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fourteen years of company and care, after all, can't compare with that of the first one

from the beginning, she didn't give him a chance to fight for it, so she eliminated him completely, and didn't give him a chance.

Standing behind Qin Yinze, the man said: there are still two programs to miss. I just inquired about it. She performed ballet solo. She was preparing to perform at her adult ceremony, but she didn't perform that program.

Qin Yinze didn't answer any more. He still looked at the location where Qin Yueran disappeared. His eyes were deep and hot, and also contained too many feelings that could not be told.

It is not only her attitude towards him, but also his identity and her identity that stand between him and her. He is her nominal elder brother.

The two programs ended in a few minutes. The host announced in a high voice: our little vinegar jar will bring Ballet Solo Dance. Please enjoy

as the host's voice falls, most of the lights on the stage are off, leaving only a round light, while Qin leran is standing under the light.

She was wearing a white professional dance ballet costume, which was tightly attached to her body, and showed her delicate figure almost perfectly in front of the audience.

She first made a deep bow to the observer, then smiled confidently and began his dance.

On stage, she is the only one. Everyone's eyes are on her. Every turn and jump she makes every effort to give full play to what she has learned in these years.

Her profession makes her dance look so pleasing to the eye. Even if many people don't know ballet, the audience is drunk.

They don't know the professional things, but they know the beauty. The dancing girl on the stage is as beautiful as the fairy in the fairyland under the light.

Everyone was so absorbed that they even forgot to give her a round of applause. The audience didn't respond until a round of applause came from the corner.

For a while, thunderous applause covered the music on the stage.

Qin Yinze is still standing in the same place, and his hot eyes are fixed on the dancing elves on the stage, so that when there is another person beside him, he doesn't notice.

The man, as tall as he was, was different from him in that he was wearing a white casual suit.

The man's eyes are fixed on Qin lelan, who is on the stage. His eyes are appreciative, and his emotions are too hot to hide.

His nature always brings him so many surprises.

She is like a treasure, as long as you keep digging, you can find different surprises in her.

A dance, when the public's mind is not finished, Qin lelan stands still and makes a big bow to the audience.

The stage curtain fell slowly in the warm applause of the audience. Qin lelan did not straighten up until the stage curtain fell completely.

But as soon as she took a step, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

The original stage is not as smooth as the indoor stage. When she dances and rotates, the rough table surface abrades her feet. At this time, the white dance shoes on her feet have already been dyed bloody red.

She showed the spirit of a professional dancer when dancing. Instead of stopping because of her foot injury, she finished the whole dance perfectly with a smile on her face.

In front of the stage, the host announced the next program.

Under the stage, in the dark corner, the eyes of the two men are still fixed on the stage, as if the beautiful spirit in their hearts is still dancing heartily.

When the next program started half way, they took back their eyes. At that time, Qin Yinze noticed that there was another person beside him.

He looked at the man and said coldly: it's you.

Quan Nan Zhai looked at him directly and smiled: look good.

Qin Yinze sneers: surname right, don't be too proud, the future road is still very long, who she belongs to in the end, who is not sure.

Quan Nan Zhai is not light or heavy: she is not an object, of course, she will not belong to anyone, but she is the girl I want to marry.

The girl you want to marry? Qin Yinze hooked his lips and smiled coldly. Quan Nanzhai, there are so many broken things around you that you are too busy to take care of yourself. Why do you marry her?

Quan Nanzhai stopped talking.

He can deal with the troubles around him. He doesn't need others to worry about them. Moreover, whether he can marry Qin lelan or not is not decided by a few words.

Don't talk, do you? Qin Yinze snorted coldly and said again, our father will give you a year. A year is not slow, you still pray that you can clean up the things around you. As soon as the time comes, no matter how persistent, my father will definitely take her back to New York.

Thank you for your kind reminding. Please rest assured that one year is enough. Those who play tricks behind the scenes are impatient. They make trouble by taking advantage of Shen Lingxi's murder case. If they want to make trouble for him, then he can also lead the snake out of the hole by taking advantage of it.

Who is your eldest brother-in-law, Qin Yinze, with his chest heaved with anger, shook his fist, and if he didn't restrain himself, he would have thrown his fist at Quan Nanzhai.

However, just as the two of them were arguing, Qin leran came out of the background and stepped into their sight step by step.

Two big men, almost at the same time, walked to Qin leran, but just two steps, Qin Yinze stopped.

What if he went?

Without Quan Nanzhai, she would not let him near, let alone at this moment.

If he goes again, he will only watch them show their love.

Heart, no matter what, he can only stop.

Just watching Quan Nanzhai getting closer to her, his heart was boiling fiercely. The two hands hanging on his side were loose and loose, which reflected the complexity of his heart.

Quan Nanzhai comes to Qin leran's side a few steps, embraces her waist and helps her to stand firm: but, what's the matter?

Brother lie, why are you here? Qin lelan said in surprise.

Her surprise is not that Quan Nan Zhai dressed up and pretended to be the passer-by Qin lelan knew, but that thing on the Internet is so noisy today. He should take time to deal with it. How can he still have time to come to see her?

Quan Nanzhai didn't answer her. Looking at her feet, he saw that she was wearing a pair of big slippers, because the blood on the dancing shoes that he didn't have time to change was so dazzling.

You Quan Nan Zhai is angry and distressed. He doesn't care that there are many eyes around him looking at them. He picks up Qin lelan and turns around and leaves.

Brother lie, I'm ok. Don't worry. Knowing that brother lie was here, she changed her shoes and came out.

It's the last thing she wants to see for him to worry about her.

Shut up, said QUANNAN Zhai Lengleng. His face was gloomy and frightening, which was the bleak appearance Qin lelan had never seen.

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