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Quan Nanzhai, if we dare to move your car, we don't want to live. Hum, even if you cut us off, you can only kill us. If we can't kill you, we must kill your spirit. You are not qualified to be the supreme leader of a country at all.

Am I not qualified to be the supreme leader of the country? Quan Nanzhai is still smiling gently, but the smile makes people's hearts hair. Secretary Lin, you have heard it. Since they don't want to live well, help them.

Lin Jiacheng received the president's instruction and beckoned to the guards. He said, "they don't want to live any more. You take out your skills and serve them well. If you want to be more comfortable, you will be more comfortable.".

Yes. Several men were ordered to open the prison door immediately, rushed in and sealed their mouths with sealant. One man was in uniform, two or three movements, and several prisoners' arms were broken and fell on their bodies.

Their movements were fast, like a flash of lightning, and they trampled the prisoners under their feet.

You wait for Lin Jiacheng to stop. Mr. President, the next picture may be bloody. Would you like to leave here first?

Quan Nan Zhai took a look at the situation in the cell, turned around and left.

As soon as he turned around, his men had already punished those people, but they were stopped up, and he could not hear a scream.

He has a cold arc on his lips. Those who want to pull him out of office are probably the only tricks.

The time of the night was very short. When he closed his eyes and woke up, it was light. But Qin lelan didn't sleep well.

I dreamed all night that brother lie was surrounded by others alone. He fought hard. Although he defeated all the others at last, he was seriously injured.

Brother lie in the bloodstream, dying, but he still called her name gently - but even though brother lie had been awake for a long time, Qin lelan was still in a panic, and he didn't know what he was doing for a long time.

She thought that she would have such a dream, it must be because of yesterday's tire explosion and the news on the Internet.

Before brother lie took office as president, he was stopped by three very powerful forces. Things were not introduced in detail, but Qin leran could imagine how bad things were at that time.

Brother lie is a young man. It's not easy for him to succeed in the position of president. It's even more difficult for him to be stopped by three forces.

Now, even though brother lie has been in the position of president, there must be residual forces among the three forces that prevent him from going up, so they want to use such means to get rid of brother lie.

No, no, Qin lelan secretly called several no, she can't let others hurt brother lie. She has to find a way to help brother lie.

Thinking of helping brother lie, the first person in Qin lelan's mind is her father, Qin Yue. He must be able to give her some advice and guidance.

When she thought about it, she dialed her father's cell phone, just got through, and the person over there answered the phone: ran?

Qin leiran, the father, called out in a sullen voice, but he didn't know how to tell his father about it. In case that his father thought that brother lie couldn't protect her, he was not sure that his father would let Qin Yinze take her back to New York.

But what happened? Qin Yue asked patiently.

Dad, it's OK, but I miss you. Qin leran swallows back what he is about to say. He doesn't want his father to worry about her any more.

After all, it's her own idea to stay with brother lie. There's no reason for her father to worry with her.

Besides, she should believe that brother lie is the only one. When brother lie was able to eliminate all risks and take the position of president, he must also have his ability.

However, no matter what happens, don't forget you and us. We are your most solid support. How could Qin Yue not know about his daughter's careful thinking? He just didn't know how to tell her in another way.

Dad, do you think I saved the galaxy in my last life. Hear Dad say so, Qin lelan's heart is warm, the tone is much more relaxed.

Why all of a sudden? Qin Yue asked.

Because I'm your daughter. From small to large, you love me so much, protect me and take care of me. I think I must have saved the galaxy in my last life. Only in this life can I be reborn as a baby for you and your mother. Qin said happily.

You're the girl with a sweet mouth. I know how to make your father happy. In front of his daughter, Qin Yue would unconsciously take off his high cold coat, which was no different from an ordinary father.

Dad, how do you call it sweet mouth. I just accidentally told the truth. It's good to chat with dad. I can forget my fear and worry for a while.

Are you -

baby calling? Jane pushed the door into the study. At the same time, she handed a cup of hot milk to Qin Yue's hand. She was not allowed to work any more. After drinking milk, she had an early rest.

It's your baby calling. Qin Yue gives her the mobile phone and smiles gently. Your baby's mouth is not so sweet.

Jianran kneaded Qin Yue's shoulders and said, "of course, my baby learned from me. It's not like your high cold baby son.". He's only eight years old. Today, I saw him change his clothes. He even showed me a grievance of being watched by others. He didn't pay attention to me for a long time.

Qin Yue took a sip of milk and the temperature was moderate: he was born to you too. He developed that character. Dare you say that you are not responsible for being a mother?

Jian ran pinched him hard: President Qin, if you were gentle with him, would he develop this kind of character?

Qin Yue said: he is a boy, boys should have a boy's way, do you want me to hold him every day to coax him to sleep?

There was a quarrel between his mother and his father on the phone. It was only about household chores. Qin lelan also enjoyed it.

She chuckled and said, "Mommy, is little cute making you angry again?"? You tell him that if he dares to make you unhappy again, I will take good care of him when I go back.

Baby, don't worry. Mom now has a way to clean up the little cute. Think about it, she has a way to make their high cold ice melt into water, will she be able to make their little lovely?

No matter how cold and tall the little guy is, he is just an eight year old baby. However, their lovely family is really different from that of the eight year old. Just because of the strict logic, Jane can bow to the wind.

Mom, you and dad should have a rest earlier, but we won't disturb you. We'll talk later. Qin said.

Baby, it's getting cold near the sea. Take good care of yourself and don't catch a cold. A Ze is also near the sea. If you encounter anything, please consult with him. Remember, he is your brother, you have a better attitude towards him, you know?

Well, I see. Mom, Dad, goodbye Qin Yueran hung up the phone, thinking of what his mother said about Qin Yinze, can't help but flatten his mouth. Qin Yinze, the hypocritical guy, really knows how to please his parents.

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! -- end -- / P

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