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it has been two days, and the rain in Wushan has not stopped.

The drizzle makes the villas named Wushan more beautiful.

This villa, called fog cool villa, is also the most dazzling building in the villa area of fog mountain. It is not how grand the building is, but it is the oldest of many buildings.

This building is a typical European castle style building, built at the highest elevation of Wushan mountain on the shoreline, with two sides facing the sea. The terrain is dangerous and majestic, so it has become a landmark building of Wushan mountain.

Fog cool building is simple, smooth and delicate.

There are wooden revolving escalator floor and dado with exquisite quality of closet in the room. The room is small and bright, with complete living facilities. Open the window, you can see the vast sea.

There are broad lawns, rockeries and fish ponds in the southwest of the outdoor, which set off the elegance and uniqueness of the main building.

It is said that the villa was built for his beloved wife by a member of the European royal family who traveled here more than 100 years ago.

But no one would have thought that in the process of building the villa, the man's wife died of a sudden illness, so the owner of the villa he prepared for his wife failed to stay in the end.

Later, the owner of the villa changed from one to another. So far, no one knows who the owner of the villa is.

Until half a month ago, a group of people came to take care of the villa. It is said that the old owner here sold the house again.

Inside and outside the villa, people took care of it, bought new furniture, cleaned up the garden and grassland. A few days ago, the villa welcomed a new owner.

At this time, a small black car slowly drove towards the fog and finally stopped in front of its courtyard door.

When the car stopped, an old man with gray hair came down from the car. The cold Butler hurriedly went out to meet him: Meng Lao, you are finally here.

What's that kid doing? The old man, who is called Meng Lao, has white hair, but his face is only in his early fifties.

It's Miss Shen's words. The steward believes that the old man has understood the key to the problem.

Take my medicine box. Meng Lao orders to finish, turn around and go first.

The housekeeper took the medicine box delivered by the driver and hurried to keep up with him, for fear that he might slow down the old man by one or two steps.

Into the yard, upstairs.

Then he heard the roar of the man's anger: you, you piss, you can't save a person, what kind of doctor do you still have.

Then came the thumping sound

Shen's girl was sick? Meng Lao frowned and asked as he walked.

Yes. in The doctors are helpless, so I dare to invite you to old age. If the girl of Shen family has some problems, I'm afraid that our young master's housekeeper is worried about whether Shen Lingxi is dead or alive. He is worried that their young master will be affected by Shen Lingxi's life and death.

The housekeeper is one of the three survivors of the dragon family. He is the one who has experienced life and death with longyi. He can't understand what longyi has experienced in this year.

Now that their master has finally stood up and gained the capital of revenge, they can't tolerate others' sabotage of their plans.

As the man roared, a doctor in a white coat was thrown out.

The doctor rolled around and got up. It's not the same to stand at the door and enter, nor to retreat. The Lord Yan is angry. They dare not provoke him.

You go down first. Seeing such a violent scene just after Meng Lao arrived, he could not help shaking his head and sighing.

When the doctor saw that Meng Lao had come, it was almost like seeing a living Bodhisattva. He almost cried with joy: Meng Lao, you have come.

Go down. Meng Lao waved his hand and stepped to the door. Just after he reached the door, a water cup flew out of the room and hit him directly on the forehead.

He took a step back quickly. He managed to avoid the fatal blow, but his soul was almost gone.

Snap -

the cup smashed on the wall and broke to the ground.

The steward of Meng Lao's reaction was slow. When he was about to help Meng Lao, Meng Lao pushed him away.

Meng Lao said sternly: you son of a bitch, do you even kill me?

As soon as Meng Lao's voice came out, the irascible man in the room suddenly calmed down a lot. He looked back and said: Why are you old?

If I don't come, you will kill. Do you think I can stop? Meng Lao came into the room and waved to the remaining two doctors. He sat in the doctor's position and diagnosed Shen Lingxi, who was lying on the bed.

With Meng Lao in, the heart hanging on longyi is half gone. One year ago, Meng Lao was able to save him. Then one year later, Meng Lao must be able to save Shen Lingxi, the dead woman.

That woman's heart is so vicious, for the benefit of the family, she can sell her body at all costs. Such a dirty and mean woman won't die so easily.

Yes, she is such a lowly person and a woman who doesn't want her face. Her life should be very hard, which is so easy to die.

After working for a long time, Mongolian veteran injected Shen Lingxi with the last needle and medicine, and then he looked back and stood like the Dragon Wings of sculpture.

Long Yi clenched his fist. Although he tried to calm himself down, he was still nervous when he asked: Meng Lao, she gave him a fierce look and said rudely: my little ancestor, Shen's girl, is not well injured, has suffered a cold again, and is tossed around by you. You can't live like this. You can prepare for her future.

The words "prepare for the future"

exploded like an atomic bomb to the dragon's wing, splitting his mind, reason and soul.

No, it's impossible for longyi to mumble unconsciously.

She owes me so much. Why should she die?

She is his tool to vent and make up for the past. Before paying off her debts, she has no right to die.

Anyway, if you hate her so much, you can let her die. It's all over. All the accounts between you are clear. Meng Lao said at the same time, picking up the needles and medicine, very easily.

I won't let her die. She has to live. She has to live to pay my debts. The eyes of dragon wings are scarlet, just like the hair of an irrational beast.

Little ancestor, it's not that I don't save girl Shen, but that you want her to die. I can't help it. Meng Lao shook his head and sighed.

Only he dared to talk to longyi in such an attitude.

Longyi punched heavily on the wall and roared, "I want her to live. She must live. She has done so many abominable things. I can't let her die so easily.".

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