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the pungent smell of liquid medicine permeates the whole room. The infusion bag hanging on the shelf drips the liquid medicine slowly and rhythmically.

The liquid medicine is slowly introduced into the body of the woman lying on the bed from the thin tube and the needle stuck on the back of the human hand.

The hospital bed is very narrow, narrow enough to just lay down a person, but it is clean and spotless.

The white, clean and spotless sheet and quilt cover set off the pale face of the woman on the hospital bed, which looked even paler, like a layer of transparent tissue paper, which broke with a slight poke.

By the side of the hospital bed stood a man with half a mask, and with his eyes deep and dangerous.

Under the mask, two dangerous eyes are directed on the woman's face, just like two X-rays, hoping to see through the woman on the hospital bed.

Just as the mask man stared at the woman, the woman suddenly frowned, opened her red lips, and murmured, "Dragon Wing"

at the exit of her two words, the strong body of the man beside the hospital bed shook slightly, and her eyes were more deep and fierce.

His eyes seemed to wish he could tear her to pieces, but it would make people feel that there was a complex emotion in the gloomy eyes.

Don't let Shen Lingxi frown and wave, a small face is also quickly wrinkled into a group, crying out in pain.

Suddenly, the man bent down and held Shen Lingxi's small jaw with a big dark palm. He said grimly, "Shen Lingxi, you haven't paid for what you have done. If you dare to die, I will let all the people in your Shen family bury you.".

Shen's family is the one she cares about the most.

In order to protect the Shen family and consolidate the interests of the Shen family, she is so cheap that she can sell her body. This is the pretty young lady of the Shen family.

I have to admit that her body is very beautiful and her natural beauty seems to be born to charm men.

So as long as she sends out some kind of ambiguous invitation, it's hard for any man to refuse, including the stupid one before.

Once he was also fascinated by her, and even naively thought that her heart to him was true. He was so stupid that he took out his heart and gave it to her.

Shen Lingxi was seriously injured. Now her jaw was pinched, which made her feel closer and closer to death.

If she died, would she be able to see her dead child and father?

Maybe they were waiting for her underground.

Even if the other world is dark, there are countless difficulties, but that world has them, her favorite of them.

As long as they are there, their world is the best.

Thinking of them, Shen Lingxi loosened her eyebrows and eyes, raised a small arc around her lips, and smiled softly.

What are you laughing at? This damned vicious woman, she still dare to laugh, does she think he dare not break her neck?

It's nice that she mumbled two words and then closed her eyes quietly with a smile. You wait for me.

Seeing that she closed her eyes in despair, the man was in a hurry. He held Shen Lingxi's shoulder in both hands and shook it vigorously: Shen Lingxi, if you dare to die, I will strip you away and hang you in Linhai City, so that everyone can see how mean you are.

Vaguely, Shen Lingxi seems to hear a familiar voice, saying it is familiar, but it seems to be different.

This voice is the same as the one she is familiar with, but the tone is different. How could her Dragon Wing speak to her in such a bad tone.

No, he would never do that to her.

So it should be the hallucination she had before she left, or they came to pick her up and meet her underground.


goodbye, this once lovely world that only makes her feel desperate now.

She will go to see people she has missed for a long time. As long as she finds them, no one will hurt her in the future.

She closed her eyes with her lips raised. Her ears were quiet, as if she had reached another quiet world.

Long Shao, wake up. Wake up. If you go on like this, she won't be saved. Hearing the roar of the man in the room, several doctors in white coats rushed in.

Some people opened the Dragon Wing, some people rushed to rescue Shen Lingxi.

I want her to live. She has to live what she owes me. What is her qualification to die. The man growled madly, shouting to make her pay the debt, but the body was tense because she gave up her life.

The doctor who examined Shen Lingxi's injury said: Miss Shen's injury was not serious. She may wake up at any time. She has no will to live. She wants to die.

I said, she can't die. If she dies, you will die. The man glanced at several doctors in the room one by one. If you don't want to live, let her die, or I will find a way to let her live. Either way.

Death, everyone is afraid.

Even though some people say they are not afraid of death, when death comes, survival is the first instinct.

After the doctor checked Shen Lingxi's injury, he quickly injected her with two injections: long Shao, we have temporarily stabilized Miss Shen's mood, she is OK for the time being. If there is nothing else for her to survive, then she will come down to earth, and I'm afraid there is no way.

Get out of the room and the man roars, but his eyes are on the woman on the bed.

Yes. Doctors are eager to leave. If they stay here for another second, they will be more dangerous. Their heads may move from head to head at any time.

After a few people's lives, the ward was quiet again. It was terrible.

The man stared at Shen Lingxi on the bed for a while, walked slowly near her, bowed his head and whispered in her ear: Shen Lingxi, you are pitiful, you sell your body to help the Shen family, but take you as a chess piece.

Shen Lingxi, you said that you are inferior, not inferior. You are all dead. Do you still think about them? Say say, the man suddenly smiled, smile is sombre.

Shen Lingxi, maybe you have already forgotten how you sold your body to protect your family. Maybe you have already forgotten how you bloom your beauty under me. The man gets up, slowly takes off his clothes, turns over to bed, laughs bitterly, then I will help you to review and find your lost memory.

Without any preparation, he forced her into his stomach like a cannibal beast.

They tried to wake her up in this cruel way by attacking the city and pool little by little in the most primitive and familiar way.

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