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Astera’s P.O.V.

Dinner was so beautiful and we ate in comfortable silence. It feels so good, sitting down with Stefan in a comfortable silence.

After dinner, we played cards and watched television. The next part that follows is always the part where we say goodnight to eachother and call it a night.

But not today. I know Stefan don’t want to pressure me into anything and that’s why I’m more determined to be with him. I just don’t know how to go about it.

As we watched television, I snuggled up against him and kissed his jaw. We haven’t really talked about Stefan’s future destination.

He had lived outside of Magnolia for the past three years. What if he decides to go back?

“What are you thinking about that has your face all scrunched up?” He asked, drawing my attention.

I smiled at him and shook my head. He eyed my mouth lingeringly and my tongue fluttered out to lick my lips.

He groaned softly and dipped his head, his mouth brushed mine, his teeth nipping at my lower lip to make it part for him before his warm mouth moved on mine with a slow, lazy pressure that knocked any thought out of my mind.

His arms swallowed me gently, folding me into his powerful body while he taught me how much two people could tell each other with one long, slow kiss.

It was unlike every other kiss we’ve ever shared.

It was almost like going back in time to three years ago but the kiss he’d given me then was nothing like this. He was easy with me, gentle, coaxing my mouth to open for him, to admit the deep, expert penetration of his tongue.

The silence was only broken by the sound of TV and rough whisper of our breath as we kissed more and more hungrily.

I can no longer control my erratic breathing. Stefan pulled away from me. “I want you, Tera. You probably know that but I want you so d--n much for the past three years.” He whispered to my lips

“I want you too, Stef.” I admitted.

“God, I don’t want to rush—”

“You are not rushing me.” I cut him off, softly. “I’ve always been yours…always. Make me yours completely, Stefan. Please…”

He didn’t need anymore coaxing because he lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bedroom.

One by one, he unfastened my clothes, parting the lapels as he went. There was no urgency in his motions, just a practiced ease that I know is intentional.

He bent to nuzzle my neck as he tugged the dress away. Tiny prickles danced across my skin. He removed the dress and then the bra.

I stood in from of him in my panties. He looked at me so blatantly. Not with repulsion like Daniel, but with admiration.

“You’re beautiful, baby.” He spoke reverently.

I shivered and leaned back, wanting more of his heated kiss. And he gave it to me.

We kissed for a while before he trailed kisses down my neck. His mouth found the turgid peak of one breast. My leg almost buckled but he held me upright as he took my n----e into his mouth.

We kissed as I helped him to remove his shirt.

He pushed me to the bed, following me too to break my fall. My back met the cool bed and his weight settled slightly on top of me.

My mouth found his again, licking and kissing her way down to the hair-roughened hollow of his chest.

His hands cupped and kneaded my buttocks before his hands released my ass to come back to my breast.

I threw my head back while he thumbed both nipples forced outward by his grip. He came down over me, his body pressing against my softness.

I marveled at their differences, how hard he was, and yet how careful he was not to hurt me.

He moved down my body, his mouth open as it grazed along my midline. His breath was scorching against me, his tongue warm and slightly rough. His hands followed, firing my senses.

My back bowed as I arched into him, seeking more of his mouth, of his touch. All my breath left me when he parted my legs and his fingers carefully found the sleek, damp flesh. He stroked and then spread my folds wider as he lowered his head.

“Oh…” I closed her eyes and twisted restlessly as his tongue found me. Electric currents raced from my pelvis to my breasts, tightening them to puckered buds.

I want more. I want to feel him inside me.

“Please, take me…please I can’t wait anymore.” I gasped.

“Me too.” Stefan groaned, his voice tight as he raised himself to level up on top of me. “I want to be inside you so much the need has become a physical ache.”

I opened my eyes to see him braced over me, his expression one of intense pain.

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