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don't talk like a kid who still doesn't admit his mistakes.

With his hand out, QUANNAN Zhai's face turned black again, and his voice became colder. It was like dealing with a disobedient child.

Don't be stubborn.

She doesn't want brother lie to see her hand burn, or he will be more disgusted with her. She doesn't want to see his eyes.

However, darling, put out your hand and brother lie will help you deal with the scalded wound. It's no use murdering her. Quan Nanzhai has to soften her voice.

His purpose is not to kill her, but to warn her in such a way that he can no longer do things that hurt him.

Leave me alone. She tossed for so long in the evening. She just wanted to make a meal for him. He even killed her. She was wronged.

Don't let brother lie take care of you. Who do you want to take care of you? Quan Nanzhai asked.

Anyone can, just leave it alone. Where has she suffered such grievances at ordinary times, now she is in front of her strong brother, so she has some willfulness.

It's brother Liege. He shouldn't have hurt you just now. Knowing that the little girl's temper is very stubborn, Quan Nanzhai takes the initiative to hold her hand and ask brother lie to deal with the wound for you, otherwise brother lie will be distressed.

His voice changed back to the previous gentle to her, let Qin Yueran listen to a little warm heart, can no longer be stubborn.

Oh, Qin leran reached out and looked down like a child who did something wrong.

Do you know why I hurt you? Quan Nanzhai picked up a medical cotton cloth stained with alcohol to sterilize her hand, and asked.

He should have seen the burn on her hand and loved her so much that he would kill her.

Qin leran knows.

But she didn't want to say it, because she didn't like brother Cheng's way of doing it. He loved her so much that she said it. Why use the ferocious tone.

Fortunately, she is generous. If she is a little stingy, he will probably cry bitterly.

You can't burn yourself anymore, you know? After cleaning, he skillfully applied the scald medicine to her.

He is very skilled in applying medicine, which makes people feel that he often does these things.

Her strong brother, should not have the leisure to help others except her to apply medicine, so his action of applying medicine is so skilled, it must be for himself.

Thinking of changing his dressing in the earthquake area last time, he had many new, old and old scars on his body. Qin leran felt another pain: brother lie

OK, don't be aggrieved. Brother lie apologized to you and heard her voice with a nasal sound. Quan Nanzhai thought she still cared about his murderous things.

Brother lie, I'm hurt. You'll feel hurt, right? She asked.

Well, so don't let yourself get hurt later. He said.

Brother lie, you must promise me that you will not hurt yourself in the future. Because if you are hurt, I will be hurt. Qin lelan looks at him like a starry eye, and gently talks about caring for him.

But he called her name, and there was no more.

He was born in the house of power, the house of the president, and he was born different from others.

Even his mother didn't teach him how to love his relatives or how to love the world.

His relatives taught him something, only the struggle, the eternal struggle, the people around one by one to fight down, let himself stand on the top.

In the end, no one will be around you, brother Liege. Don't you agree with me? Qin leran stretches out his unhurt left hand and grabs his palm. Brother lie, then Ranran will protect you.

He can't promise her that he won't hurt himself any more. Then she will protect him and prevent him from being hurt again.

Silly girl, it's so silly that Quan Nan Zhai raises his hand and gently touches her pink face. How can I be so silly?

Brother lie, everyone else praises me for my cleverness. Only you say I'm stupid. Her face was close to his warm palm, and she rubbed it twice, but it was not silly.

You are my fool. Quan Nanzhai rubbed her into his arms, hugged her, and was about to kiss her with a low voice, which interrupted his action.

Brother lie, are you hungry. She doesn't admit that she is hungry. Don't let brother lie know that she is hungry.

Well, brother lie is hungry. Quan Nan Zhai bowed her head and kissed her on the forehead, saying, now let brother lie cook for Ranran to eat.

Brother lie, can you cook? Qin lelan looked at him with wide eyes. He couldn't believe that the president would cook.

It would not have been without your brother. Quan Nan Zhai rubs her head again and says with a smile, what do you want to eat? Brother lie makes it for you.

Brother lie, you won't blow up the kitchen. Just now she set fire to the kitchen. Brother Liege is likely to blow it up.

Little girl, you look down on me. Quan Nan Zhai suddenly kisses her lips with his head down, opens his teeth and takes a punitive bite. That's what you despise brother lie.

Qin lelan blushed and liked the punishment of brother lie. She remembered that her father often punished her mother like this.

Quan Nanzhai took off his suit and went to the kitchen. He took up the apron and tied it up. He skillfully cleaned up the mess made by Qin lelan. Soon, he cleaned the kitchen and wiped the stove to be a mirror.

After he opened the refrigerator and looked at the ingredients, he soon had an idea: little girl, brother lie fried a sliced potato with vinegar and a pot of pork. Now he's cooking a tomato and egg soup. What do you think?

There are just these ingredients in the fridge. These dishes are common in every family's dining table. They are eaten by two people. Quan Nanzhai thinks it's good, but the little girl doesn't answer him.

As soon as he looked back, he saw the little girl standing at the door staring at him: brother lie, are you sure you can cook so many dishes?

Girl, you have to trust your brother. Now all you have to do is tell me, can we have two dishes and one soup? If it wasn't for the gloves on his hands, Quan Nanzhai would have pinched the little girl again.

As long as it's made by brother lie, I like it. After a while, brother lie cooked a paste pot for her, and she would like to eat it with her face. It can't beat his confidence.

Soon, Qin lelan knew he was wrong.

See brother lie cutting potato shreds skillfully. The knife skill and the thickness of potato shreds are the same as the chef at home.

Look at brother lie's cooking. Pour the oil into the pan. After a while, it's not long before the potato shreds are put into the pan. A plate of fragrant and golden potato shreds will come out of the pan.

In a short time, stir fried pork, tomato and egg soup, stir fried vegetables and soup are so perfect, there is no mistake in the process.

Qin lelan was surprised and said: brother lie, when did you learn this? Why do you even know that?

He is the president of a country. How many people are there with him? How to make these home-made dishes.

Because I can't, so I have to learn. Quan Nan Zhai rubbed her head, smiled and said.

In fact, it's not a joke. Quan Nanzhai can do this. It's really because Qin leran can't.

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