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that's how I love her. Mr. Shen said firmly in a loud voice, I just want her to marry you, have children for you, and make her the most honorable woman in this country. What's wrong with me?

You are clearly dreaming for yourself. Quan Nanzhai countered in a deep voice. You never thought about it for her. What does she want? What kind of life can make her feel happy?

Quan Nanzhai, what do you know? Mr. Shen stamped his crutch and said angrily, "don't think you can understand anything if you take the position of president of a country.". I'll tell you, when I was fighting with your grandpa, you didn't know which reincarnation you were in.

Right south Zhai goulip, sneer one smile: since the words open, I also told you directly, Shen Lingxi I must save, I will never let her have something.

You're not going to let her do anything? You bet on the reputation of your president? Mr. Shen said with a sneer, do you dare Quan Nanzhai?

Old man, the outside world has already changed. It's too long since you were king. Quan Nanzhai calmly told the truth that now I am the master of this country. If I can't even save one person, then I am not a white president.

After all, old man Shen is Shen Lingxi's only relative. Quan Nanzhai doesn't want to fight with him. He is willing to take a step back first, but the other side is not willing to take a step back. It's not because he is ruthless.

Shen Laozi sneers: do you own this country? You can do whatever you want, you can do what you want?

Before I came here, I had asked people to collect evidence of Shen Xiaodong's evil deeds. Quan Nanzhai raised his hand and looked at the time. Moreover, as long as I give the order, the news about him will spread all over the world immediately. I'm afraid that it will damage the reputation of your Shen family. Old man, think about it. Is the reputation of the Shen family important for decades, or are other people more important?

Are you threatening me? Mr. Shen stamped his crutch and blew his beard and stared at him angrily. Quan Nanzhai, I put ugly words in front of him. If you don't marry Xiaoxi, I'd rather let her die.

Why are you so stubborn? Don't you love her and let her live the life she wants with her beloved? Quan Nanzhai understood what Mr. Shen was thinking, but he didn't expect that he was so stubborn and didn't listen to others' advice.

The one you love? Love? Mr. Shen sneers, Quan Nanzhai, as the president of a country, you don't think that there is so-called sincere love in the world, do you?

Didn't it? Quan Nanzhai asked.

It's not that he is naive, but that someone tells him with facts that there is a true love in the world that is inseparable and depends on life and death.

Isn't Qin's parents the best example he knows?

Two people, mutual understanding, mutual concern, each other with only one eye can know what he is thinking.

These warm little details are the love that Quan Nanzhai believes in.

Mr. Shen looked at Quan Nanzhai: I was surprised to hear that from someone who could hurt his brother.

Quan Nan Zhai laughed and said nothing. He never said that he was a kind-hearted man. He would never be polite to deal with the enemy.


Quan Nanzhai never thought that his brother was the one who calculated him and nearly killed him.

They framed him and let him escape. He caught the chance to fight back and didn't kill them in one fell swoop. Would they still have a chance to frame him again?

Anyway, I can't live long. I don't want Xiaoxi to live alone in this world. One day, she will understand that love is nothing at all, and money status can make her live better. Mr. Shen said suddenly.

Others say that it is better for him to realize his dream or to be selfish, but his starting point is to think that his favorite granddaughter is good.

Shen Lingxi is the blood of Shen family and the daughter of his favorite little son.

After his son's daughter-in-law died unexpectedly, the child has been kept by him. He loves her more than any other child in the Shen family. He can even sacrifice another person's life to complete her happiness.

Since you have made up your mind, we don't need to go on talking. Quan Nan Zhai nodded politely to Shen Lao. Excuse me.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Shen Lingxi, who had been imprisoned, standing behind them. She looked at Shen Laozi with tears.

Quan Nanzhai was a little surprised: Lingxi, you

Mr. Shen also looked back. When he saw Shen Lingxi standing right in front of him, his face was very ugly: Xiaoxi, when did you come?

Grandpa Shen Lingxi clenched her fist, opened and closed her lips, then opened them again and again. She choked for a long time before asking the voice. Is it really you?

Xiao Xi, what are you talking about? Grandpa doesn't understand. The old man Shen is deceiving himself. Maybe Shen Lingxi didn't hear their conversation at all.

Grandpa, it's really you who have my child killed, isn't it? He pretends to be confused. Shen Lingxi asks clearly and plainly.

Shen Lingxi asked in a light and light tone, as warm and soft as usual, with almost no ups and downs.

If you don't see the tears on her face, you can't tell from her tone that she is asking such a serious question.

Seeing things exposed, old man Shen sighed for a long time and said, "Grandpa did this for you.".

Is it all for me? Is it good for me to have my baby killed? It's also good for me to break up me and the people I like? Ha ha ha, Shen Lingxi laughs like crazy. You say that you are good for me and good for me every day, but have you ever thought about it for me?

Xiao Xi, don't make a fool of yourself. You go back first. There's no place for you to talk. Old man Shen took out the dignity of the head of the family at ordinary times and said sternly.

Grandpa, I'll ask you for the last time. Have you ever really thought about me? Even for a second. Shen Lingxi pressed her lips tightly, waiting for the answer from Shen Laozi.

Old man Shen didn't talk.

His silence, like all the heavy hammers, completely broke the warmth in Shen Lingxi's heart.

Grandpa, thank you for your nurturing kindness to Xiaoxi these years. 1 she raised her lips and showed a beautiful smile.

Mr. Shen:

before Mr. Shen said anything, Shen Lingxi ran into the wall nearby.

Her speed was very fast. When Quan Nanzhai realized her intention, she had bumped her head against the wall. Warm blood flowed down her forehead like a poppy in full bloom.

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