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the president's eyes swept over Qin lelan's body and quickly moved to Shen Lingxi's body.

This time, instead of being expressionless, he nodded to Shen Lingxi with a smile. The smile was so tender that it seemed that only Shen Lingxi could make him smile.

Qin lelan has seen his smile. It's only when he becomes her strong brother that he can smile so gently to her.

She looked at him, her eyes full of inquiry and even doubt. He and her brother were not the same person at all.

Or, he thinks of himself as two people, one is the president, this identity is his real identity, can stand in the bright sun, the identity announced to the world.

Another brother's identity, which belongs to her alone, can't stand in front of people in the sun.

Just as Qin leran was thinking, Quan Nanzhai was far away from other leaders, still talking while walking. Shen Lingxi explained, but also explained so powerless that she couldn't even convince herself.

She specially asked Qin leran to come here, in order to create some opportunities for them to get along with each other. Unexpectedly, Quan Nan Zhai didn't even have a look at her.

Elder sister Lingxi, Mr. President is very high. It's normal for him to ignore a small people. Qin lelan smiled and looked like an innocent person. Only she knew how much she wanted brother lie to take a good look at her in the crowd.

It's just a glance at her. It should not delay his work or too many things. However, only Shen Lingxi can be seen in his eyes.

Lin Xiaoxiao, brother of Nan Zhai, saw Quan Nan Zhai coming back alone. He cried with a red face, and his eyes fell straight on Quan Nan Zhai, unable to hide his love.

Quan Nan Zhai didn't answer. His eyes fell on Qin lelan's face and looked at her quietly.

Mr. President, Hello, Qin leran smiled at him, trying to be natural and generous.

Nanzhai, this is my new friend, Qin lelan. Shen Lingxi hurriedly pushed Qin leran forward, eager to push Qin leran into Quan Nanzhai's arms.

Secretary Lin Quan Nan Zhai calls to Lin Jiacheng with a heavy face, and says, "what does Miss Shen don't understand about security? Don't you understand?"?

Quan Nanzhai's words are not direct, but several people on the scene understood.

What he meant was that the guard didn't do his job well and let the rest of the rest of Shen Lingxi in.

Mr. President, I'll let them go. As for Quan Nanzhai's intention, Lin Jiacheng knows very well that the president doesn't want Qin's little girl to be exposed in front of the media.

Even if there is no camera here, Mr. President will worry about someone taking pictures, especially about someone taking pictures of Qin lelan with him.

Nanzhai, they are what I, Shen Lingxi, want to say, but with a pair of gloomy eyes of Shangquan Nanzhai, they can't say anything.

Don't bring anyone to Beigong in the future. Quan Nanzhai's voice, which was cold as ice, suddenly became tender and incomparable, especially when he looked at Shen Lingxi's eyes, it was so tender that he would overflow the water.

Brother lie is the same, but there are two completely different souls in their bodies.

They are not the same person in essence.

Qin leyran finally understood.

Qin lelan looked at him, with a smile on his lips: I'm so angry with Mr. President. I'm so sorry that you don't have to bother your people to ask me out. I can find my own way out.

She said politely and politely, and nodded politely to him.

I'm worried that you're going to break into places you shouldn't, and you haven't done anything like that. Looking at her bright face and the grievance and stubbornness in her eyes, Quan Nan Zhai bit his teeth and let out his cruel words.

Ah, Qin Le ran puckered her lips and raised her signboard smile. What did I do for a small ordinary people? I can make the president remember so clearly. Should I say it's my pleasure or my pleasure?

Quan Nanzhai looked away and snapped, "secretary Lin, haven't the guards arrived yet?"?

The security guard arrived at the scene just in time. Seeing that Mr. President's face was not right, they immediately wanted to drag Qin lelan forward, but they were still not pulled back by a cold and fierce look of Mr. President.

The guards said they were wronged. It was Mr. President who let them drive people away. They were not allowed to do anything. Did they want to scare people away with their eyes?

They don't have the ability of Mr. President.

I'm young. I'll leave before I take Miss Qin. This is an important place for the state to deal with important affairs, not for your children. Lin Jiacheng understood the president's ideas.

Lin Xiaoxiao, brother of Nanzhai, is reluctant to leave, but she can't leave Qin lelan alone, let alone disobey her brother's wishes, or she will be punished and closed up in a black house.

Let me take them out. Shen Lingxi said.

People are brought by her, but this kind of thing makes her feel guilty. She wants to send Qin leran out and explain it well.

What do you know, said Quan Nanzhai: you stay.

As soon as Quan Nan Zhai said this, Shen Lingxi didn't have any special reaction, only Qin lelan, who left with the guards, had a slight back stiffness.

But soon, she quickened the pace of leaving again. She didn't want to stay here. She didn't want to see them show their love at all.

Nanzhai, I just want her to be with you. I have no other intention. As soon as they left, Shen Lingxi explained immediately.

Shen Lingxi, you don't know how many cameras there are. You let her a little girl exposed in front of people all over the world. Do you know how much danger it will bring to her? Quan Nan Zhai's face did not change, but his voice became very serious and cold. He looked at Shen Lingxi's eyes and even his bones.

Shen Lingxi stammered: I didn't really think about that much.

Quan Nanzhai said: I told you that I and her affairs, I will deal with it myself, I don't want anyone to interfere.

Shen Lingxi: Nanzhai, I

when I saw Shen Lingxi's self reproach, Quan Nanzhai finally softened his tone: you don't have to feel sorry for anyone, you don't do anything else. Playing the role of president's fiancee well is the greatest help to me.

Shen Lingxi looks down: Yes.

Lin Xiaoxiao is closely behind Qin leran, but her heart doesn't follow Qin leran. She looks back step by step and wants to see brother Nan Zhai more. Even if he can't see her in his eyes, she can see him one more time.

Let's walk slowly, shall we? Lin Xiaoxiao pulls Qin lelan and says.

Brother Nanzhai works here every day. There is his breath everywhere. Let her feel more for a while.

Qin leran dodges Lin Xiaoxiao's hand and walks faster and faster with her head down. She would like to have two wind and fire wheels under her feet and leave the place where she feels depressed with the fastest speed.

For the first time in his life, Qin leran wanted to escape from brother lie. The farther he escaped, the better. He could never find her again.

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