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Hello, Shen Lingxi smiles gently and reaches out to Qin leran. I'm Shen Lingxi. Nice to meet you.

Seeing her outstretched hand, Qin leiran paused, then reached out and shook it with her: I'm glad to meet you, too.

Shen Lingxi said: you and Xiaoxiao are friends. I should be older than you. If you don't mind, can I please you?

To tell you the truth, let a person who just knows her and is still her rival in mind call her name, Qin leran is exclusive.

But listening to Shen Lingxi's gentle voice and looking at her smile, Qin lelan couldn't help but refuse and nodded: Yes.

Le ran Shen Lingxi repeated Qin Le Ran's name twice. It's a lovely name. It's just as popular as your people.


If one day you know that the girl standing in front of you is thinking about your fiance.

At that time, do you still think she is attractive?

Qin leiran thought dully.

Sister Lingxi, lelan, you are both my friends. Then you are friends too. Lin Xiaoxiao interrupts.

Well, if lelan wants to call me sister Lingxi, I have another sister. Maybe because this little girl is the treasure that Quan Nan Zhai is holding in the palm of his hand, Shen Lingxi wants to protect her a little bit.

Qin lelan:

she can't shout.

After making friends with Shen Lingxi, how does she deal with the relationship with her brother lie?

She can't do it if she wants to rob a man with her sister.

Want her to quit silently, never see strong brother again later, she is more unable to do.

Qin lelan's eyebrows were all frowning together.

Lelan, sister Lingxi is very good. She treats these children who are younger than her as well as her own sister. Don't worry. Qin lelan's hesitation made Lin Xiaoxiao think she was worried about Shen Lingxi's character.

With the look in the eyes of Shen Lingxi's expectation, Qin leran was reluctant to call her sister, but she cried out sweetly: Lingxi sister.

Yeah. Shen Lingxi answered gently, with a gentle and decent smile on her face. Since we ran into each other, would you like me to invite you to dinner?

Yes, yes, sister Lingxi. I want to go to Gongji's house to have some special dishes. When he heard about eating, Lin Xiaoxiao's eyes were full of stars.

So Qin leran and Lin Xiaoxiao and Shen Lingxi came to a famous local specialty restaurant.

On the way, Lin Xiao pulls Shen Lingxi to ask questions. Qin leran doesn't say a word. He secretly observes brother lie's fiancee.

Shen Lingxi's voice is always just right, not light or heavy, gentle like water. She also looks good when she laughs. She is really a gentle and beautiful person.

Gentle, beautiful and considerate, such a woman is very attractive to men. What kind of feelings does brother lie have for her?

Brother lie should also like Shen Lingxi. Such a girl that girls can't help liking. Brother lie shouldn't be the same as me.

If brother lie likes Shen Lingxi, then what is brother lie's feelings for her, Qin lelan?

Perhaps brother lie still treats her as a child of several years old. His feelings for her are as simple as when he was a child, and there is no love between men and women.

Oh, by the way, sister Lingxi, what are you doing today? Just after sitting down, Lin Xiaoxiao asked again.

Shen Lingxi glances at Qin lelan subconsciously, and then says: just walk around, understand some situations, and do something for your brother Nanzhai as much as you can.

Sister Lingxi, you are really a good wife. I'm afraid you are the only one who can match brother Nanzhai. Lin Xiao chirped.

Hearing that Shen Lingxi also wanted to do something for the president, Qin lelan couldn't tell what it was like.

She was a little happy for brother lie, but more worried that her relationship with brother lie would hurt Shen Lingxi who didn't know.

Shen Lingxi, as brother lie's fiancee, thinks about brother lie everywhere, but doesn't know that the person in front of her is thinking about brother lie.

Lelan, what do you like to eat? Shen Lingxi hands the dish card to Qin lelan and patiently introduces the specialty of our shop.

I'm not picky about food. Qin lelan smiled and handed back the dishes. Just look at them.

Shen Lingxi hands the dish to Lin Xiaoxiao again: Xiaoxiao, you know both of us, you know everyone's taste, then you order it.

Yes, yes, I'm good at ordering. Lin Xiaoxiao doesn't need to look at the dishes. He orders several dishes at a time. When he closes the dishes, he finds that Qin leran is not in the right state today. Are you worried about something?

What can I worry about? Qin lelan smiled. It seems that she didn't control her mood. Lin Xiaoxiao, such a careless girl, could see that she was worried.

Shen Lingxi said: lelan, we actually met each other once. That's fate. Everyone is a girl, so please don't be too strict.

OK, sister Lingxi. Every time she called sister Lingxi, Qin leran felt guilty.

She really wants to leave here at once, but she wants to get along with Shen Lingxi for a while to see how she is.

You two talk first. I'll go to the bathroom. Lin Xiaofu.

Go ahead. Qin leran and Shen Lingxi said at the same time.

As soon as Lin Xiaoyi left, Shen Lingxi poured Qin leran a cup of tea and said: leran, do you know our president?

I Qin lelan's words are blocked.

She not only knew Mr. President, but also knew him very well. But the man she knew was not Mr. President, just her brother.

So, she said: I'm lucky to see two sides of the president, but I'm not familiar with him.

Then you need to meet him more. Our president is really a very good man. He has responsibility and commitment. Shen Lingxi said.

Qin leran:

Why did Shen Lingxi suddenly say that? Did she see anything?

Qin leran didn't know how to answer, but heard Shen Lingxi continue with her gentle voice: leran, I tell you something that few people know, you must not tell others.

Qin lelan said: sister Lingxi, if it's something that can't be talked about to others, I still don't want to listen to it. I'm afraid that I accidentally let it slip.

Qin leran is not interested in knowing other people's secrets, and he has to keep them for others when he knows them. This is very difficult.

It's about the president. Don't you really listen? It didn't seem that Qin lelan would refuse. Shen Lingxi threw out the bait again.

Qin leran refused firmly: sister Ling Xi, Mr. President is the highest leader of the country. I can't hear anything more about Mr. President.

What's the matter? I want to hear it. Sister Lingxi, tell me. When Lin Xiaoxiao went back to the house, he heard only half a sentence, and his curiosity was suspended.

Shen Lingxi wanted to say something else, but when he saw Lin Xiaoxiao coming, he had to swallow his words back. The topic turned around: we were saying that the food was going to be served soon. If Xiaoxiao doesn't come back, we will finish it.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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