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just had a morning's lesson. Qin leran has deeply realized how difficult it is to be a teacher.

A teacher should deal with dozens of students at the same time. It really needs enough patience.

Although she was tired and hard, she never had the idea of flinching.

Elder sister Le ran, this is for you. This morning, the little girl named Li Xiaoling rushed into the temporary office and gave Qin leran a box of milk.

Qin leran is flattered: Xiaoling, is this milk for me?

Mm-hmm. elder sister Le Ran has worked hard. I'll give you this. Li Xiaoling nodded, blushing.

Whether the teacher is good or not, the children know very well. Teachers are good to them, and they will express their love and gratitude to them in the most direct way.

Xiaoling, I'm very happy, but I can't drink it. You'd better keep it for yourself. Qin leran returns the milk to Li Xiaoling.

Do you despise Xiaoling, elder sister Le ran? Li Xiaoling took over the milk and lowered her head. There were stubborn tears in her eyes.

Xiaoling, why do you think so? How could sister look down on you? Qin leran reached out and stroked her head, saying, "my sister didn't accept you because she had just eaten and was still full.". Especially when you are a child, it's when you grow up, your nutrition should be even, and then you can grow tall and beautiful.

Really? Li Xiaoling said she was dubious.

It's true, of course. Qin leran stands up and turns around. You see, elder sister is so tall. She doesn't need to grow any longer.

Well, I see. Thanks for rubbing her eyes, Li Xiaoling, lran's elder sister, raised her head and threw Qin lran a big and brilliant smile.

No matter how hard, no matter how tired, no matter how tired, no matter how hard you see the smiling faces of the children and how much they feel about their love for her, you will feel no more tired for a moment.

Little vinegar jar, someone is looking for it outside. Let you go out. Someone shouted outside the door, which is the most common way for them to call people in the disaster area. As long as they use the roar, everyone can hear them.

Someone looking for me? Is it brother lie who found it again? Qin lelan was so happy that he turned around and ran out.

But the person looking for her is not the strong brother she missed at all, but Chang Li, the elder brother of Chang's twins.

their two brothers as like as two peas, almost two brothers.

Generally speaking, it's hard for ordinary people to tell who their elder brother is and who their younger brother is, but Qin leran recognized them at a glance.

She looked at the serious man in front of her eyes, reached out and shook his hand in front of his eyes: Mr. Chang Li, the expression is so serious, what's the big deal?

Hearing Qin lelan's name, Chang Li was surprised, but still calmly said: Miss, before leaving Linhai City, Qin always entrusted you to our mother and son, so we should be responsible for your safety at all times.

Qin leran picks eyebrows: you come to tell me this?

She can protect herself. She doesn 't need to be protected at all. Well, her father underestimates her. How old is she?

Chang Li nodded: Yes. Not all of them.

Qin lelan said: what else can I do?

Chang Li takes out a picture from the folder he carries with him and hands it to Qin lelan. Then he says: there's something wrong with the Shen family, and there's something wrong with Miss Shen.

Miss Shen? Shen Ling Xi? How come? Qin leran takes a look at the picture, which shows Shen Lingxi and a strange man.

The man fell into a pool of blood. Shen Lingxi sat beside him, holding a stone stained with blood.

Qin lelan is surprised: she killed people?

Chang Li nodded: Yes.

Qin lelan said seriously: can you confirm that she killed it?

A person will never kill for no reason, for a person under pain, or big or small will have a motive to kill.

Who is it that can make Shen Lingxi, who is so tender and very understanding, hurt him?

Qin leran has seen both sides of Shen Lingxi. She doesn't know the people and things around her, nor the real character of Shen Lingxi, so she really can't figure out why Shen Lingxi killed people?

Chang Li added: 100% can confirm that Miss Shen is the murderer. Not only are there photos to prove that the Shen family's monitoring has also taken the whole process.

Surveillance captured the killing process of Shen Lingxi? Qin leran thought and calmly analyzed that Shen Lingxi should have killed the dead by mistake. If it had been a long time, we would never have made such a low-level mistake.

Listening to Qin lelan's analysis, Chang Li nodded with great approval: listening to miss you, I also thought of a doubt.

What is the doubt?

Chang Li takes out his mobile phone and points out a video: young lady, do you think it's a coincidence to see this shooting angle, as if she knew in advance that she would kill there.

Qin leran read it again, but he didn't see anything unusual. He said again: play it again. See if you can hear what they're talking about?

Chang Li ordered the replay and said again: it's a long distance. I can't hear what they said.

Qin leran watched the video again, and the more he saw it, the more he felt that Chang Li was right. There was a problem with the shooting angle.

It's not like it's taken by a fixed camera, it's like a man-made attendant, because the picture has an angle conversion, that is to say, it's likely that someone witnessed Shen Lingxi's killing, but that person didn't stand up to stop it.

Qin leran asked again: do you know why?

Chang Li replied: what we know at present is that Miss Shen's spirit has been stimulated, which belongs to manslaughter. We don't know what the actual situation is.

Qin Le ran bit his lips and worried: Miss Shen's family and Mr. President are inextricably related. Please help me to keep a close eye on them. If there is any trouble, please let me know immediately.

Chang Li said: don't worry, miss. Chang Lei is staring over there. If there is any new situation, he will inform us as soon as possible.

Qin lelan: Chang Li, can I trouble you with one thing?

Chang Li said respectfully: Miss, please tell me.

You see, I'm alone in country a, no one knows me, and no one will give me an idea. How about me? I have a good life, and I don't need your protection. Qin lelan looks at Chang Li and laughs. He laughs so cute and invincible. His voice is soft and sweet. Can you help me stare at Mr. President and protect him secretly?

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