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after finding brother lie in country a, it can be said that Mr. President Qin lelan did not miss every time he appeared on TV.

At today's Forum meeting, she worried that she had forgotten and specially made a memorandum, but she still missed it.

She clapped her head in chagrin and turned on the TV. The default of her TV is always CCTV.

As soon as the TV is turned on, the TV station is broadcasting the economic forum, and the camera just cuts to brother lie and the leader of a country.

Brother lie is still a black suit that he often wears, with a white shirt on the bottom and a black tie on it. He looks more calm and restrained than usual.

Just as Qin lelan was staring at brother lie, all of a sudden, the camera switched to the perspective of the whole meeting.

Even among so many national leaders, even though everyone is wearing suits, Qin leran saw her brother at first sight.

To see brother lie is not only because of his high stature, but also because he is the youngest of the world's leaders. He was the first in the world when he was less than 30 years old.

Her brother is not only good-looking, but also so excellent. The women who want to marry her brother may be able to circle Linhai City for several times.

This is not an estimate. Qin leran saw an online vote two days ago about who is the man that women want to marry the most in the country. The voting rate of the president is far ahead, and other candidates can't compete with him at all.

So many people think of brother lie, but what does brother lie think?

In any case, brother lie can spare time to return information to her during such an important meeting. Does this prove that she is really different from other people to him?

Hum -

it's Lin Xiaoxiao who called.

Qin leran answers and hears Lin Xiaoxiao's excited voice: leran, I'll wait for you downstairs. Come down.

Qin lelan looks at brother lie in the TV, where is free to go downstairs: small, you come up, I am not free to go down.

Lin Xiaoxiao: lelan, I tell you, you must come.

Qin leran: why?

Lin Xiaoxiao: because sister Lingxi invited us to dinner.

Forget it. I just had dinner. To be honest, Qin lelan didn't want to see brother lie's fiancee at all.

It was an accident to meet for dinner yesterday.

Lelan, sister Lingxi sincerely invites us, and she really treats us as her sister. If you don't come, she will be sad. Lin Xiaofu.

Then you can tell her that if you can't get in touch with me, it's OK. Qin leran has never been a fool to take into account other people's feelings and wronged himself.

Lelan, elder sister Lingxi seldom asks you, so please give me a face. Shen Lingxi's phone call came from her mobile phone, which made Qin lelan embarrassed. She wanted to beat Lin Xiaoxiao.

That girl, isn't she her little friend?

When did you collude with others?

Now that Shen Lingxi has said that, Qin leran is not willing to give up, so he has to promise to have lunch with them.

At a long distance, Lin Xiaoxiao called and waved to Qin leran: leran, we are here.

She's not deaf or blind. Do you need to shout so loudly?

Lin Xiaoxiao, how could she not change her character? She was born into a famous family.

Elder sister Lingxi, Hello, Qin leran politely greets Shen Lingxi.

Lelan, get in the car. Shen Lingxi smiled at her.

Why did Shen Lingxi come to pick her up for dinner?

Qin leiran thought dully.

Is it because Shen Lingxi knows the relationship between brother lie and her, and that brother lie stayed in her house for a night last night? Is Shen Lingxi claiming sovereignty to her today?

If so, what should she do?

Just when Qin leran thought about it, their car had arrived at the North Palace.

Lin xiaonovel: Here we are.

Qin leran gets off the bus and looks at the North Palace here?

Lin Xiaoxiao nods: right, right. Sister Lingxi took us to meet the leaders of various countries.

Qin lelan should refuse rationally, but she couldn't say no when she thought that she could see brother lie at a close distance and see his charming demeanor at a close distance.

When Shen Lingxi entered the North Palace, she naturally had her special passage. After greeting the guards, she took Qin leran and Lin Xiaoxiao to the restaurant where the leaders of various countries were received.

Shen Lingxi said: the morning meeting is almost over. At noon, the participants will have dinner together in the VIP Hall. I asked someone to reserve a place for us.

Lin xiaonovel: sister Lingxi, you are so wonderful. Such a place can also bring us here.

Shen Lingxi smiled and did not speak.

She knew very well that it wasn't how good she was, but that she held on to the identity of Mr. President's fiancee, which gave her a lot of convenience.

Once she does not have this identity, then she is nothing, even her own fate can not be controlled in their own hands.

Qin lelan did not speak either. She looked around quietly. She was very interested in anything related to brother lie.

Lin Xiaoze kept asking: sister Lingxi, will we have a table with brother Nanzhai in a moment?

Shen Lingxi has not yet received an answer, she continued: I have not participated in this kind of state banquet, I think there must be a lot of delicious.

Shen Lingxi said with a gentle smile: small, I really envy you.

She envied Lin Xiaoxiao for having a brother who loved her so much. She envied Lin Xiaoxiao for her simple life. She didn't have to think about anything except eating.

Lin Xiaoxiao is surprised to say: sister Lingxi, are you mistaken? What can I envy you? You are the one I envy most in my life. You are gentle and beautiful. You know how to read, and you will marry brother Nan Zhai in the future.

What Lin Xiaoxiao envies most is that Shen Lingxi can marry Quan Nanzhai. She has fantasized for more than one time. If only she was engaged to Nanzhai's brother.

But she is so poor, not only looks like general, not smart, but also likes to eat why she stands beside brother Nanzhai.

Shen Lingxi didn't answer, everyone's living environment is different, so what he wants to pursue is different, and the definition of happiness is even different.

Le ran, why don't you talk? Lin Xiaoxiao asked again.

I'll listen to you. In front of strangers, Qin lelan's words have never been much, and many people who are not familiar with her will feel that her character is like her father, belonging to Gao Leng fan'er.

Brother Nan Zhai, you can see that brother Nan Zhai came to Lin Xiaoxiao and first found Quan Nan Zhai who was walking towards them.

Qin leran looked down Lin Xiaozhi's direction and saw her strong brother. Surrounded by a group of people, he smiled and walked with elegant steps.

So close to feel strong brother's demeanor, Qin lelan's eyes fell on him and could not be moved any more.

Watching his leaders talking, he showed the president's majesty and domineering spirit.

They are walking in their direction, watching him getting closer and closer. Qin leran shakes his fist nervously, thinking whether to say hello to him or not?

I don't know. She thought more.

When the president passed by her, his eyes just glanced away from her, as if he didn't know her.

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