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so does brother lie specially cook for Ran Ran? Thinking that brother lie was learning to cook for himself, Qin lelan smiled and frowned, but felt that the burns on his hands were not painful.

I don't want to starve myself. Quan Nan Zhai brought the dishes to the table and served Qin leran a bowl of soup. He drank a bowl first.

Brother lie, you are so mean that you are learning for her. Why don't you admit that you will lose a piece of meat?

Why am I stingy?

Don't forget that duplicity is not cute at all.

Of course, what's more, we don't want to starve. Quan Nan Zhai smiled and said softly.

That's right.

Well, don't you have soup?

This little girl is really stupid sometimes. In order to make meals for him, she even makes herself hungry enough to coo and scream, but she doesn't know how to find some food to fill her stomach.

Think of the day she was taken care of when she was growing up, and when she was so tired.

All this, she is for him.

At this moment, Quan Nanzhai secretly decides that he will not let this girl suffer any more from Ding Dian.

Qin lelan took a sip of the soup bowl and tasted it carefully. He thought it tasted good, and then he took another sip. Finally, he came to the conclusion: brother lie, the soup you made is good to drink

then try brother lie's fried dishes. Quan Nanzhai also served her rice with vegetables. If she ate more, the girls would grow more meat.

It seems that in his mind she was the little child who had to be looked after when he was busy for her.

Qin lelan duzui: brother lie, do you mean it's not good now?

Quan Nan Zhai was stunned. He quickly responded with a smile and said, "it's beautiful now, but it's better if you put on a little more weight.".

Qin leran sips his lips: you can talk.

Quan Nan Zhai laughs. Sometimes the little girl is very black bellied, but sometimes she is just like a child. Just say two nice words to make her happy.

Qin leran took a big bite of food and nodded as he ate it. I can't see that her brother's cooking skill is so good that she won't lose her mother at all.

Is it delicious? Quan Nanzhai asked.

Delicious. Qin leran nods.

If it's delicious, eat more. Quan Nanzhai brought her another dish, and then wiped her mouth with a paper towel to take good care of her, for fear of starving her.

Brother lie, you can eat it, too. Qin leran also brought food to brother lie. It's delicious when we eat together.

Of course, brother lie wants to eat, but he also needs to feed my little greedy cat first, so that she can't go hungry. For Quan Nanzhai, watching her eat is also a kind of happiness.

Who is your little greedy cat? She is not the greedy cat of his family. Now he is not her.

Oh, isn't it? Quan Nanzhai thought about it, and then said solemnly, I'll have to try to make her my little greedy cat.

He said that he would try to turn her into a greedy cat in his family?

Does he mean to marry her in the future?

Thinking of brother lie, Qin lelan was so excited to see that everything was colorful. But thinking of brother lie and his fiancee, she couldn't get up and quietly lowered her head.

But what happened? Qin lelan's mood was not right. Quan Nanzhai noticed it at the first time.

Nothing. Qin lelan quickly adjusted his mood and helped Quan Nan Zhai Jiacai. Brother lie, you can eat more with me.

It's a rare day for her to be with brother lie and eat the rice that brother lie made by himself. She should cherish it, but what do she want to do with the things that have been determined?

No matter what she thinks, she can't change the fact that brother lie has a fiancee.

OK. Quan Nanzhai looked at her, wondering why she was depressed just now and what was in her mind.

But she gave him the feeling that occasionally he could understand her, and many times he could not understand what she was thinking.

Even he sometimes felt that the little girl already knew his real identity, but this idea was quickly denied by Quan Nanzhai.

It's true that she is smart, but he used Quan Nanzhai's identity to deny that it was her strong brother, and she should not think about that again.

Night, dark as ink, fortunately a light lit up the city, so that the night does not look so lonely.

The city is illuminated by lights, but in some corners of the city, darkness can be seen everywhere, and you can't see the general darkness of five fingers.

After Quan Nanzhai arrived at Qin lelan's home, Qin Yinze returned to his home.

His home is next door to Qin leran. There is only a thick wall between them.

It's just separated by a wall, but it blocks him and her in two different worlds.

Her world must be warm with bright lights.

And in his world, it's dark. It's dark without a little temperature. Cold is his only feeling at this moment.

This is an ordinary wall, but because the wall is too thick, the sound insulation effect is very good. He held his breath and tried to listen to the movement on the other side of the wall, but still could not hear any sound in her room.

He was sitting on the sofa in the living room, just beside her, without turning on the light, so quietly.

He sat quietly, but his spirit was tense. He thought that if she needed his help, he would rush out to save her at the first time.

But he knew it was impossible. How could she need his help?

Quan Nanzhai is the patron saint in her heart. Only that person can protect her. No one else can. No chance.

At this moment, Quan Nanzhai is beside her. She is so happy that she forgets her last name. How could she think that he would wait for her on the other side of the wall.

The mobile phone Qin Yinze put on the tea table suddenly vibrated. In the dark and quiet night, it seems that the vibration can bring the house down.

Hearing the vibration, Qin Yinze immediately looked at the number on the screen of his mobile phone, but when he saw the number on the screen of his mobile phone, his face sank, a cold and fierce light came out of his eyes, and he looked at the number flashing on the screen: Damn it, it was not the phone he had been waiting for.

After ringing for a while, the mobile phone stops. Within seconds, the mobile phone vibrates again. Qin Yinze answers and presses hands-free: what's up?

Hello, young master Qin. There's a processed voice coming from his cell phone. Ordinary people can't tell who he is. But Qin Yinze knows who the owner of this number is. The other night, the man asked him to meet him once. He is familiar with this man.

If you have something to say, fart. Qin Yinze didn't want to waste his precious time talking with each other.

The man smiled a few times and said again: Master Qin, I just want to ask you what it's like to see your beloved girl living alone with other men? Will it hurt? Will it hurt? Or else?

Qin Yinze said in a cold voice, "let's get down to business.".

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