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Qin lelan understood that he should not say these cruel words to Qin Yinze. No matter how he said it, he was her nominal brother, and he did her a lot of help.

However, Qin Yinze's attitude, the tone of his voice, and the look in his eyes made her unacceptable, so she could be polite to all people, but she could not be good to him.

If he has a better tone and attitude towards her, she doesn't want to fight him.

Yeah? Qin Yinze clenched his lips and smiled. There was a little bitter in his smile.

However, I may disappoint you again. Maybe in your lifetime, you can't see me die.

He always thought that Qin lelan just hated him. He didn't want to see that he didn't think that she hated him so much that he could never disappear from her eyes.

It's funny to think about it. What's the reason he stayed with her?

Is it to make her laugh at him and repel him?

But what are you doing? When brother lie calls, he answers the phone. Suddenly, brother lie's special ring rings to interrupt the tense atmosphere between them.

Qin leran picked up his mobile phone to answer the phone, but watched Qin Yinze on guard.

When he heard the voice of Quan Nan Zhai, Qin Yinze turned around and walked away with a cold hum. When he went out, he threw the door vigorously and made a loud bang.

Qin leran was shocked by the sound of door slamming. After he got back to his senses, he answered the phone: brother lie, just heard the voice of Quan Nanzhai: I know it.

What do you know? Qin lelan was stunned.

However, I saw it just now.

You saw it all? What do you see? Qin leran didn't dare to believe it.

Brother lie has no eyes. Where did he see what just happened?

Thinking of this, Qin leran suddenly flashed something in her mind. She turned and looked out from the French window.

Seeing the building in the distance, and the floor to floor window of her corresponding building, it seems that there is a person standing.

Will that man be her strong brother?

Her heart just had this idea, strong brother then gave her the answer: Yes, the person you see is me. I can see you through the window with a telescope.

It turns out that it's really brother lie. Qin leran is very excited.

Brother lie, how tired I am when you look at me like this. Brother lie wants to see her. Let her go to him and let him have a good look.

But Qin leran understood that brother lie missed her so much but could not take her to look at her. That was because his side was too dangerous and he had too many concerns, so he could only look at her in such a silly way.

Not tired. She must not know that, no matter how tired, as long as he hears her voice and sees her appearance, he will be in a state of mind in an instant.

However, he is a special drug to eliminate fatigue.

Qin lelan made a funny face to him: brother silly, you want to see if I am, let's video it.

Don't bother with the video. I'll just watch it like this. He didn't make up to change his face. He was like Mr. Quan Nanzhai, not like her brother, so he couldn't see her.

Brother lie, in fact, she wanted to tell him that she was not afraid at all. She was willing to go through the storm with him, but brother lie didn't know her real identity, so she couldn't say.

Quan Nanzhai asked: what in fact?

Brother lie, I really like you so much that I can understand all your difficulties and support you all the time. In front of brother lie, Qin leran never expressed her love for him.

The education she received from childhood is to say it out loud if she likes it. She likes brother lie. If she doesn't say it out loud, who knows that she likes brother lie?

However, when Quan Nanzhai looked at her through the telescope, he could see her blinking at him, his firm eyes when she spoke, and her smile at him.

If it is not because of worry, at this moment, he can leave her by his side. When she is so attractive, he can kiss her hard.

When he thought of her taste, he felt that the mania factor of his whole body was beating.

Qin leran has no telescope and can't see the opposite brother, but she still shows a lovely smile to him: brother, it's not early, so you have to get ready for beauty sleep. Let's have a rest earlier.

OK. Quan Nan Zhai nodded, but he was reluctant to hang up the phone. He wanted to listen to her voice for a while, and let her give him more power.

Qin lelan said softly: brother lie, good night

but good night is very slow. It's a little time if he can delay a little.

She added: brother lie, I hung up.

Well, you hang up. Finally, when his voice fell, Qin leran hung up the phone.

He could not hear her voice, so he could only see her from the window, but soon, the girl closed the curtains, turned off the lights, and all his telescope could see was darkness.

Darkness is the true reflection of his life over the years.

His life looks bright on the surface, but the darkness behind him is only understood by those who have experienced it.

Mr. President Lin Jiacheng is in a hurry to report that the people behind and implementing the tyre explosion today have been controlled by our people. Please let us know. And as you expected, Miss Qin did ask Chang's mother and son to check this matter.

Now that the night is deep, but Quan Nanzhai's work is not finished, no one will go to rest. Lin Jiacheng has been there for a while, but when he saw the president on the phone, he has been standing by without saying a word.

In the future, if you encounter similar things, you should let the people under your hand clean things up, and never let Chang's mother and son find out the clues. Quan Nanzhai picked up his coat and said as he walked.

Although he has not been around Qin lelan for more than ten years, Quan Nanzhai has not lost any understanding of her.

He knew that the girl would suspect the tire explosion. He also guessed that she would ask Chang's mother and son for help, so he asked them to do something in advance.

She is so sunny that he can never let her fall into his dark world.

Soon they came to the cell where the man responsible for the car tire explosion was held.

This is a small but solid prison, located under the North Palace, which is the private prison of the president of the calendar.

No official record will be made of the people detained here, that is to say, even if they die here for no reason, no one will manage them.

Quan Nanzhai, dressed in a black suit, stood tall and straight, and his fierce eyes swept over several prisoners in his cell.

Where his eyes went, Lin explained: Mr. President, this man's surname is gong. He is the planner of the explosion. This man was one of the implementers when Quan Nanzhai finished watching, Lin Jiacheng also finished explaining and respectfully retreated to the two-step distance behind the president, waiting for his next instruction.

Surnamed Quan, we can't kill you today. Someone will be able to clean you up tomorrow. You want to be a fucking man, kill us with a knife? One of the prisoners suddenly shouted.

Want to die? Quan Nan Zhai said softly, with a small arc on his lips, it seems that he was smiling, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes, which was extremely cold.

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