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lunch time.

Qin leran found a place early, and saw Yaya kneading her head and entering the dining hall immediately beckoned: Yaya, I've helped you with your meal.

Oh. Yaya responds and walks listlessly to Qin leran. She rubs her swollen head and aching neck. It's estimated that she fell asleep last night. Today, her neck is not only sore, but also her head is faint.

Where is sleeping on a pillow? It's obviously caused by people's overpowering drugs. The effect here is not completely clear.

Qin leran knows the situation, but she can't say it, but she carefully prepares the medicine for Yaya: Yaya, you drink soup first, drink warm body, maybe much better.

Yaya is not polite either. She takes a big sip of the soup. The hot soup spreads all over her body. Yaya sighs: it's nice to have you in the small vinegar jar. I haven't seen the two of them so careful since we have been together for several years.

Who is speaking ill of us? Big and strong with lunch box, sit down opposite them, small vinegar jar, you must not listen to Yaya nonsense, in fact, I can be intimate. I'll tell you, if anyone is my girlfriend, I'm sure I can take good care of her.

How can you be intimate? Are you close enough to give us the idea of small vinegar jar? I'll tell you in secret that there are already people who like our little vinegar jar. Yaya mercilessly demolishes the big and strong platform.

How is it possible? Big Zhuang doesn't want to believe that there are people she likes in the small vinegar circle, but if you think about it carefully, there must be many people chasing her. It's not impossible for her to see one of them.

You look like this, I can't even see you. Do you want our little vinegar industry to see you? Xiao Xiao sits down with his lunch box and joins the team with big hair loss.

Xiao Xiao, pay attention to your words, or I will not be rude. Big Zhuang gives Xiao a vicious look.

That's what I want to say about you. If you have the ability, you can bite me twice. Xiao Xiao even if the big man is a gentleman, gentleman does not move mouth.

Listen to their words, you hurt me and I hurt you. Qin lelan is eating. The person in his mind is her strong brother.

Last night, both of them made clear what they should have said. Brother lie also saw her with his true face. The road ahead is bumpy, but she believes that nothing can separate them.

When I think of brother lie, Qin lelan's lip angle rises slightly involuntarily, which brings up a beautiful arc.

Little vinegar jar, even you laugh at me. Others said that even if the toad wanted to eat the swan's flesh, Qin lelan was also sniggering, which made him feel angry.

Ah? Qin leran is slightly stunned. He immediately understands what big Zhuang is talking about. He smiles again. Big Zhuang, just now sister Yaya has said it clearly. I have someone I like. As for me, I am more specific, and I believe that a person is a lifetime thing, so I really don't think that other people are qualified to pursue me except him. It's not that others are bad, but that he is too good in my mind.

Since childhood, Qin leran is a very assertive child. What she believes is hard to change.

After she identified brother lie, all the people in her mind were him. Her heart was so small that she could only hold such a person in the world of love.

Big Zhuang refuses to accept: how big are you, little vinegar jar? When you meet more excellent boys in the future, don't regret it.

Better man? Qin Le ran chuckled and looked away. Who in country a is better than their president?

Anyway, not in her heart.

Do you think I'm right? Big Zhuang is a little proud. Small vinegar jar, when you are young, you can talk about love several times more. Only when you are old, you won't regret it.

Big Zhuang, I don't agree with you. Yaya interrupts, your man wants to make a few more girlfriends, to put it bluntly, you are the animal that thinks with your lower body.


Qin leran's mobile phone in his pocket vibrated twice, interrupting their discussion.

She smiled apologetically: I'm sorry I went out to pick up the phone.

The phone call is from Chang Li. It's about Shen Lingxi. After listening to it, Qin lelan can't calm down for a long time. His heart is tightly clenched, and his pain comes from waves of attacks.

It's not how shocked Shen Lingxi was, but Shen Lingxi's incident was related to the massacre in country a a a year ago.

A year ago, in that massacre, the people who died were the people of the highest authority of state a, which shocked the whole core high-level group of state a at that time.

Because it is related to the largest power groups of state a, all the information is blocked.

Therefore, even though Qin leran has checked many things about country a and about Quan Nanzhai, she still hasn't heard of it.

All that she knew was known to all the people of the world.

In recent years, she has no idea how Quan Nanzhai got to the position of President step by step and how difficult the road is.

She thought that this road would not be easy, but she never thought that it would be so difficult, or that she despised political struggle too much.

A year ago, there was a homicide, a planned and intrigued one.

On that day, the then president of state a attended a meeting with his wife and some important high-ranking officials.

After the meeting, they were stopped by the guards who rushed in. Before they could speak, they were shot dead.

Quan Nanzhai's mother, then the wife of the president of state a, was shot in the heart and killed on the spot.

When Quan Nanzhai received the news, his mother left only one last breath, but she didn't have the strength to say what she wanted to say to him.

He held his mother in his arms and watched her twitch in his arms for several times, swallowing the last breath in his eyes.

On the same day, Long Yi, the son of Long Yi, the best brother of Quan Nan Zhai's family, was killed.

Within a day, Quan Nanzhai lost his mother, his best friend, and the most powerful supporters who supported him to the presidency.

In one day, I lost so much, but I just thought that Qin lelan was all heartbroken, let alone that brother lie had really experienced all that.

It's no wonder that brother lie is not willing to recognize her. It's no wonder that brother lie is always ready to talk and stop. It's no wonder that brother lie always changes his identity to see her.

It's not that brother Liege doesn't attach importance to her, but that brother Liege attaches too much importance to her. He must be afraid of repeating the event a year ago.

He lost his mother, his best brother. He must be afraid to lose her again.

At that time, her strong brother lost the person who was so important to him, and there was not even a person to talk with him around. How hard he should have been in those days.

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