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the people on the phone ignored Qin Yinze's words and continued to say: Qin, I really understand how you feel now. You feel like a cabbage you've been raising for more than ten years. You're about to reap, but you feel the same feeling when another pig jumps out and arches you.

What the hell are you trying to say? Qin Yinze growled. If that old boy is by his side, he has to wring his neck.

No matter how Qin Yinze roars, the man is far away from him. Not only is he not scared, but more precisely, he wants to provoke him. His anger is far from enough. The man wants to make him crazy.

The man continued: don't be angry, young master Qin. You yell at me, but you still can't change the girl you've been guarding for more than ten years. At this moment, you're talking to other men. I'm not sure they've rolled to bed.

At the thought of the girl he had guarded for more than ten years, he was reluctant to touch one of her fingers, but he was going to be touched by other men, but he was unable to stop it. The heartache slowly penetrated his viscera like a poison.

In his cell phone, the voice of the man continued to come: Master Qin, you really don't need to be angry. You need to think about it, as long as you want, you have a chance.

Qin Yinze doesn't want to listen to those words anymore. He grabs his cell phone and wants to smash it, but the man is still talking.

Master Qin, I just want to tell you that men and women's business is the same as business opportunities in shopping malls. No matter what you do, you have an advantage only when you are ahead.

Before you have an advantage?

Qin Yinze heard this key word.

In the market, to be ahead is called seizing business opportunities.

If we seize good business opportunities, we will have a lot of opportunities to make money.

And between men and women, what's the name of the one in front?

When Qin Yinze hesitated, the person on the other end of the phone continued to say: Qin Dawang, the opportunity is his own, not someone else's. You have a chance before you cook the rice. Think about it. You may have a chance one day. At that time, you must seize the opportunity and never let it slip away from your fingertips.


Qin Yinze hooked his lips, and the corners of his lips raised a cold arc.

Opportunities are up to you.

Isn't that what it's been like all along?

He still remembered that on the first day when he came to Qin's house, because Qin lelan asked not to have his brother, their father planned to send him away.

He took the chance himself, so he stayed and became the adopted son of the Qin family.

Later, in the Qin family for more than ten years, he worked hard to go to school, to be a good son and brother, and to learn from others to run the company's business.

In the past ten years, all the opportunities have not come without any reason, but only through his own efforts.

Qin Dashao, it's time. They should have finished their dinner. The man mentioned here and smiled. It's not early. I won't disturb you to rest. Good night

the man hung up the phone and listened to the beep. Qin Yinze shook his fist and turned to the wall that blocked him and her. He was so angry that he smashed the phone on the wall: Qin lelan, I hate to destroy you.

A sneeze didn't know if he felt someone calling his name. Qin leran sneezed a lot.

Quan Nanzhai just came out of the kitchen to wash dishes and saw her sneeze. He hurriedly put his coat aside and put it on her: it's getting cold, and he will have to add clothes sooner or later. No cold.

I won't catch cold if brother lie takes care of me. Qin leran takes advantage of brother lie's help to dress her and goes into his arms. He reaches for his waist. Brother lie, it's still early. Would you like to watch TV with me for a while?

In fact, it's not early. She also knows that brother lie has to work tomorrow, but she just can't let brother lie go.

Good think good think strong brother can be like an hour, every day with her side, when she sleeps, he will sing her a lullaby to coax her to sleep.

Of course, these Qin leran are just thinking about it in her heart. Her brother has become the president of a country. How can he spend time with her every day.

Thinking of this, Qin leran's brain suddenly moved.

Brother lie doesn't have time to be with her every day. Can she find a way to apply for a position beside brother lie so that she can be with brother lie every day.

Is that ok?

Can this be done?

It seems that it can.

Tomorrow she will go to find Lin Xiaoxiao and ask him to help her find out from Lin Jiacheng whether there is a lack of secretary or something around brother lie.

If brother lie happens to be short of a secretary, she can think of a way to become brother lie's secretary, so she doesn't have to miss brother lie every day and can't sleep.

OK, brother lie will be with you for a while. Quan Nanzhai patted her on the back and asked, what TV do you want to watch?

Watching the news these days, what she watched most was the news broadcast, because the brother she saw in the news was her brother's real appearance.

Quan Nanzhai is a little guilty: what's the good news?

Brother lie, you are from country a, so I want to read more about the news of country a and learn about the national conditions of country a, so as to know you better. Qin lelan is saying that he can see the president appear in the TV picture in the corner of his eyes.

Even though brother lie was by her side, when he saw his real face, Qin lelan came to the spirit, left Quan Nanzhai to sit up and stared at the president's face with two eyes.

However, Quan Nan Zhai coughed softly, and he sat beside her. How could she stare at other men.

Brother lie, I think your president is very handsome. Qin Le thinks about it. Brother lie is praising you. Your heart will be beautiful.

Is it nice to have your brother? Quan Nan Zhai looked at her and asked sourly.

Of course. Qin ran looks back at him and says he looks better than you.

After makeup, the real appearance of brother lie and brother lie is very different. The facial features are not as three-dimensional as his original facial features, and they look ordinary.

Qin leran really thinks that her brother is still as good as he is.

Quan Nan Zhai's face is more ugly. In this little girl's eyes, other men look better than him. Even if that man is himself, he is still upset.

Brother lie, what's wrong with you? The president in the TV is gone. Qin leran is free to pay attention to his brother.

It's OK. Quan Nanzhai is still eating his own vinegar and doesn't want to talk to her much.

Brother lie, can you tell Ranran about all these years? She wants to know more about brother lie. Not all people know about him, but brother lie who everyone doesn't know in private.

Quan Nanzhai was still angry, but a pair of clear and bright eyes of Shangqin lelan forgot all about his anger.

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