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miss, you are worried too much. There are so many people around the president to protect him. We are still in need. Chang Li said.

There are many people around him to protect him, but I also want to do my part. Qin lelan smiled. Brother Chang Li, you should help me.

Brother lie is in the open, and those who want to frame him are in the dark. As the saying goes, it's easy to hide a spear when it's open.

Brother lie is in the most prominent position. People all over the country are watching his every move, and those who want to pull him out of office are naturally watching.

In case she just said in case, in case one day his staff made mistakes in prevention and let people get into a hole, what can I do if I hurt him?

If she arranges someone to protect brother lie, even if the bodyguards around him fail, there are hidden forces. Those who want to deal with him are not so easy to start.

Chang Li is very embarrassed: our task is to protect you, miss.

Qin lelan said with a smile: my father asked you to protect me, right? Then he also asked you to listen to me.

Often nods sharply.

Qin lelan added: "then I will arrange for you to protect Mr. President from any harm.". This is an order, not a consultation with you.

Although she is young and has a young face, her serious attitude can keep her temper.

I'm afraid she grew up in the Qin family and often stayed by her father's side, with some father's shadow on her body.

Chang Li did not dare to object. To be honest, he said: Yes.

Qin leran smiles again: brother Chang Li, thank you for waiting for me to go back from the disaster area. Please have a meal.

Chang Li is still serious: This is what we should do.

Qin lelan said with a smile: you are not much older than me, don't be so serious in front of me. As a human being, be happy, or no girl will like you.

Chang Li's face turns red unconsciously: I'll go down first. Miss, please feel free to contact us at any time.

OK. Qin lelan nodded, and suddenly thought of something, Chang Li. You should also pay close attention to Miss Shen. Please help me if you can.

Chang Li said: don't worry, miss. With the presence of Mr. President, he won't let Miss Shen do anything.

Yeah. Yes, how can she forget that Shen Lingxi is brother lie's fiancee? Even if she only has a name, brother lie will never see her have difficulties and just sit back and ignore her.

Just why does brother lie want to be engaged to Shen Lingxi?

Qin leran still doesn't understand.

Little vinegar jar, tomorrow night, the national art department will organize a party to comfort the villagers in the disaster area and our builders. Zhuang and I are going to play a sketch. Do you want to take part? Or you can have a separate show.

Yaya walks into the tent with a bucket of water from the outside, and looks at Qin lelan, who is already soaking in hot water. She pushes Qin lelan to sit beside her, taking off her shoes and asking.

I'll take part. How can I be less happy. After a while, Qin leiran sighed.

In the past, when she was at home, she could use hot water as she wanted. She never felt that just using hot water to bubble her feet could make people so comfortable.

The skit was played by three of us before. We assigned our roles and Yaya thought about it. I'll think about it again and see how to add a role.

Sister Yaya, since that's the case, don't add it. I'll prepare a program alone. When Qin leran was at school, she was the backbone of the school. Performing a program was not a piece of cake for her.

What program are you going to perform? Yaya is a wonderful way.

Sister Yaya, can I keep it secret?

Little girl, you keep secret from me. Be careful when I marry your brother.

Sister Yaya, don't forget that you don't know each other. If you are not honest, I won't introduce you to you.

Grandma, I'm wrong. It's really wrong. Don't you not introduce us.

Well, I'll take care of your future sister-in-law. You can't have a good life until you get married.

Yaya rushes to Qin lelan's side and helps her beat her back with dog legs: is it comfortable, Auntie?

It's not bad. Qin lelan hasn't finished his words yet. The phone beside her rings. She picks up it and looks at it: Yaya, your future husband called.

Really? Yaya blushed and breathed a little, as if the man she met had become her husband.

Qin lelan answers. Qin Yinze's voice says: Chang Li has told you what happened to the Shen family.

Yes, I did. Qin lelan's tone of business.

Qin Yinze said again: I have new news here. Do you want to hear it?

Say it if you want, and don't sell it if you don't. He called just to tell her that he was selling at the moment. He was so annoying.

Qin Yinze said: Shen Lingxi's urine test has a problem, and he found out what kind of maniac it is.

Qin Le ran thought about it and concluded: so someone deliberately made this incident?

Qin Yinze said: can say so.

But what does it have to do with me?

Qin Yinze smiled: how can it have nothing to do with you? When Shen Lingxi is dead, you can be with your brother.

Qin lelan: I never thought of it that way.

Qin Yinze: but some people think so.

Qin leran: who?

Qin Yinze: I don't know who it is, but I believe that someone will find you soon.

Qin lelan: I haven't done it, and I'm not afraid of being checked.

Qin Yinze is slightly angry: Qin lelan, in my heart, you are not such a simple child.

I see. I will be careful, I have not done things, others do not want to pour dirty water on me. Qin lelan understood in his heart that even if she had not done it, as long as someone with a heart framed her, then she could produce evidence to frame Shen Lingxi.

Although she is far away in the disaster area, it's impossible for her to do it to Shen Lingxi herself, but she still has people around her. In other people's eyes, she can instruct them to do it.

She wants to be with brother lie. Shen Lingxi is the biggest obstacle among them. Remove Shen Lingxi, and she can be with brother lie Zhengda Guangming. She really has a motive to kill people.

It happened that she came to the disaster area the day before Shen Lingxi's accident, and met with Shen Lingxi before she left. All kinds of signs indicate that she may have deliberately made the evidence of absence.

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