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brother lie, have you had lunch yet? If not, I'll cook for you, OK? Qin leran didn't want to make lunch for brother lie, but wanted to find an opportunity to get along with him for a while.

It's nearly a month since she came to country A. It's estimated that her real time with brother lie is less than 24 hours.

She is a greedy girl.

When she didn't find brother lie, she hoped to find him. After finding brother lie, she hoped to be with him 24 hours a day.

Quan Nanzhai reached out and pinched her face. He said with a smile: brother lie has had lunch, so he doesn't have to cook lunch for me.

Brother lie, you can't pinch my face like this. I'm no longer a child. Qin leran always thought that this action was familiar. She didn't think of it for a moment. She often pinched their cute little girl like this.

It's an indisputable fact that I have grown up. It has nothing to do with pinching your face. Quan Nan Zhai smiled softly, and then reached out to pinch her. He wanted to pinch me like this.

Brother lie, if you like it, you can pinch it. Qin lelan closed his eyes, a kind of lovely look like death.

However, she didn't wait for brother Li to pinch her. What she waited for was brother Li's gentle and sweet kiss.

He kissed her lips gently, and even smiled, saying that brother Liege preferred to treat me like this rather than pinching Ran Ran Ran's face.

He is smiling, and he laughs badly. Qin lelan blushes at his face and makes a low coquetry: brother Liege hates it very much

but doesn't he like brother Liege kissing you like this? Quan Nan Zhai Ming knew that she was only shy, but deliberately pretended to be disappointed.

No, no, I like Qin lelan very much. I'm worried that brother lie misunderstood her and won't kiss her in the future.

I am so silly and lovely. Quan Nanzhai holds her in his arms and rubs her. This girl is usually very clever. No one wants to take advantage of her, but she is so cute in front of him.

But it's not stupid. She knows everything, knows everything, and is willing to play dumb, because the other side is her strong brother.

Quan Nanzhai stroked her head and said, "I want to take Ranran to a place, but will I?"?

Of course, Qin lelan nodded repeatedly. She couldn't get it. How could she not want to go with brother lie?

OK, then follow me. Don't ask me where I'm going. Quan Nan Zhai takes Qin lelan's hand and kisses her with his head bowed. How can I be so cute?

Is it cute that brother lie wants to eat it? Qin leiran blinked and said playfully.

So would you like to let brother lie eat it? Quan Nanzhai looked at her, his eyes burning.

Brother lie, what do you think? Hum hum, she said the real dessert, but she saw something else in the eyes of brother lie, the villain.

Brother lie means something else to her. Does it mean that brother lie's affection for her is no longer the simple love when he was a child, but the love of men for women?

Let's go. He didn't know the real idea in the little girl's heart, so he had to change the topic and cover up the little evil in her heart.

Brother lie, will you carry me? When going out, Qin lelan took the opportunity to make a request.

She likes her brother to carry her on his back. As a child, she can ride on his back and let him hold her. She can feel his thick shoulders and he can make her feel incomparably gentle and safe.

Come up. Quan Nanzhai didn't say anything. He immediately squatted down so that he could climb on his back smoothly.

Brother lie, then I come up. Qin lelan climbs on brother lie's back and presses the weight of the whole person on his body. His head still rubs against his neck. Brother lie, do you feel embarrassed?

He is the president of a country and the supreme leader of a country. Does he really mind carrying her on his back?

Quan Nanzhai asked: why should I be sorry?

Because you were just about to slip up again. Fortunately, Qin lelan stopped the conversation in time, and said again, you are a big man. Don't you worry about being laughed at when walking on the street with a girl on your back?

Who dares to laugh at me? In the eyes of Quan Nanzhai, it's such a beautiful thing to carry this little girl. How could he worry about other people's jokes.

If she wants, he can carry her all his life, carry her, and grow old with her.

Brother lie, why are you so kind to me? Qin leran rubbed against Quan Nanzhai's back again. He would see his young face clinging to his back. If only he could carry her on his back like this all his life.

Because you are my ran Quan Nan Zhai's answer is as simple as Qin lelan's, because she is Qin lelan, so he is willing to treat her well unconditionally.

It's not because she saved his life accidentally, but because she was Qin lelan, that's the simple reason.

Brother lie, let's go out. Qin lelan subconsciously attached his head to his back more closely.

OK. Then hold me firmly. Don't fall down. Quan Nan Zhai smiled softly and walked into the elevator with Qin lelan on his back.

What's wrong with brother lie?

Where are you going to take Ranran?

It's said that you can't ask. Follow brother lie and you'll know when you get there.

What if brother lie sold me on his back? Do I have to count the money for you?

My price is priceless. No one can afford it. Besides, I don't sell it.

But who is more important than your position as president? Qin leran wanted to ask, but he swallowed it again.

The job of president is the job of brother Liege. How could she be so cruel to let brother Liege choose between her and the president.

Qin lelan's sudden silence made Quan Nanzhai look up slightly and look at her back from the elevator mirror: however, why didn't he speak? What are you thinking?

Qin lelan murmured: "I'm thinking, how important am I in brother lie's heart?"?

Quan Nanzhai let her down, took her white and tender hand and stroked her heart: you are as important as it is.

The heart is the most important organ of the human body. Once the heart stops beating, it will declare the end of this person's life.

He compares her to his heart, which means that she is as important as his life.

Choose between life and the presidency. I believe most people will choose life.

How to deal with brother lie? She was so moved that she couldn't speak.


Brother lie, let's talk, brother lie.

Dingdong, they haven't finished their words. When the elevator reaches the first floor, the door of the elevator opens.

Mr. lie, you still have something important to deal with this afternoon. The time is almost up. You have no time to delay any more.

As soon as the elevator door opened, the secretary who often followed Quan Nanzhai reported to him.

Their new president, who can successfully sit in the presidency, can be said to be inseparable from his strict self-control ability.

But it never occurred to him that he would suddenly suspend such an important meeting today.

Don't he know how many eyes are looking at him?

How many people are waiting for him?

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