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brother lie, how did I get here? At first, Qin lelan wanted to say that she was afraid, but she turned to Zhai's worried eyes.

She is no longer a three-year-old. She can no longer rely on her parents and brother lie for everything. She should shoulder the responsibility of an adult.

Because I miss you. Quan Nan Zhai stroked her head and said softly.

When Qin leran sent a message to him, he was already on his way to this place, so he didn't give her back the message and planned to give her a surprise.

He didn't expect it. He was only ten minutes late. She met with such a thing. But he was glad to be here. If he didn't come tonight, he would not dare to think about the consequences.

However, there are few people who know Qin leran's weakness. None of the people he sent to protect Qin leran in the disaster area knows about it. So who wants to deal with her in this way?

Thinking that those people had even made up their mind to hit his baby, Quan Nan Zhai Mou flashed cold dark awn.

No matter who it is, he must cut the grass and root, and never suffer.

Brother lie, why are you so kind to me? Qin leran has always wanted to ask this question, but has not found a suitable opportunity to ask.

Sometimes, she would think, does brother lie think that she accidentally saved his life, and he wants to repay her?

Quan Nanzhai adjusted her mood and stroked her head: silly girl, why do you think I should treat you?

Qin Le ran sips her lips: if you don't say it, I don't know.

Because Quan Nanzhai deliberately drags words, and under Qin lelan's expectation, he says, because I like you.

She asked: when I was a child, did you like me?

Silly girl, your brother is not a pedophile. That kind of love, of course, is not the same as now. At that time, when he was seriously injured and saved by the Qin family, he proposed to stay beside Qin leran, simply to find a shelter for himself.

Because he knew that as long as he stayed at Qin's house, his big brother sent out to find him, those people couldn't find him.

Even if he was found, those people would not dare to fight against him easily, depending on his own ability and the prestige of the Qin family.

Later, I tried my best to protect Qin lelan, just because in the long-term relationship, this lovely and attractive little girl was really liked, and people had to like her.

So slowly, he instinctively wants to protect her, take care of her, and hope that she can grow up safe, healthy and healthy.

It's different from that when he just wanted to protect her, when he watched her grow up day by day.

Qin lelan added, "so do I.".

Quan Nanzhai asked: what are you, too?

Qin lelan replied: I like brother lie, too, but now I like him differently.

Quan Nanzhai looks at her with burning eyes: how is it different?

When I was a child, brother lie was the big brother who could protect me. Now Brother lie is the man I want to marry. I want to be your wife, let you hold my hand and walk for a lifetime. Like my parents, always together. Qin leran is also very clear about Quan Nanzhai's feelings. She has always been a girl with a very clear goal.

Qin lelan has expressed his love to Quan Nanzhai more than once, but he has never said it so clearly. In Quan Nanzhai's heart, he held her head and kissed her wildly.

This little girl, who doesn't know what the mouth is made of, is always as sweet as honey. As soon as he touches her, he would like to eat her into his stomach and completely possess her.

A man, no matter how strong his self-control is, will be greatly reduced in front of his beloved woman.

And at this time, mostly androgens dominate his brain, and he just wants to get more from her.

Even Quan Nanzhai himself didn't know when his big hand had penetrated under Qin lelan's clothes.

Brother lie, I Qin lelan grabbed his hand and was so nervous that I could hardly speak. My face was as red as a blooming red rose.

Because Quan Nanzhai's kiss was too fierce, because of his large-scale action, her body was slightly shaking.

She didn't want to give herself to brother lie, but she didn't know what kind of emotion it was. She was afraid.

Although she grew up in New York and received a western education, her family is more traditional. It's in the wild. It makes people blush and heartbeat to think about Chang Li and his brother.

However, I'm sorry, said QUANNAN zhaisha in a hoarse voice.

It's because he is too reckless and impulsive. How can he do this to her when she is so insecure.

Brother lie, you don't have to say that you're sorry. In fact, she is willing, but she's not ready for it.

Quan Nanzhai let go of her, turned around and took a deep breath to force down the irritability factor in his body, but he wanted her so strongly that he couldn't calm down for a long time.

Brother lie, are you suffering? Although I haven't had any experience in this field, Qin leran still understands some physiological knowledge about men.

Well, a little. Quan Nan Zhai nodded, his face is not good-looking, Qin lelan will not see.

But it was more than a little uncomfortable. It was almost as painful as human life. He wanted to rush out and run into the ditch on the side of the road to soak for two hours.

Then, I Qin lelan's face is red, or can I help you in other ways?

However, he was not allowed to think about Quan Nan Zhai's face, he said sharply.

What does the girl think of him?

Oh, I'm sorry. Qin leran shrunk his head, a little frightened by his fierce appearance.

Seeing this, Quan Nanzhai stroked her head again: don't think about anything else. Tell brother lie why you like me?

Because Qin leran is also learning from him. He smiles mischievously because brother lie is good to me. Because brother lie is good-looking. In fact, she didn't know why she liked brother lie. Anyway, she liked him when she was a child. When she saw him when she grew up, she liked him better.

Like him good-looking?

What is the answer?

If he's ugly, she doesn't like him?

When he thought about it, Quan Nanzhai had asked: if brother lie is old and ugly, then you won't like him?

Brother lie will not be ugly. Qin leran clapped his chest and said that in my heart, no matter what brother lie looked like, he was the best to see.

Well, good girl, she replied, he was very satisfied.

Both of them hold each other in their hearts and decide that they have chosen each other in their lives.

Even if there is still a long way to go in the future, there may be many bumps on the way, but he has her and she has him, so there is nothing to let them back down.

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