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out of the window, the cold wind is blowing, and there is light rain, which makes the weather in Linhai City colder.

It's cold outside, but Shen Lingxi is in deep water.

Isn't she dead?

She also saw that longyi came to pick her up with their children.

Why to die still can feel ache?

She did not open her mouth, but could not make a sound; she tried to push away the source of her pain, but her inability to lift her hand became difficult.

She just felt the pain getting stronger and stronger, so strong that she could not ignore it, so strong that she felt that her body was about to be knocked apart.

She tried hard, trying to see who was hurting her, to see which devil she was, even if she died.

Her subconscious struggle, just had the movement, that let her pain strength seems to be heavier, like in venting a lot of anger and dissatisfaction.

Shen Lingxi worked hard for a long time, tried hard to work hard again, and finally slowly opened his eyes.

When she opened her eyes slowly, the strong light hurt her eyes, and she closed them instinctively.

After resting for a while, she slowly opened her eyes and adapted to the light. When she finally could see clearly, this time she saw a man wearing a mask lying on her body. He

realized what the mask man was doing. Shen Lingxi screamed with fear, pushed and beat him madly, trying to push him away.

However, the man was as heavy as a mountain on her. No matter how she pushed, he was still strong and powerful. She couldn't push him half a minute.

Do not want her to cry in despair, howl in despair, but she can do nothing but let men do what they want.

No? Ha Man sneers, Shen Lingxi, your body is not like this to tell me.

Don't let her wave her hands and scratch the bloodstains on the man's back. Her eyes are red with pain and hate. She roars, devil. I will kill you and kill you? Then you need that skill. You're all dying. How did you kill me? Uh huh? The man makes a voice like the devil's whisper, which is full of ridicule and contempt.

Even if I die, I will take you to die together, you devil. She glares at the red eyes, glares at the mask man, and hates to tear his face.

So let's try to see if you can get revenge alive after I get you? How about his evil smile? Feel me?

How can I not feel it?

His sense of existence is so strong that he is not only integrated with her, but also full of breath that he wants her in this room.

Disgusting and dirty

made her feel sick.

When the man came up again, Shen Lingxi did not know where the strength and courage came from, and his mouth bit the man's ear.

He made her hurt, didn't he?

Then she will not let him go, she will make him more painful than her.

She bit his ear lobes, and the blood rolled down like a drop. It dripped on her face and dyed the bed sheet and quilt cover red.

Blood, shed a lot of, but the man is like don't know the pain general, the lip corner still hangs evil smile, the strength of attack has never been reduced.

Shen Lingxi, remember this moment and how I want you. The man's voice is low and full of evil temptations.

Shen Lingxi is biting his earlobe, just biting off a piece of meat, which blurs her mouth and makes her look like a Crazy Vampire.

Devil, no matter who you are, no matter who you are sent to, I will let you die. HMM

before she finished, she was hit hard again, and the red lips uncontrollably made the embarrassing voice she didn't want to make.

She's sick of him, more of herself.

As the man said, her body is more honest than her mouth. At such a disgusting moment, she has an unexpected reaction.

I'm sorry, she murmured in tears.

She's sorry for her dragon wings. She didn't get to meet him and their children.



she is useless, she can not even protect her innocence.


Why do these demons stop her even if she dies?

Who in the world has such a deep hatred with her?

In this life, she has never done anything bad. She treats the world with a kind heart. Why can't the world be gentle and kind to her.

When she was very young, the world destroyed her parents.

When she grew up, the world destroyed her beloved man and her children.

Now the world has completely destroyed her.

In despair, she seems to hear a nice male voice saying to her: Xiao Xi, your father and mother are gone, and I will protect you later.

Xiao Xi, don't be afraid. Don't think about anything. No matter what happens, you and me.

Xiao Xi, I like it. I'll be my bride in two years.

These words, the man said to her only once, but firmly planted in her heart, in any case can not forget.

She has been waiting for him, waiting for him to come back, waiting for him to take her away from these terrible people, waiting for him to fulfill the promise he once made to her.

But all of this was destroyed by the demon who was pressing on her.

Even if she killed the man by herself, she would not have the face to see her dragon wings.



She doesn't understand

why should she be deprived of the courage to die?

This world can't hold her, the world where Dragon Wing may be, she doesn't have the face to go any more. How will she go in the future?

At this moment, she had no courage to die.

Maybe she should live well and let those who use her pay the price for those who hurt her.

Come with me, Xiao Xi. I'll take you to a place.

She seemed to hear the nice male voice again, calling her name gently. In a faint way, she seemed to see him wave to her and see him smile at her.

Dragon Wing sorry, I can't go with you, because I don't deserve it from now on. She called his name from the bottom of her heart, slowly closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and suffered more than one wave.

Longyi, we don't want to see each other anymore. If there is a next life, I will definitely wait for you to come back or go to see you.

Ear, the man's hoarse voice rings slowly again: Shen Lingxi, if you have the ability, give me a good life to find my revenge. Or I will not let go of your body.

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