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The disaster area is rarely bright.

Although the temporary stage is not as tall as the stage of the National Grand Theatre, it is also small in scale.

A one meter high stage, the column is made of steel and cement, and a large red scene is erected at the back, which is written as follows.

Under the stage, the people in the disaster area moved small benches and sat in order early, all excited and excited, stretched their necks and looked at the stage.

On the stage, the leaders of the disaster area are impassioned to deliver the opening speech of the party. After the opening speech, the host receives the microphone and announces the first program.

The first program is a song "we are a family" sung by a famous national singer. Once the familiar Prelude rings, the audience on the stage starts to applaud warmly.

When the song reaches the part, the audience will sing together, and a chorus will come. The first program will push the party to the first.

Next, there are performances of singing and dancing, as well as magic. The sixth one is a sketch of Yaya and other three people.

Sister Yaya, Xiao Xiao, big and strong, cheer Qin leran makes a cheering gesture for the group of three who will come to the stage.

Yaya said with a smile: Well, you can cheer us up under the stage.

Zhuang said: in fact, I'm still short of an encouraging kiss. If you are willing to give me an encouraging kiss, we will perform better.

Xiao Xiao kicks on his big ass: stop thinking about it, you boy. Our little vinegar jar is what you can think of.

Qin lelan smiles and staggers the sensitive topic: of course, I believe that our program will surely bring happiness to the father and the elderly.

As expected, Qin lelan did not expect that when the performance of the Yaya trio reached a third, the audience on the stage had already laughed back and forth.

The party reached the second.

Seeing that the villagers in the disaster area are so happy, Qin leran also smiles gently. The purpose of Yaya trio to bring the happiness to the villagers in the disaster area is achieved.

After several days of living and eating with the people in the disaster area, Qin leran also deeply felt how hard the people in the disaster area worked to rebuild a better home.

It is the efforts of all of us that make her feel how excellent the people of this country are. Of course, this kind of excellence is inseparable from the leadership of their president.

Although brother lie took office shortly, the people in the disaster area still highly praised him, especially the president.

If the president had not personally led the rescue and relief efforts, the casualties and property losses would not have been so small.

If there is no plan for how to rebuild the disaster area without the presidential order issued by the president himself, there will be no efforts to rebuild a better home together.

Qin leran thinks he has a good eye. He picked up a treasure as big as brother lie at a young age.

At that time, she was less than four years old. How could she know that brother lie was a good man?

After thinking about it, she really didn't know how to see it at the beginning. Maybe this is what people often say about fate.

Between people, or fate is the most important.

Some people, even if they have been together for ten or twenty years, can't let people open their hearts to him.

Just as between her and Qin Yinze, it's not that Qin Yinze's brother doesn't do well. It should be said that he is a very competent brother, but there is always something between her and him.

How do you like our performance, little vinegar? After the performance, Yaya wants to hear Qin lelan's comments first.

Qin lelan raised his lips and smiled, but did not answer.

Yaya added: "little vinegar jar, what do you mean by just laughing and not talking?"? Didn't we perform at the level you expected?

Qin leran is still smiling, his eyes are shallow, and he still hasn't answered.

Yaya is a little anxious: little vinegar jar, my little aunt and grandma, don't just laugh. Where do you think we didn't perform well? You're talking.

Ah? Qin lelan was so shocked that she asked me what?


she had been asking for a long time, but she didn't hear it at all.

She poked at Qin lelan's head: little girl, what are you thinking about?

Qin lelan said: I am thinking that there are still many good people in the world.

Ya Ya some confused: what with what?

Qin leran continued: "sister Yaya, I lived to be 18 years old. I have never felt so happy with someone who has nothing to do with me before.". Just to see everyone's smiling face, I feel that I have a lot.

Yaya sits down next to Qin leran and sighs: Yes, she can make everyone so happy with her modest efforts. This kind of satisfaction is incomparable with other things.

Qin leran said: my mother used to say to me that we should have enough to be happy. Now it's such a truth. Look at the people in the disaster area. The earthquake destroyed their homes and their families died, but they were not discouraged. They and the people who participated in the reconstruction work together to rebuild their homes. They are happy every day. This is contentment.

Yaya, Bai and Qin lelan have a look: how old are you, little girl? It's amazing to say such a thing.

Qin lelan smiles and gets up: there are three programs coming to me. I'm going to go backstage to prepare them. You'll cheer me on later.

Yaya said: you are the best, come on. Qin leiran nods and turns to go backstage.

However, none of them saw a tall man standing in a corner not far from the stage where the light could not reach.

He stood there for a long time in a neat suit and shiny leather shoes, but he didn't move.

Qin leran's every move just fell into his eyes.

He looked at her, his eyes reluctant to blink.

It's only a short time of ten days. Like a new person, this girl has no spoiled appearance. She is a competent support builder.

What hasn't changed is that no matter where she goes, she is always like a little sun, which makes people feel so warm.

Qin leran goes to the backstage. He watches Qin leran enter the backstage. He can't see her beautiful figure. He is still reluctant to take back his eyes and look at the place where she disappeared.

Little boy, do you want me to come over and talk to miss? The man behind Qin Yinze asked tentatively.

No need. Qin Yinze said.

If she knew that he was there, she would be unhappy all the time. He was a very eyesore to her.

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