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Lin Xiaoxiao came back in time and interrupted what Shen Lingxi wanted to say in time, which was an indirect solution for Qin lelan.

Although he said he didn't want to know about Mr. President, Qin lelan wanted to know.

It's just about everything about brother lie, things that outsiders don't know. She wants brother lie to tell her by himself, rather than hearing from others.

After having dinner with Lin Xiaoxiao and Shen Lingxi, Qin leran is no longer in the mood to visit the people. He goes home listlessly and hides in his room, thinking about brother lie and Shen Lingxi.

Maybe she was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't hear Yu lie's phone several times. She didn't know that Qin leran had only come back to her mind when the ring rang for the first time.

The special ring that brother lie recorded for her is still ringing, but Qin leran still hasn't reached for her mobile phone

brother lie. However, after reading you for more than ten years, he has grown up, found you and reunited with you. I really want to be with you all the time, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I will become the third party that destroys other people's feelings Do you know that you are afraid of destroying your good image among the citizens of country a?

Looking at the bright mobile phone, Qin leiran bit his teeth and murmured.

She could not be afraid of being scolded as a fox spirit, but she was afraid of destroying everything her brother had worked hard to create because of her.

When the cell phone stops ringing again and again, Qin leran can't summon up courage to answer brother lie's call.

The mobile phone ring is still ringing -

Ding Dong -

the doorbell rings suddenly.

Qin Yueran 's first reaction was Qin Yinze. He didn' t even have the mind to look at the visual doorbell. He hid in the quilt and pulled it up to wrap himself up.

She didn't want to see anyone. However, when I opened the door, it was my brother's voice that suddenly came into Qin lelan's ear and made her slightly stiff. She even thought she had heard it wrong.

However, outside the door, brother lie continued to call her name.

Qin lelan then confirmed that it was her brother, who was right outside the door. She could not care about no small three, whether it would damage the image of brother, spring up from the bed, fly to the door and open the door.

Brother lie was standing outside the door. He was in a suit, straight and straight, very beautiful, but his face was very ugly, angry and flustered, and many complicated things she could not see clearly.

Before the two characters of brother lie were exported, Qin leran's thin body was dragged into his arms by brother lie.

He held her in his arms and whirled her into the room with him. He kicked the door heavily and gave a bang.

Before Qin leran could figure out what was going on, he was heavily pressed on the door by his brother, who kissed her like a storm.

His cold thin lips, falling on her lips, like with 360 degrees of heat, as if to melt her.

Wu Yueran pushed him instinctively, but he was firmly controlled between him and the doorplate, unable to move at all.

His kiss, ferocious and lingering, was different from his previous two kisses, which made her feel that her soul was about to be sucked away by him.

Gradually, Qin leran felt another emotion in his kiss besides the ferocity of his brother.

- is he afraid?

Why is brother lie afraid?

Who wants to deal with brother lie?

Or what did the dark reactionaries do?

When Qin leran thought about it, brother lie finally let her go.

He stroked her watery red lips, kissed her on her bright forehead, and then spoke in a hoarse voice: however, he could not frighten his brother again.

He made so many phone calls to her, but she didn't know what might have happened to her. For a moment, his heart was in turmoil.

Before, when she was very young, he just wanted to protect her, just like the big brother protecting her little sister.

But later, watching her grow up day by day, and seeing her rise and fall gracefully, he knew that he was no longer only the big brother and little girl in those days.

He still wants to protect her, but no longer the big brother's protection for the little girl. He wants to protect her as a man.

He rushed to her home in a hurry. At the moment of seeing her, he couldn't care about anything. He just wanted to hold her in his arms, hold her, kiss her and feel her real presence beside him.

As soon as he spoke, Qin lelan knew why she felt afraid in his kiss, because she didn't answer the phone, which worried him.

She bited her lips regretfully, knowing that brother lie would worry about her. Why didn't she answer the phone? How could she do such childish things.

Brother lie, I haven't finished saying "no"

yet. Brother lie suddenly bowed his head, kissed her again, and blocked all the words of apology she wanted to say back.

This time, brother lie's kiss was very gentle, gently itching, like a soft feather caressing her lips.

Qin lelan's experience in kissing is really lacking, but she still tries to respond to her brother in her own way.

This kiss, more than just a long time, like it took a century so long, brother lie just let her go.

Brother lie, to

he interrupted her again: don't say sorry to me.

But I worry you.

As long as you are good, brother lie will not be angry with you. Brother lie raised his hand and gently plucked a wisp of hair on her forehead to her ears. Then he lowered his head and kissed her again, little girl. Do you know?

Well, I see. I won't stop answering your phone in the future. I'm sure it won't worry you. She said obediently, like a child who did something wrong to promise adults.

Why didn't you answer my phone just now? According to the understanding of Yiquan Nanzhai, unless she didn't hear it, the girl would never stop answering his phone.

He just hit so many times. Even if she fell asleep, she should be able to wake her up, so there must be other reasons for not hearing.

Because I was just taking a bath and didn't hear it. Don't want to tell brother lie the real reason, Qin reluctantly found a reason.

In the shower? Quan Nanzhai hugs her again, lowers his head and sniffs her. But when did I learn to cheat brother lie?

My brother's nose is really more sensitive than the continuous nose. Can he ask if she has a bath?

But tell brother lie. He said softly, in a tone like coaxing a child who didn't grow up.

Qin lelan said stiffly: I just don't want to answer the phone. There's no reason.

Quan Nanzhai asked: why? Don't want to hear brother lie's voice?

Because I want to hear brother lie's voice so much, I want to listen to the ringing tone all the time. Qin lelan cleverly found an excuse.

Little girl, I can really talk. Quan Nan Zhai rubbed her head and said.

Qin lelan's excuse was that Quan Nanzhai knew it was fake, but he didn't ask again, because he didn't want to try her like a prisoner.

She is his nature, the girl he wants to protect

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