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right? They looked at each other for a long time. Qin Yinze snorted coldly. Mr. President, I believe you should know better than me. Nobody knows the result until the end.

Some people are often too opinionated and full of words, but the fact is likely to move in another direction.

But there will only be one result. Other things, Quan Nanzhai can't guarantee the result, but Qin lelan can only be his woman, the woman he will marry in the future, which can't be changed by anyone.

Let's see. Qin Yinze sneers.

Well, we'll see. Quan Nan Zhai's lips were slightly raised, and his eyes glistened with cold and fierce coldness.

For him, anything else, including the competition for the presidency, he can make a move, but for Qin lelan, he can't make a step back.

Brother lie, when you come to Qin leran, you suddenly open the door, peep out your little head, and see Qin Yinze blocking brother lie's way. She immediately frowns. Qin Yinze, would you please let brother lie in?

Mr. lie, the dishes we cooked must be very delicious. Have a nice dinner with her. Qin Yinze smiled, made way, and also made a very gentlemanly action.

Qin Yinze, what do you mean? Qin lelan wanted to seal his mouth with sealant. He couldn't look at her.

That's what you hear. Qin Yinze said.

She may not know. In addition to Quan Nanzhai, there is another person who wants to taste her craft very much, even if the dishes she makes are worse than pig food.

Qin leran doesn't want to talk to him. Don't let him spoil his good mood to see brother lie today.

Thanks for Quan Nan Zhai's polite nod to Qin Yinze. It's obvious that the two men are secretly competing. No one wants to lose their grace in front of Qin leran.

However, I live next door to you. If you have anything to call me at any time, I promise to be on call. Qin lelan and Quan Nanzhai are alone in one room. Qin Yinze feels at ease.

I know. Worship Qin lelan and hide behind the door. I still only have one head. Brother lie, come in.

Quan Nan Zhai mistakenly opens Qin Yinze and walks to Qin leran: I'm late and I've kept you waiting for a long time. I'm sorry that Qin leran didn't say it too late. It's not to comfort brother lie, but she really thinks it's not too late.

Because more than two hours have passed since

now, she has fried and pasted two dishes and cooked a pot of salty soup. At this moment, she has not made a decent dish for brother lie to eat.

Today, she boasted that she would cook for brother lie by herself, but now it depends on the situation. I'm afraid that brother lie will have to wait.

Quan Nanzhai stepped into the room and smelled the smell of burning at the first time. It was really from the kitchen.

Brother lie, sit down first. I'll be fine in a moment. Quan Nan Zhai didn't see the little girl clearly. The little girl turned and ran into the kitchen.

Quan Nan Zhai followed her to the kitchen and asked softly: little girl, do you need help from brother lie?

Brother lie, sit down first. I'll be fine soon. I don't need your help. Never let brother lie know that she can't even cook, or he will definitely dislike her.

Don't you really need my help? Quan Nanzhai looks at her busy thin back. It seems that she is serious and professional, but in fact, it doesn't seem like that.

Brother lie, it's good for you to sit down. I say it'll be fine soon. Then it'll be fine soon. She has experimented many times. This time she will succeed.

Little girl, actually you have this heart, brother lie is very satisfied. He doesn't have to eat the food she cooked, as long as she accompanies him during the meal, it's enough.

But I think brother lie ate the meal I cooked myself. Qin lelan saw that the pot was red again and immediately poured oil into it.

This time, it's not the same as what happened in the last few times.

After two experiments, she still didn't understand what the situation was, so she had to call her mother for help.

The mother told her that because the wok was not hot enough, there might be water in the wok, and the oil would be splashed everywhere when it met the water, which would scald her hands.

After finding out the reason, brother lie also arrived. Qin leran is going to fry for the third time, and wants to show himself well in front of brother lie.


it never occurred to her that the oil was not splashed around this time, but it caught fire directly.

With a bang, the firelight rushed to the lampblack machine.

Looking at the sudden fire, Qin lelan was shocked. She had never seen the wok set on fire by cooking.

When she came back to her senses, she immediately wanted to fill the water to put out the fire, but before she could move, she was caught by a hand like an iron tongs.

Brother lie grabs her and drags her behind him to protect her. He picks up the pot cover beside him and covers the burning pot.

Just so simple, brother lie will return everything to peace.

Brother lie, how are you? You are an idol of Ran Ran. How could she be so stupid at that time? Didn't you think of using the pot cover to put out the fire?

In the future, he will not be allowed to cook any more, said Zhai lenglengleng of QUANNAN. He thought that the scorching smell at home was just like this, and his heart was pulled hard.

Knowing that the girl can't cook, he didn't stop her from doing such a dangerous thing.

What would he do if she had something to do?

Brother lie, it's an accident. The only one is that Qin lelan says more and more quietly, because brother lie's eyes are too frightening. She has never seen such a frightening brother before.

When she reached out her hand instinctively, her brother's eyes were even colder and more frightening, as if Qin lelan could not tell what it was, as if there was heartache in his anger.

It looks like this.

Brother lie is not so angry that he wants to eat her, is he?

With this idea in mind, Qin leran was scared to hit a spirit, turned around and wanted to run, but just a move was caught by brother lie.

He grabbed her wrist, a force, her whole body fell into his arms, his cold and harsh voice sounded on her head: Qin lelan, are you stupid?

Is it foolish of him to call her by her name?

Qin lelan raised his head and looked at him angrily with wide eyes. How could her fierce brother be so gentle to her.

Is this man posing as her brother?

But before she could tell whether the man was her strong brother, she was picked up by him and carried to the living room.

He gently put her on the sofa, but the voice was still very severe: sit well, don't move around?

Quan Nanzhai stood up, glanced sharply around the room, and quickly locked a small cabinet in the corner.

There was a medicine box on the top of the small cabinet. He went to pick up the medicine box and came back. He sat down beside Qin lelan, still smelling, and said, "reach out your hand.".

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