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“Josie, you have to calm down. I’m sure it’s nothing serious.” Jacob said nonchalantly as he kept his eyes on the road, driving his family to the hospital.

“How can you say that? You don’t seem bothered.” Josie fired.

“Of course i am, okay? This isn’t the time to panic. He’s gonna be fine okay? I’m sure he just got himself all drunk and crashed on a wall or something.” Jacob said as Alexa shot him a disgusting look.

“Jacob you’re so unbelievable right now! You disgust me! He’s your son for goodness sake!” Josie fired.

“He stormed off the house looking worried. There was something definitely wrong with him, but you’ll never see it!” Josie barked as Jacob kept mute without responding to her outburst. He drove into the hospital and pulled the car to halt as Josie and Alexa rushed out before he could turn off the car engine.

“I’m here to see a patient, Scott-Scott Griffith.” Josie stuttered as she spoke to the nurse at the reception.

“He-He was rushed in tonight.” She added.

“Scott Griffith..” The nurse repeated as she searched through the computer screen for information about Scott.

“He’s at the ICU. Please follow me.” She said and led them to the ICU where Scott was admitted.

“I’m sorry ma’am, you can’t go in.” A doctor obstructed them from getting into the ICU.

“Why? That’s my son right there!” Josie yelled and pointed at the glass wall of the ICU.

“Why is he covered?” She asked as tears began to form in her eyes.

“I’m sorry ma’am. He suffered a third degree burn. We did all we could to save him.” The Doctor announced.

“That’s not true! Get the f--k out of my way!” Josie yelled and pushed the doctor aside as she burst into the icu and ripped off the covering on Scott’s body.

“Mom!!!” Alexa called out and ran after her as Jacob followed behind.

“Oh my God!” Alexa muttered as she buried her mouth in her palm in shock. Scott’s fully burnt lifeless body laid bare right in front of them.

“Josie..” Jacob muttered as he attempt to console his wife. Josie took a few steps backward and collapsed to the ground.

“Josie!!” Jacob yelled her name and rushed to her as the doctor rushed in to her aid.


Dominic suddenly pulled away from Rose’s embrace.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“No, I don’t think so. We need to leave now!” Dominic said and cleaned up the tear drops on his face. He stood up and rushed into his Chambers as Rose followed behind throwing all sort of questions.

“Dominic, what is going on? Did you see something?” Rose asked.

“I have a feeling something isn’t right. We need to leave now. Go inform Mr Morgan, I’ll inform June now.” Dominic said as Rose nodded and ran off to Mr Morgan while Dominic left his Chambers for June’s.

Dominic barged into June’s room without a knock.

“Hey-” he greeted as he startled Alex and June who were both cuddling up together.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized quickly.

“No uhm it’s fine.” June said shyly, she felt embarrassed Dominic caught up with her in such a position with Alex.

“What’s up?” She asked as Alex sat on the bed waiting patiently.

“We need to leave now.” Dominic said.

“What? Why?” June asked.

“I don’t know June. I just feel like something isn’t right. We need to go as soon as possible.” Dominic further stated.

“Fine. We’ll pack up now.”

“Meet me at the lobby in 5 minutes. Rose informed Mr Morgan already. We’ll say our goodbyes to Ornelle and leave.” Dominic said and walked out, not waiting for a response from June.

June turned back to Alex who shrugged in response, not taking Dominic’s warning serious.

“You heard him, go pack up. We need to leave now. I know Dominic very well, he must have sensed something.” June said.

“I know what he sensed.” Alex said and stood up.

“You do? What is it?” June asked.

“He loves you June. That’s it.” Alex said as June let out a dry laugh.

“Dominic loves me as a friend and he’ll do anything to protect myself and Rose.”

“No! This is different, he loves you for real. I can tell.” Alex countered.

“You’re being unnecessarily jealous Alex. Let’s get going.” She said and began to pack up the few things she had.

Few minutes later, they all assembled at the lobby and Petyr came up to them after receiving the message from Dominic.

“Follow me.” Petyr said leading them to the castle’s high table.

“Are we going the right way?” Rose enquired confusingly. It was late in the night and there was usually no meeting between members of the high table.

