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by you? Qin Yinze looks at Quan Nanzhai, surnamed Quan. Don't be too opinionated, or you won't know how to die.

Oh, yeah? Quan Nan Zhai turned around and looked at Qin Yinze. He smiled unfathomably, didn't say a word more, and then turned away.

Quan Nanzhai never liked to talk with others. He liked to sweep away those who hindered him with practical actions.

For example, those who obstructed him from sitting in the position of the supreme leader of country a, now there are several people who can see such warm sunshine.

Mr. President, let me tell you something about today's forum. Back in the North Palace, secretary he rushed to meet him. He opened the document and began to nag. Today's forum participants are from Jiangbei. Quan Nanzhai interrupted him with a wave, walked to the rest room with vigorous steps, and called me half an hour later.

Secretary he, Mr. President, was in a cold sweat.

This is an international forum meeting, attended by leaders of more than a dozen countries. Do their presidents pay so little attention to it?

Recently, the president always goes out with his bodyguard spade and his driver and personal assistant Qiao min. he doesn't know what he's up to.

However, what's more important, is there anything important about state affairs?

Thinking of these, he Miao looks at the spades coming back with Quan Nanzhai, and looks at his tall body standing at the door like a wall. He bravely asks: Mr. Black, can you tell me what the president is busy with these days?

Before taking office, their president was busy to have a rest very late every day. The rest place was in the North Palace. Everyone around him knew what he had done.

Spade is the most loyal and effective bodyguard under Quan Nanzhai's hands. He will not appear in front of the public with Quan Nanzhai. He is the person in charge of the safety of Quan Nanzhai in private.

Quan Nanzhai is such a trusted and important person. How could he let others ask for information from his mouth? He looked at him coldly and seemed to say: boy, do your job well. Don't talk about things that you shouldn't do.

Secretary he was stared at by spades, so scared that all five souls ran away. He hurried to one side and waited respectfully for their president. He dared not talk too much.

Quannanzhai did not neglect state affairs, but the process of this forum meeting and the matters needing special attention had been printed in his mind for a long time.

He has never fought a war that he did not prepare and grasp. How could such an important forum meeting only rely on the Secretary to help him record, or wait two hours before the meeting to prepare.

Back in the rest room, Quan Nanzhai took a bath and changed into a clean suit. As the supreme leader of a country, proper dress is also very important.

He stood in front of the whole mirror and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn't help but think of Qin lelan. That little girl, many habits are the same as when you were a child, and have not changed at all.

For example, when she sleeps in the middle of the night, she likes to hold a doll. Last night, she took him as the doll she usually holds. She dallied with him from time to time. If he didn't know her little habits, he would even think she was deliberately seducing him.

When thinking of her, Quan Nan Zhai's resolute and indifferent lines on his face will inevitably soften a lot, which is unique to Qin leran.

Golden sunshine, through thick curtains, shines into the big bed of the room, making the room more hazy.

Qin lelan, who was bathed in the sun, turned over lazily, stretched himself a lot, and touched his hungry stomach: Aunt Liu, I want to eat barbecue bun.

In my dream, I dreamed of the familiar Cantonese breakfast, BBQ, shrimp dumplings with thin skin, chicken feet and so on, which made Qin lelan salivate, and shouted to eat the breakfast prepared by Aunt Liu.

Aunt Liu is a maid specially in charge of her diet. She is smart and handy. The food she makes is not only delicious but also very beautiful. Qin leran likes her very much.

Aunt Liu, you need to prepare more, but you want to eat more and say more. Qin lelan licks his tongue and can't wait to eat delicious tea.

For a long time, no one answered her, she remembered that she was not at home in New York, but in the coastal city of country a, thousands of kilometers away from New York.

It's far away from home, but it's good to have her strong brother here.

Brother lie thought of brother lie, Qin Yue suddenly sat up, his eyes quickly swept the room inside and outside, but where there was her brother lie.

Maybe brother lie left after she fell asleep. She thought a little stuffy, but the rest of her eyes glanced at the note on the bedside table.

She picked up a look and saw a few strong words - little lazy pig, brother lie still have work to deal with, and have to go first. Breakfast has been prepared for you. You must remember to eat it when you get up. If I knew you didn't have breakfast, the consequences would be serious.

After finishing the writing, brother lie left his name on the last side, and added a bright smile like the sun.

Qin leran holds the note paper, clings to the position of the heart, happiness is like rippling in the ocean of happiness.

Brother lie has something to do, but he also prepares breakfast for her. He is so busy. He also wants to keep her from starving. Qin lelan hurriedly comes to the kitchen and sees that there are grains and porridge in the heat preservation pot on the hearth and two heart-shaped eggs in it.

Because brother lie put it in the pot to keep warm. Even though it's already ten o'clock in the morning, the temperature of porridge and poached egg is just right. It's neither cold nor hot. You can eat it at any time.

Qin leran was so moved that he didn't know what to say. Brother lie was really the same to her as he was when he was a child. He didn't change at all. When he took care of her, he was so careful and considerate.

She took a deep breath and made a decision secretly. In the future, she will take care of brother Gu lie so carefully and considerately that he can feel the warmth of home and feel her love for him.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Qin leran began to enjoy the breakfast specially prepared for her by brother lie. She picked up the eggs and bit them in her mouth. Then she took a picture of her mobile phone and sent it to brother lie. With the words: "brother lie, listen to your words and eat the eggs you made.".

After sending it out, Qin lelan looked at the screen of the mobile phone and said in his heart: brother lie, please praise and ask for some praise

but he didn't wait for brother lie's reply for a long time.

Brother lie must be busy.

As the president of a country, he has many things to do every day. When he is busy, he certainly doesn't even have time to watch his cell phone.

Well, it doesn't matter. She can wait. Brother lie will reply to her when he sees the news.

Just when Qin leran thought so, he received a reply from brother lie. He only replied a very simple word - good

just one word

but Qin leran was very satisfied. It was not easy for brother lie to take time out of his busy schedule to reply to her. After all, not everyone was as bored as she was.

Qin leran is looking at the mobile phone, and the mobile phone receives a piece of news - the 26th International Economic Forum is kicking off today at 9:00 in Linhai City, with the participation of our president and leaders of many countries.

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