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Qin lelan just heard the recording, and Quan Nanzhai's phone call came in again. He said softly: however, is it necessary to record like this?

Brother lie, I'll hang up first. You can call back in a minute. This is the special ring that brother lie recorded for her. She needs to use it immediately.

After hanging up the phone, Qin leran immediately turned on the ringtone setting of his mobile phone, and set the recording of brother lie's just now as his exclusive ringtone.

One minute passed quickly. As soon as the time came, it was almost a second. The special ring belonging to brother lie rang -

it was not enough to hear it once again. Qin leran listened again. When she heard that she might hang up the phone automatically, she answered: brother lie, how can your voice be so good?

Hearing her happy voice, Quan Nan Zhai was in a better mood. He asked softly, "do you like the special ring that brother Liege recorded for you?

Of course I do. Qin lelan smiled and said, "I wish it was brother lie's pleasant voice to wake me up every morning.".

Quan Nanzhai: it's not easy.

Qin leran: is it easy?

You wait. Quan Nanzhai didn't tell her and hung up the phone again.

Soon Qin leran received another voice message. She clicked it and it was brother lie's pleasant voice.

This time, brother lie recorded a special alarm for her -

brother lie, you really are. Do you think I'm a four-year-old? How can I record such a naive ring to me? On the mouth such recite strong elder brother, Qin lelan in the heart Cola bloomed.

Her favorite brother is the one who loved her. After so many years, but his heart has not changed at all. He is willing to accompany her and spoil her with his method.

Quan Nanzhai asked: but don't like it?

Qin lelan replied: as long as brother lie prepared it for me, I like it.

Quan Nanzhai nods: HMM.

Qin leran picks eyebrows: huh?

They both said nothing at the same time. For a while, they were silent. No one knew what to say to break the silence.

After a long time, it was a phone call from New York, America, that interrupted their silence: brother lie, my family called. I'll take a call first and call you later.

With that, Qin leran hung up the phone of Quan Nanzhai and connected the phone at home.

Because it's the home line, she didn't know who was on the other end of the phone, so she first reported her name: I am ran, who are you?

Sister, we have arrived home. Qin Yinjian's tender voice was transferred from the handset to Qin lelan's ear.

Little cute, I've been away from my sister for more than ten hours. Do you miss my sister? Listening to the little guy's voice, Qin lelan's hands itched, so he wanted to pinch his face.

Yes. It's rare for Qin Yin to tell the truth.

Little cute, my sister miss you. Hearing that the little guy thinks about her, Qin leran is even more itchy and wants to pinch the little guy. However, when he is thousands of miles away in New York, she can't squeeze him.

She added: just get home safely. I've been tired all day. You should have a rest earlier. Let mom and dad have a rest earlier.

Qin Yin said: sister, grandma miss you, want to talk to you.

But ran called her granddaughter's name, and mother Qin was missing her tears. But ran baby, grandma missed you so much.

Qin leran is the first grandson of their Qin family. Over the years, everyone has been holding her in the palm of their hands. She suddenly ran away from home. Qin's mother, who is older, thinks she can't imagine.

But for her poor health, she would have dragged her old man to Linhai to accompany her granddaughter.

Grandma, but I also want you to think of the elderly grandparents, and then think of running so far away from them, Qin lelan felt guilty.

But, she is already a big child, she can no longer stay in the arms of her grandparents as a child, and she has her own way to go.

But baby, why didn't you come back with mom and dad? After their son's family went to Linhai, Qin's mother was expecting them to pick up their granddaughter every day. Today, she saw them coming back but didn't bring them back to Qin lelan. Qin's mother was so sad that she almost fainted.

Grandma, however, there are still some things to be busy. Would you like to go back to accompany you and grandpa when you are finished? Grandma's old age, Qin lelan talk with her like coaxing children.

However, you can't cheat grandma, who counts the days waiting for you to come back. Mother Qin wiped her tears and said.

Grandma, don't worry, but go back to accompany you when you are finished. Qin lelan said sweetly.

OK, it's late on your side. You have a rest earlier. Grandma will call you another day. Qin said.

OK, grandma goodbye. Take care of yourself. Hang up grandma's phone. Qin leran takes a deep breath.

This breath of cool air hasn't finished, she found that there seems to be a person standing behind her, which scared her to vomit it again.

When she looked back, she saw Qin Yinze standing behind her, looking at her directly, as if she was the prey he was looking at: you, how are you here? What are you up to?

Qin Yinze didn't say a word, but the two eyes staring at her were unpredictable and a little scary.

Qin leiran bit his lips and said: "Qin Yinze, here, remember to lock the door when you are at home. If the person who just came in is not me but a bad person, can you afford the consequences?"? Qin Yinze's face was cold and his voice was gloomy. He was very sad when he heard Qin lelan.

I remember I locked the door and said you didn't have to worry about my business. She said humbly.

Since you have locked the door, how did I get in, my sister? For the convenience of taking care of her, he lived next door to her. When he came back, he saw that her door was open, so he came in to have a look.

Although the security work of Yuepan Bay is well done, ordinary people can't enter. Please note that ordinary people can't enter.

If someone really wants to hurt her, he will try his best to sneak in. If the villain just sneaks into the community and she doesn't close the door, he won't even think about the consequences.

How did you get in, don't you know? You still ask me? Qin leiran looks at him coldly. Qin Yinze, you are not welcome here. Please go out.

Qin lelan and Qin Yinze suddenly called her full name.

What are you doing? Qin cheered.

You know what? You certainly don't know. Sometimes, I can't help but crush you to death. Kill her, kill himself. The two of them are reincarnated together. Their identity has changed. Maybe her attitude towards him will not be so bad any more. Then he can tell her frankly that he likes her.

Qin Yinze, you certainly don't know how much I hate you. I hate you, hate to hate you to die, never appear in front of me. He is not the only one who can say it. She has a mouth and she can say it.

! -- AP

! -- end -- / P

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