“Yes.” Petyr responded as the gigantic Castle doors opened itself, revealing the large decorated hall and the members of the High table at the far end of the hall.

“You’re back again Dominic?” Ornelle said as her voice echoed through the large hall. June shot a suspicious glance at Dominic as they approached the high table, she wasn’t aware Dominic had seen Ornelle earlier that evening.

Surprised at why the high table were gathered at that time of the evening.

“Forgive me if I’m intruding, but i thought it’s past meeting hours?” Dominic asked.

“Oh yes my dear. We called this meeting for a reason.” Ornelle said smiling.

“Right. Uhm-” Dominic said and paused.

“Is something wrong?” Ornelle asked.

“We’ll be leaving now. We appreciate the kind hospitality we’ve received so far. We’re eternally grateful.” Dominic said as the members of the high table whispered to themselves.

“Very well then. We have a gift for you two.” Ornelle said as a servant presented a small pack in wrappings to her. She walked down the stairs from the high table to meet with June and Dominic.

“A special gift for you Dominic.” Ornelle said and presented a gemstone to Dominic.

“whenever you need us, we’ll always be there.” she said with a smile.

“Thank you, I’m grateful.” Dominic said.

“And to you June, a mystical bracelet to help unleash your powers and control them at your own will.” Ornelle said and wore a gold encrusted bracelet on June’s wrist. June felt a strong wave of energy run through her body.

“Thank you ma’am. Its beautiful.” June said and pulled Ornelle into a hug. Ornelle smiled and pat her back.

“The coven will always be open to you all, whenever you wish to visit.” Ornelle said with smile.

“Thank you Ornelle.” Rose said.

“We need to leave now.” Dominic said.

“Petyr will escort y’all outside. Your RV will be waiting for you. We hope to see you all again soon.” Ornelle concluded as they all waved farewell and followed petyr outside the castle.


They arrived at the rock they had followed into the castle on their first day, Petyr waved his hands in the air as the rock split open, reveling a passage for them.

“Go.” Petyr said gesturing his hands at the pathway.

“The bears?” Rose asked nervously.

“They won’t bother you anymore. You all are safe.” Petyr said as he heard a loud explosion from inside the castle.

“What the hell is that?” Alex asked.

“I’m sure it’s nothing serious. Have a safe trip back to Grenville.” Petyr said and bow his head.

“Are you sure it’s nothing?” June asked.

“Yes Miss Sinclair. Positive.” Petyr insisted as the explosion continued.

“We need to leave now!” Dominic said and pulled June by the arm and led her out of the coven grounds as the rest of the team followed behind.

“Let go off her dude.” Alex warned and yanked her arm off Dominic’s grasp.

“We need to leave now!” Dominic insisted.

“You mind telling us why? You keep yelling at us to leave but you never bothered to tell us why. We deserve to know why!” Alex yelled.

“Alex, do you trust me?” June chirped in, trying to calm the tension building up between both guys.

“With all my heart.” Alex answered. Dominic kept his cool all through Alex’s yelling.

“I trust Dom one hundred percent, let’s just listen to him okay?”

“Fine. Let’s go.” Alex mumbled as they all hopped into the motorhome parked right outside the coven’s rock exit.

“Grenville here we come!” Mr Morgan said and kicked the engine to life and sped away.


Ornelle sat with the members of the high table as the Aeternae unleashed his army of zombies at the coven’s Castle.

The Aeternae’s army tore through every living thing that came their way, including petyr who had stepped in to help defend the coven and it’s magical fortress.

The zombies all assembled opposite the high table which was the only remaining entity of the coven, the zombies halt without launching an attack. Ornelle knew what was coming, she sat comfortably on her chair as the Aeternae himself walked through the castle doors.

“Where is he?” The Aeternae’s voice echoed as Ornelle’s grey eyes met his horrific big yellow eyes.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ornelle responded calmly and sipped a cup of wine.

“Where is he?” The aeternae roared.

“I don’t know.” Ornelle insisted.

“then you will die.” The aeternae said as the zombies launched an attack at the members of the high table with the exception of ornelle who sat without launching an attack in retaliation.

The coven’s magic was completely futile against the forces of the aeternae as they tore ornelle’s followers to pieces. What was a magnificent hall turned into a bloodbath in minutes. Despite all that happened in few minutes, Ornelle appeared to be unbothered.

