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anyway, I can't save her. If you want her to live, you'd better find someone else right and the living immortal in the sky. It's said that as long as they wave their hands, the dead can survive.

My old man is a very old man, and he has not seen the living immortal saving people with his own eyes. Boy, try it, and ask the living immortal to save Miss Shen.

With that, Meng Lao's box was also packed. He took the box and left. When he came to the door, he suddenly turned back.

He looked at longyi and said with a long heart: boy, you were seriously injured a year ago. I changed your face for you. I know how hard your life is this year. But I still want to tell you that life is only once and never comes again.

The past is over. Longyi doesn't want to mention the sins he suffered in this year, but what Meng Lao said to him will always be firmly in his mind.

Meng Lao said: boy, you have lost too many relatives, so cherish the people you want to cherish. Before you do everything, think about it calmly. Don't regret your life for a while. She betrayed your feelings for her. It's her fault, but who can't let her go.

Yeah, who can't let her go?

He is the cheapest man.

Because of her, his family was tragically visited. A dozen people died in a large family. He and the two people around him were not dead, but they were also seriously injured.

Especially him.

Longyi reached out and touched his masked face.

This face has been changed for nearly a year. He still can't believe that the person he sees in the mirror is himself.

Love is a magic thing. It's not that you say you can't love if you don't love, it's not that you can put it down if you put it down.

It is to face you, you want to forget, but remember more clearly.

Maybe it's because of the uncontrollable factors of emotion that can make men and women in the world crazy.

Shen Lingxi, who was lying on the bed, was pale and without a trace of blood. If she had not seen her breathing from her slightly undulating chest, she might have thought she was dead.

After staring at her for a while, Long Yi stepped to the bedside and sat down: Shen Lingxi, didn't you say you were going to kill me? How can you kill me if you die like this?

His voice, as hoarse as gravel, could not help but feel some pain in his throat.

Shen Lingxi, Dragon Wing, opens her mouth slightly and mumbles out the two words buried in her heart.

As soon as longyi uttered two words, he was furious and rushed to his head. He grabbed Shen Lingxi's jaw: Shen Lingxi, you are not qualified to call his name. You are not qualified to touch anything related to him.

From her mouth, when he heard his name, he would feel dirty and dirty, but his heart wanted her to call his name.

This damned woman, why does she have such a great influence on him? He clearly found out what she did. He also foolishly imagined that the truth he found might be false, which was deliberately forged by others.

But how?

Longyi called out his name again.

Longyi tightly clenched his fist and restrained his anger. This damned woman can call his name even when she is in a coma. It's a pity that she won't be an actress.

I'm sorry I can't keep our Shen Lingxi frowning, said painfully.

Excuse me? Shen Lingxi, you are so naive. Do you think your apology is useful? Longyi asked her in a coma with a sneer.

Can she make up for her mistake by saying sorry?

If she said "I'm sorry", would she be able to let those who died in his family survive?

I'm really sorry. In my dream, Shen Lingxi was crying. She was crying. She was so sad. Her world was ruined.

Take her back, torture her, watch her cry, watch her repent for what she has done before. Isn't that what he wants to see?

But why?

When he saw her tears, he would not give up.

What a hateful woman.

I'm sorry, Shen Lingxi is in tears. She always says these three words. It seems that she will feel a little better.

Knowing this, why did you shake your fist at the beginning, get up suddenly, turn around and walk out, slamming the door.

Longyi, I'm sorry I didn't save our baby. She's still having nightmares and talking all the time.

She's sorry for him. She's useless. She didn't keep their two children. Now she can't even see the ring he gave her.

He was destroyed by others.

After the Shen family released the news of Shen Lingxi's killing, the front page headlines of major newspapers and major news websites were all about the reports of Shen Lingxi's killing.

As soon as the news was sent out, it was so boisterous that even the foreign media were alarmed.

Murders happen every day. The case of Shen Lingxi can receive such great attention, of course, because she is the fiancee of the president of state a.

Although the media did not dare to write such words as Mr. President's fiancee, the people who read the report had no such scruples in face-to-face conversation.

In the streets, offices, restaurants and other places, netizens left messages on the news, and people talked about the president's fiancee.

Soon, another news came out that Shen Lingxi was hidden after she was killed, and no one could pursue her criminal responsibility at all.

When the Shen family deliberately spread the news, people's first reaction was that the president had hidden people.

There are two reasons. First, as Shen Lingxi's fiancee, they have a good relationship. There is no doubt that Mr. President will defend Miss Shen's family.

Second, it is possible to hide Miss Shen's family in the world so that the caster can't catch her. I'm afraid that only Mr. President can do this.

As a result, people's brain holes opened, and each of them became the reincarnation of Holmes, talking about their own views and doubts about the murder.

It's a sensational explosion that Mr. President's fiancee killed people. This murder is related to our newly appointed president. If he is stupid enough to defend the murderer, he will not be able to build prestige in the hearts of the people. Yaya looks at the news on the Internet and expresses her opinions while reading it.

Sister Yaya, if all netizens are as rational as you, no one will be forced to be natural. Qin leran is also reading the messages of those netizens, but this time she is more calm than the last earthquake.

Those blowers are also pitiful. They believe what news others give out. They never care what the truth behind the matter is. Anyway, they just spray with all their strength.

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