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because some people take the lead in making trouble on the Internet, and many keyboard heroes who don't know at all follow the riot, for a while, many people think that Shen Lingxi's disappearance after killing is inseparable from the president.

The keyboard clip on the Internet is really a magical existence. Without knowing it, they can always tell the truth, as if they saw Shen Lingxi was rescued by the president.

Some people said that

some people said that

some people answered

others said that

they had been watching it with their mobile phones for a long time, but Qin leiran had to bear it again and again, and finally couldn't bear it. She turned off the Internet news and dialed Chang Li's phone: Chang Li, send out the evidence in your hand.

Miss, Mr. lie said that you are not allowed to take care of this matter. You'd better not take care of it. Of course, as long as things have nothing to do with Qin lelan, Chang Li doesn't want to meddle.

Their mother and son received the favor of Qinyue, and the one to repay was Qinyue. As for whether other people were wronged, they had no real interest.

Their mother and son only guarantee Qin leran's safety, and guarantee Qin leran's good time in country a.

Chang Li, whose order do you listen to? This person, is not her father arranged to her side of the people? When did you become only listening to brother lie?

It's yours, of course. Chang Li said.

That's not right. Send out the evidence you have as soon as possible. There is no room for discussion. Qin leran despised her most because she was wronged by others.

Besides, Qin leran doesn't want Shen Lingxi to carry on the crime of killing again.

Although she and Shen Lingxi have met twice, Qin leran can see that Shen Lingxi is a good girl. A good girl should have her own happiness, rather than being used as a chess piece.

Chang Li hesitates and says, "but Miss Chang Li will do what I say. There is nothing more. Finish saying, Qin leran hang up the phone decisively.

At this time, there is new news on the Internet. Before Chang Li, someone has put out the video of Shen Lingxi's killing.

The shooting angle of the video of Shen Lingxi's murder has been changed several times, which can prove that someone saw Shen Lingxi's murder and shot it with his own eyes, rather than the effect of a fixed camera.

Just after the video was sent out, someone noticed the problem of video shooting angle, so soon someone asked who would be the one who shot the video secretly and didn't stop Shen Lingxi from killing?

After this problem came out, someone asked another question. Shen Lingxi in the video was so excited that she would go crazy suddenly only when she was stimulated.

So what kind of stimulation did Shen Lingxi get?

Who is the person that makes Shen Lingxi stimulated?

Soon these two questions became the mainstream topic of this homicide.

Just when everyone couldn't find the answer, a vest named sent out a picture.

In the picture, there are two people, one male and one female, standing in the white moonlight.

The man turned his back to the camera and could not see his face, but the woman turned to the camera and could see her face clearly.

The woman is tall and looks very young. She is not only young but also has a very delicate face, especially the plum blossom in the middle of her forehead.

The netizens not only spray people's power, but also the detective's ability. Soon someone guessed that the man in the picture should be their president.

Although the man's face can't be seen, the men's dress, hair style, body shape and so on are very similar to their president.

Mr. President is Shen Lingxi's fiance. They often show their love in front of the camera. Who is the young and beautiful girl in his arms?

Is it Mr. President's transference?

Or did the goblin girl hook up with their president?

Sharp questions, like bombs, set off the Internet world.

Little vinegar jar, is the girl in the picture you? Yaya didn't dare to believe it. She raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. The girl in the picture still hasn't changed.

It should be me. Qin leiran answers in a leisurely way.

Of course it's her.

There are similar people in the world, but it's hard to find those who look similar and also have special marks.

Qin lelan stared at herself in the picture and looked again. She remembered that this was the night when she and brother lie recognized each other.

It's just that they didn't take photos that night, and they didn't find anyone taking photos for them, so how could the photos of that night flow out?

That night, the moonlight was very bright. They were standing in an open place, surrounded by the guards arranged by brother lie. It was reasonable to say that if someone could take photos from such a clear angle, someone would find out.

But that night, there was no abnormal situation. When Qin leran thought of the direction he was facing, he suddenly thought of something.

She got up and ran out. Behind her came Yaya's cry: little vinegar jar, what's wrong?

Qin lelan is unreasonable. He goes through tents and comes to the tent where she and Yaya live.

She ran to the position where brother lie stood that night, stood and then looked back at the tent and the shooting angle of the photo.

Soon Qin leiran thought of the key to the problem.

She ran back to the door of the tent, looking up and down, and found a pinhole sized camera.

No wonder they didn't find anything unusual that night. It turned out that the place where she lived had been monitored for a long time, and her every move fell into the eyes of the enemy hiding in the dark.

The damned Qin leiran bit his teeth and said gloomily.

Those people had better pray that she would not find them, or she would clean them up and let them know that Qin leran is not letting them rub round and flatten the soft persimmon.

Chang Li comes here just in time and worries: Miss, take this. Qin leran gave Chang Li the pinhole camera he found and said calmly, "it seems that brother lie's phone is coming ahead of time. Those people have been making my mind in the dark for a long time.".

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