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the words hidden in his heart are so painful and happy that he doesn't need to cover them up any more. His heart is so much happier in an instant. Qin leran breathes a lot.

She looked up at Quan Nanzhai, hoping that he would respond to her. How could she know that this man looked at her like a fool.

It's like he doesn't know her. Maybe he doesn't know her enough.

In his heart, he felt that she should be a child, even if she grew up, it should be what he had seen before, a lovely big child.

She believed what he said. She was a beautiful and lovely little girl who was clever, gentle, obedient and sensible. She never spoke to him loudly.

But today, she is not only not cute, but also some ferocious, some like a powerful little beast.

Qin lelan thinks that it's really appropriate to use this adjective to describe his performance just now.

I don't think my brother was frightened by her fierce appearance. Then I don't like her. Qin lelan's heart is a little uneasy. He blinks at him with his big eyes full of water.

Brother lie gave him a tentative cry, and reached out and pulled his corner carefully.

He did not answer, or with do not know her eyes at her.

Brother lie, what are you doing? Shouldn't you say something to me? Qin lelan never knew that her brother was so stupid that he wanted to beat him up and wake him up.

Quan Nanzhai is still in a daze. He looks really silly. He's a little cute and funny.

I want him to climb up to the position of President step by step. I haven't seen any big waves. But in front of Qin lelan, who is a little girl, he is just like a young boy.

Qin Le ran reaches for his waist and leans his head against his chest: brother lie, you talk. If you like me, you can tell me face to face. Don't tell me in my face, how can I know you like me.

He was silent all the time. She held him and he didn't hold her back, which made her very nervous. Did he know?

However, after a long time, Quan Nanzhai reached for her and gently called her name.

When he finally spoke, Qin leiran breathed quietly: Well, I'm here. Just say what you want to say to me. I'm listening.

Come on, tell her what you should tell her, and let her accompany him to deal with the enemy.

However, these two words were still spit out from his mouth, gentle and helpless.

Brother lie, don't just call me by my name. Say something else. She held him tightly around the waist, so tightly that she was afraid that he would escape.

She said so clearly. If he dare not admit her vow, she will never talk to him again.

I like you. I want you to be with me all the time. Quan Nanzhai holds her face and lowers his head and kisses her, but my side is too dangerous.

Quan Nanzhai pushes her away and holds her shoulder in both hands so that she can see his eyes: but, listen to me. Those dangers are beyond your imagination.

Qin Le ran sipped his lips and said: brother lie, I understand your worries. When I was young, I was kidnapped more than once. At that time, I was young and I need your protection. Now, when I grow up, I can protect myself and not give you any trouble.

He said that there was danger around him. How could Sheng Tian, the daughter of Qin Yue, who was her family member, be in danger?

It's not only Sheng Tian's business rivals who want to use her to deal with their father, but also those evil gangsters who always want to kidnap Qin Yue's daughter and make a fortune.

It can be said that all these years, there are potential dangers around her, but what about that?

Is it because Sheng Tian's identity of being a family member and loving a daughter will bring her danger that her parents can not have her?

How can we do that? Mom and dad won't want her. They try their best to protect her, make her grow up healthy and finally grow up.

Now, she comes to brother lie's side, and she also hopes that brother lie can be like his father and mother, not want her, but let her accompany him, and face the wind and rain with him.

Dad often told her that there are many ways to choose in life, but as long as you choose, good or bad, as long as you keep going, you will see different choices.

It's the first choice she made in her life to find brother lie from thousands of miles.

No one ever thought you were a problem. This silly girl, he is worried about her safety and how she can feel that she is a trouble.

That's fine. Qin leran takes his hand and hands it to his big hand. Brother lie, today, however, he hands himself to you. You should hold her hand tightly and never let go. If you let go of her hand in the future, you may never find her.

Qin leran's wish is very simple. Since he has found brother lie, he will never leave him, stay with him, and laugh at the prosperity of the world.

However, Quan Nanzhai holds her hand. Her hand is much smaller than his, and his hand can completely cover her.

Brother lie blinked and smiled at him.

But he called her name again and again, as if to call it into his soul.

Brother lie, do you still want to push me away? Qin lran took his hand out of his palm and stepped back two steps.

However, when Quan Nanzhai reached for her, she dodged her nimbly and stepped back two steps, leaving his heart empty.

Qin lelan said: brother lie, if you can't catch me, you will see me farther and farther away from you. How do you feel?

Quan Nanzhai:

his heart is like a knife, but he didn't say.

You don't say that, do you? This time, Qin leran went back three steps, and his distance was getting wider and wider.

Quan Nanzhai: but you still don't say it, do you? This time, Qin ran took four steps back.

Quan Nanzhai looks at her: however, brother lie, you are going to stop talking, right. No more than three, you have no chance. Qin lran clenched his lips tightly, looked at him again, turned around and left.

This time, however, she had just stepped forward, and the man behind her came to her like a tornado and hugged her.

He kisses her earlobe and grabs her hand: but this time, I won't let go of your hand again

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