Virgin widow

6 months ago


{The fire that never quenched}


In a small town of Magnolia, a girl named Astera fell in love with a man way out of her league named Stefan.

He loves her too…or so, she thought in her young mind.

Everything went downhills the day Stefan suddenly stormed into her house and accused her of so many horrible things.

He called her a liar, a cheat, a w---e and a lot of other names best left unmentioned. He didn’t tell her the reason for his anger, instead he told her that he never wanted anything to do with her again.

Left with a shattered heart, Astera married Daniel….a man/friend that loved her.

On her wedding day, Stefan left town and never came back. And that was three years ago.

Virgin widow - S01

Virgin widow - S01

6 months ago