem to be happy.

Shen Lingxi seems to be trapped in the swamp. In despair, she waves for help, but when Qin leran arrives to save her, her whole body is submerged in the swamp.

In the middle of the night, Qin leran was scared out of cold sweat by the dream.

"If Mu Lingfeng says that she was taken away by that person, there will be no mistake," said Quan Nanzhai

Although muring Feng is a gangster, he doesn't need to run so far to cheat him.

"But brother lie, you haven't told me who that man is? Will he really take care of sister Lingxi? " If you don't ask clearly, Qin lelan can't rest assured.

"That person is called longyi, who Shen Lingxi has been thinking about." In other words, Quan Nanzhai thinks that this is enough. There is no need for Qin lelan to know more.

"It was him!" Hearing the name, Qin lelan collected information about longyi from Chang Li.

One year ago, the former president's wife died. The dragon family was destroyed. The son of the dragon family was Shen Lingxi's sweetheart, Dragon Wing.

"You know?" Right south Zhai eyebrow head a pick, deep voice asks a way.

"I've heard of this man in novels, but I don't know him very well. I only know that he seems to be very handsome." At this time, Qin lelan didn't want Quan Nanzhai to worry, so he had to pull Lin out to be a cover.

"No matter how handsome you are, you are the man of others. Your man is here." Quan Nan Zhai's heart and eyes are really small. He is not only jealous with Qin Yue, but also jealous no matter who Qin lelan praises.

"Oh, I see! My dear Mr. President! " Vinegar jar strong brother, but she likes strong brother to eat flying vinegar.

Such a strong brother is very lovely!

It's a little silly!



Longyi looks at the latest information in his hand, and he is trembling with rage It turns out that the dead woman was pregnant with his child and killed him by herself.

Damned wicked woman!

Is her heart really made of iron?

It was his child, but it was also her child. She could bear to do it herself.

"Young master, there is also a confession from the doctor who helped Miss Shen to carry it. She can also prove that it was Miss Shen who personally asked to kill the child. Take a look. " He handed a piece of information to longyi, and timidly stepped back three steps.

"Go away!" As soon as longyi throws the data, he stands up abruptly and strides out.


It's been two days since Shen Lingxi woke up, but she didn't say a word in two days. She can't even curse.

When someone sent her a meal, she would eat and sleep after eating. She would wrap herself in the quilt, asking nothing and saying nothing, just like a living dead man.

She locked herself in her shell, kept no one close to her, and didn't open her heart like anyone else. Only in this way could she live with her teeth clenched.

Bang -

suddenly, the door was kicked open, the door hit the wall, and made a loud noise.

It scared Shen Lingxi to be a spirited person, but she still didn't even lift her head. She still curled up in the quilt and became a "Ninja Turtle".

Longyi came to the bedside in two strides and looked down at Shen Lingxi, who was too thin to look like a king. "Shen Lingxi, look up at me."


He asked her to look up at him. Would she look up at him?

It's ridiculous!

A devil who bullies her, why is he?

Shen Lingxi's unresponsive attitude infuriated longyi even more. He stretched out his hand and pulled away the quilt she was wrapped in. "If you want to be deaf, I don't mind helping you."

Shen Lingxi is still motionless. It seems that she can't hear him or sense his anger. Or she is not afraid that he will make her deaf.

"Shen Lingxi!!!" Longyi reaches out again. This time, Shen Lingxi is picked up.

He didn't use a lot of strength, but he gently picked up Shen Lingxi. She was too thin for him to feel her weight.

At the moment when he was distracted, she even smiled at him. It was a kind of self giving up, as if she felt that there was no longer something worthy of her nostalgia in the world, that kind of relief smile.

Coldly, Meng Lao's voice sounded in longyi's ear: "boy, if you want to collect her body, you can torture her. If you are still with her and can't let her go, treat her well. Don't hurt her, but also yourself. "

Seeing this skinny woman with only skin and bones, and thinking of what Meng Lao said, longyi slowly released Shen Lingxi's hand holding her clothes tightly and put her back: "don't talk? Are you protesting in this way? "

She still doesn't answer him!

"Not talking?" He wanted her to talk.

Longyi sits beside the bed, lifts Shen Lingxi up and kisses her violently. He forces Shen Lingxi to groan, and then he lets her go.

He kneaded her red lips, and said in a cold voice, "Shen Lingxi, remember, now you are just a plaything for me. Without my permission, you have no right to die. "

Shen Lingxi was kissed by him for a long time before he breathed slowly. His face was always pale, and it was very rare for him to get a scarlet color.

She gave him a cold look, and immediately stopped looking at him, ignored him, and adopted a three no policy to deal with the devil man.

As long as he has no interest in her, maybe he can still find his conscience and let her go. Shen lingximing knows that the chance is almost impossible, but he can't help but hope so much.

However, longyi found that her face was a little ruddy, and would not let her go easily. She broke off her head again: "Shen Lingxi, don't pretend to be pure. Your body's warm response tells me that you enjoy me playing with you. "

Didn't she kill his child?

Then he will let her bear his child again, and let her give birth to a child for him, so that she will never be able to take off his palm. /p

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