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little vinegar jar, what's the matter with your family? After Qin leran hung up the phone, he didn't say another word. Yaya was worried.

It's OK. Qin leran got into the quilt and wrapped himself tightly. All he thought about was Shen Lingxi.

Brother lie didn't recognize her publicly. Few people knew their relationship. Even brother lie didn't know his identity.

So who else will bring the murder of Shen Lingxi to her?

Pei xuanzhi?

Quan Dongming?

These two people know her identity, know the inextricable connection between her and brother lie, and also think of ways to prevent her from being with brother lie.

Will they be behind this?

Although they don't want her to be with brother lie, they are loyal to brother lie. They should not frame her in such a stupid way.

Qin leran quickly ruled out the two men.

Who but the two of them?

She didn't know enough about the characters around brother lie. She couldn't think of the next person who might frame her.

After thinking about it, Qin leran was still at ease. He picked up his mobile phone and called Quan Nanzhai, but he didn't answer after several times.

Brother lie doesn't answer her phone. Why?

What happened to him?

Thinking about this, Qin leran turned over and sat up.

Scared to another bed already sleepy Ya Ya also sat up, rubbed the sleepy eyes: small vinegar jar, what's the matter?

Sister Yaya, I have to go back to Linhai. No, she must go to brother lie's side and see that he is OK with her own eyes, so she can rest assured.

Little vinegar jar, it's so late. It's dark everywhere. I'd better go back in the morning tomorrow. Yaya worries.

I have to go back at once. Qin leran has quickly put on his coat. At this time, brother lie's phone call comes.

Seeing brother lie's call, Qin leran's whole person is soft. When he slides to answer, his fingers are shaking slightly: brother lie, are you ok?

She's scared. She's afraid of something.

However, come out. Brother lie's voice comes from his mobile phone, which sounds close.

Well, are you outside? She asked that the man had run out of the tent.

Out of the tent, Qin lelan looked up and saw a man.

He was wearing a set of white leisure clothes, standing in the moonlight, the moonlight sprinkled on him, pulling his figure very long, making him look like a God coming to earth.

His brother Qin lelan ran to him and threw himself into his arms. He clasped her tightly in one arm.

He bowed his head and kissed her on the forehead: but, think of strong brother?

Well, I'd like to. She rubbed in his arms and said softly, I don't think you can sleep well.

Me, too. He said. It's a deep voice. It's very nice.

By the way, brother lie, how can you come here when you have time? Shen Lingxi has such a big problem. Doesn't he need to deal with it? How can I still have time to run to the disaster area?

Because I wanted to. There are many things to deal with around Quan Nanzhai, but nothing is more important than to confirm her safety with your own eyes every day.

Strong brother Qin lelan raised his head from his arms, looked at his distinctive features by moonlight, and couldn't help but stand on tiptoe and kiss him.

However, Quan Nan Zhai's heart was rippling. He put his arms around her waist and kissed her back.

A kiss, a long time.

Quan Nanzhai looked at Qin lelan's pink lips, couldn't help but lower his head and peck at her. Then he held her in his arms and murmured, "ran.".

Brother Liege?

I fell in love with someone. She spoke very quietly and hesitated.

Quan Nanzhai's body is slightly stiff, and her subconscious holds her even tighter: however, no words I don't want to hear are allowed.

He didn't want to hear from her that she liked other people, even if they were Quan Nanzhai.

She is his.

He is her strong brother in front of her, not Quan Nanzhai.

Don't you want to know who I like? What is brother lie afraid of? Did he think she would like someone else?

I don't want to. Quan Nan Zhai said in a deep voice.

But I want to tell you. She blinked. In the moonlight, her eyes were crystal clear, like a star river.

Quan Nanzhai:

when he was stunned, she said: I like your president. The man named Quan Nanzhai.

Quan Nanzhai:

he felt like a huge stone was hitting him, which made his head almost lose the ability of thinking. He unconsciously grasped Qin lelan's arm, which was tighter and tighter.

Brother lie, you hurt me. She said it so clearly. Isn't he willing to confess with her?

Brother lie, you tell me frankly that you are Quan Nanzhai. Let me go with you to clean up those people who want to hurt you.

Her heart was crying.

She is waiting for him to tell her.

This time, she still didn't wait.

He slowly let go of her hand, stepped back, and suddenly smiled: I'm sorry for my impolite.

What are you talking about? You have the ability to say it again. Qin lelan can't believe his ears. If he dare to talk nonsense again, she will never ignore him.

You go back to rest early. He turned to go.

Brother lie, no, I should call you Mr. President. Qin leran bit his lips, said wrongfully and stubbornly, Quan Nanzhai, I like you, and I want to marry you. Do you understand?

Quan Nanzhai turns around and looks at her strangely.

She added: do you think I'm still the four-year-old? Do you think I don't have my own thinking ability? Do you think I can't recognize my brother?

I'll tell you, I'm not the kid who didn't know anything. I grew up. I came all the way to find my brother. Do you think I don't know you?

Even Pei xuanzhi knows that I recognized you long ago. Why are you so stupid? Quan Nanzhai, is your IQ eaten by the dog?

Do you think I have nothing to do to help the disaster area? Do you think I came to the disaster area only after I ate too much? I'll tell you, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have come.

I tell you, I did it all because of you. I love the children here because they are all your people.

She was so angry that she said so much in one breath.

She thought, if she doesn't pierce the skin, does he intend to keep it from her till he dies?

She doesn't understand. Isn't it good to let her know his identity and help him deal with the enemy?

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