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is my negligence. I often scold myself.

As a qualified bodyguard, he should take the initiative to check the surrounding situation of Qin leran. However, he only wanted to prevent her from being attacked and ignored these small details.

Qin lelan said calmly: the Internet public opinion will soon come to me. You can help me find evidence. Before things expand, I need to know who is behind the scenes.

After a long time, as Qin Yinze said, it wasn't Shen Lingxi's murder that those people wanted to make a big scene, but they forged a behind the scenes murderer. The real murderer was Qin lelan.

It's ridiculous that she wants to use her to control brother lie, not to mention that there is no door, even the crack of the door will not be left to those hateful villains.

Chang Li said: Miss, the news about you in the disaster area has been picked out. For the sake of safety, you'd better go back to Linhai with me first. We'll take the long view of everything.

I promised the children in the disaster area that they would be taught for a month. If the time limit is less than one month, I will not go anywhere. Qin Le ran sipped her lips and said.

She didn't kill people, so she was not afraid of those people pulling on her. Since those people dare to use her, it remains to be seen.

Chang Li frowned: Miss, last night's events are still fresh in my mind. In case those people plan to do it again, I'm afraid that Qin lelan interrupts him: I know.

The fear of the dark is indeed the psychological shadow that Qin lelan can't overcome, and the only weakness that the enemy can catch her. But she can't flinch because of this reason. She can't be

the sound of brother Liege's own bass bubble effect suddenly rings in the cold wind. Of course, it's not brother Liege coming, but brother Liege's phone call.

Then I'll go down first. Please call me. He is always sharp and witty.

Yeah. Qin lelan nodded and watched Chang Li leave. She cleared her throat before answering. Brother lie, aren't you in a meeting at this time?

Quan Nan Zhai's pleasant voice came from his mobile phone: however, no matter what happens, you should never mind. Teach the children in the disaster area, you know?

Well, I see. Qin lelan smiled and said, "brother lie, you should work hard too. Don't always miss me in meetings.". I know you're thinking about me. Don't take the time to call me.

Quan Nanzhai: however, brother lie, I like you. Well, she is smart. She knows that all the words of brother lie can be blocked with this sentence.

See? Brother lie hasn't said anything for a long time. He must be stealing music.

After a while, Quan Nanzhai's voice came again: however, remember what I told you, teach the children in the disaster area well, and don't worry about anything.

Qin lelan nunununu mouth: brother lie, you are so wordy. I said I know, you also stressed that you are not afraid that I dislike you?

Quan Nan Zhai chuckles and says, "will you dislike me?

Of course not. I like you.

Well, I see. You are obedient in the disaster area.

Brother lie, don't talk to me in the voice of a child. I'm not a kid. I'm an adult.

But in brother lie's heart, you are always a little girl.

Brother lie, I'm going to be your wife in the future. Please don't call me little girl again, or I'll be angry.


On the phone, Quan Nanzhai didn't say anything more, but Qin leran could imagine that her sullen brother must be laughing.

Thinking of her sullen brother stealing joy, Qin Yueran couldn't help but raise her lips and smile.

No matter what kind of storm they are going to face, they can still talk and laugh because they have each other.

In the afternoon, Qin leran taught the children as usual.

Because of her interesting teaching methods, the atmosphere in the classroom has been very active, and the children are all eager to raise their hands and answer questions.

Looking at their innocent smiling faces, Qin leran has already left those things on the Internet behind.

Qin leran didn't care about the incident involving her, but Yaya was always uneasy. She found Qin leran during the break: no matter what happened, several of us believe you.

Thank you, sister Yaya. But don't worry about it. The Qing people are self-cleaning. No one can wrong me for what I haven't done.

Yaya asked: does your brother know?

Sister Yaya, you miss my brother. Qin leran patted Yaya on the shoulder and smiled vaguely. Don't worry. When you get back to Linhai, I'll introduce you to him.

Who wants your brother? Yaya stares at her, I think, you meet such a thing, he is your brother, there are always more ways than you. You have to tell him that it's better to have more people think of ways.

Several of them also want to help Qin lelan, but they are just ordinary students. They can't find any relationship and can't help them.

Qin lelan said confidently: sister Yaya, don't worry. Don't worry about him, I can still get things right.

Her father arranged for three of her Chang's mother and son, and her brother lie. There was nothing that could not be settled.

Qin lelan is so proud and confident.

But in addition to her self-confidence, she thought of her own death spot - fear of the dark

the fire that happened last night, without finding out the cause, but Qin lelan knew that it must be the person who wanted to catch the fire deliberately.

I'm glad there were no casualties last night, or her guilt would have been great.

Little vinegar jar, is the man holding you in the picture really Mr. President? After a long time, Yaya can't help asking.

What do you say? Qin lelan smiled and didn't answer positively.

I think so. Yaya doesn't want to lie.

As early as the previous month, she found that their president paid special attention to Qin leran, and finally Qin leran was sent back in advance.

Well, you think that's it. Qin lelan smiles, Yaya, I'm going to class.

Qin lelan doesn't want to say much about his brother Heli.

First, I don't want to make trouble for brother lie at this juncture. Second, the time is not ripe for them to open their relationship.

Tonight, a national art troupe came to the disaster area to perform and cheer on the reconstruction workers.

After one day's class, Qin lelan had dinner early and helped Yaya and several of them rehearse their sketches in the tent.

Yaya, Xiaoxiao and other people's programs are performance pieces, because they have performed before, and then on the right lines.

Qin leran's program is solo dance, but up to now, she hasn't announced the name of the dance. She wants to give you a surprise.

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