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My back bowed as I arched into him, seeking more of his mouth, of his touch. All my breath left me when he parted my legs and his fingers carefully found the sleek, damp flesh. He stroked and then spread my folds wider as he lowered his head.

“Oh…” I closed her eyes and twisted restlessly as his tongue found me. Electric currents raced from my pelvis to my breasts, tightening them to puckered buds.

I want more. I want to feel him inside me.

“Please, take me…please I can’t wait anymore.” I gasped.

“Me too.” Stefan groaned, his voice tight as he raised himself to level up on top of me. “I want to be inside you so much the need has become a physical ache.”

I opened my eyes to see him braced over me, his expression one of intense pain.

I reached out to touch the harsh lines across his face, coolval stories wanting to ease the tension etched there.

“Come to me,” I whispered. “Fill me.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Never.” I reassured him. “Even if you do, it’s a welcomed hurt.”

He closed his eyes and eased forward. I was still battling the fire when something hard nudged at my entrance.

I opened around him, and she marveled at the delicious sensations that pulsed in my g---n.

My body surrounded him, inviting him further, clinging like a second skin.

“Hold onto me,” he rasped. “I’ll make it quick.”

I have no idea what he meant, but I gripped his shoulders, determined to please him. With one powerful surge, he t----t into my untried body.

“Owww!” I sobbed as the pain overwhelmed me for a few seconds. I felt a slight tearing, but almost as quickly as I became aware of the pain, it started fading.

“Sorry baby. So sorry.” He grounded as he kissed all over my face. He held himself tight above me, not moving until I adjusted to him.

I felt so many things. Slight discomfort as my body fought to accept his intrusion. But also the stirrings of something wonderful. I felt itchy, alive, like I could crawl right out of myself.

I needed him to move. Wrapping my legs around him, I lifted my hips higher, desperate to appease the ache deep within me.

Stefan’s hands were tight at my hips.“Please,” I begged. He groaned.

It was the sound of the sweetest agony. And then he finally began to move.

He withdrew, but before I could protest, he t----t again, seating himself deeper than before. My gasp echoed across the room.

“Am I hurting you, honey? I’ll stop.”

“No! Please. I need you. Please, I ache so much.” I can’t believe this needy voice is mine.

“Ahh, Tera. You’re so sweet. I’ll take care of you, honey. Just hold onto me tight.”

I would have done anything for him in that moment. I held on tight.

He began to move harder and faster. More demanding. Taking but giving back with each t----t.

I went slick around him, and suddenly he didn’t seem quite so unbearably large inside my passageway. I still feel so full though.

The friction became unbearable, and I feared I’d burst. Higher and higher I climbed. I gripped him with a fierceness alien to me.

Every muscle tensed in anticipation of something so sweet, so pleasurable. And then I tumbled out of control, my body flying in a hundred different directions.

I quivered around his thick s---t as he pushed and strained against me. Then, he was coming too with a breathless groan.

Our breath mingled. Our noisy gasps filled the air.

Tears burnt my eyes, tears of everything I’ve been through. Tears of everything I will still go though. Tears of love.

“Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry, baby.” His breath hitched as he looked at me with concern.

My hands caressed his hair-roughened chest with an ardor that came not from experience, but from longing.

“You didn’t hurt me. Oh Stefan, I love you so much.”

He smiled and kissed my tears. “I love you too, Astera. Sincerely and wholeheartedly.”

Tears filled my eyes again. Can someone die from too much feelings?

Probably not.

I laid there languidly as Stefan cleaned us up before he came to lie down beside me. We tangled together and stayed that way.

Hours after Stefan had gone to sleep, I laid there in the darkness, a new heaviness settling over my heart.

What will I do if Stefan asks me to marry him?

That is the question that built a home inside me and refused to go. It scares me a lot because the truth is that I don’t want to get married ever again.

I barely made it out of my first marriage.

What will I do?


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