“You’re next.” The Aeternae’s voice echoed across the large empty hall as he walked closer to Ornelle in his humongous figure.


🎶 “There was no help, no help from you

Sound of the drums

Beating in my heart

The thunder of guns

Tore me apart

You’ve been


Rose and June were singing along to the loud hit song by rock group AC/DC. Mr Morgan made the journey so far a pretty entertaining one as they all shake their head vigorously to the rhythm of the hard Rock song. Despite the lively atmosphere, Dominic was an exception. He was moody and appeared to be absent minded of what was going on around him.

“Come on Dominic, what’s up?” June said teasingly as she dragged Dominic hands playfully to force him into a dance.

“I’m fine June.” He forced a smile.

“No you’re not. There’s something on your mind. Tell me” June said and sat next to him. She entwined her hands with his as Dominic let out a heavy sigh.

“I can’t.” Dominic said and shut his.

“Yes you can. Spit it out. You know you can always tell me anything.” June assured.

“I’m sorry June.” Dominic said in a shaky voice.

“Sorry for what?” June asked.

“For-” Dominic couldn’t finish his statement as a large body hit the windshield of the motorhome.

“Jesus Christ!” Mr Morgan exclaimed in shock as he struggled to keep the steering balanced.

“What was that?” Rose asked and stood up abruptly.

“I don’t know. It came out of nowhere.” Mr Morgan said.

“Guys, y’all need to see this.” Alex said as he called the attention of the team to the what appears to be a pack of zombies chasing after their motorhome from behind.

“Oh my God!!” Mr Morgan exclaimed on sighting the monsters through the vehicle’s side mirror.

“Guys what the hell are we gonna do!?” Alex asked.

“Calm down Alex.” Dominic said as the bus began to move in a more faster and insane speed. June rushed to Mr Morgan at the driver’s seat to have a word with him.

“I know we have a problem but aren’t we going too fast?” She asked.

“It’s not me!” Mr Morgan yelled as he struggled to get the bus under his control..

“What do you mean its not you?” June asked.

“The brakes are gone. It’s not responding to anything. Nothing is working.” Mr Morgan said nervously as he jammed his feet on the pedals of the bus frustratingly.

“What is that?” Rose yelled as she spotted something standing in the middle of the dark highway. Mr Morgan looked up immediately he heard Rose but there was absolutely nothing he could do to save the inevitable situation at that moment.

The bus ran into the unknown figure and swerved off the bridge instantly, falling into the heavy flow of waters beneath the bridge.

Water filled every part of the bus almost immediately as it began to sink deep into the sea. Mr Morgan blacked out immediately as he had a deep cut on his forehead while he appears to be drowning. The rest of the team struggled to breathe as the wasters filled the whole of the bus, leaving no breathing space as they all struggled and cried out for help. Dominic and June tried all they could, but to their surprise, nothing was forthcoming. Not their magic or anything.


“The Aeternae was left alone with Ornelle in the castle halls. Ornelle had put a good fight to keep herself alive till that moment, despite all her efforts, she wasn’t the same woman who battled it out with the beast seventeen years ago and won.

“Helpless and weak” The Aeternae spoke and walked round the elderly woman who was on her knees, covered in blood of her coven.

“Pathetic mortal, weak and vulnerable.” The Aeternae added as he pulled Ornelle’s chin up to meet his horrific face.

“She is more powerful than you ever will be.” Ornelle said and let out a dry laugh.

“She? The boy will be dead any minute from now.” The Aeternae spoke.

“and you will die tonight and your soul will be mine.” He added and dipped his monstrous hand into Ornelle’s chest and ripped out her heart.

Ornelle smiled momentarily before crashing to floor, dead. Her lifeless body lay on the Aeternae’s foot. The Aeternae and his army crushed every soul they could find at the coven and from that day onwards, the coven existed as a memory.


Author’s Note: Pretty short than usual right? This is perhaps the most complicated chapter for me. First I’m unbelievably too busy, second I’m having to cope with this unusual and temporal writer’s block at this stage of the book.

But guess what? I’m working on a chapter y’all will really love. The action will thicken and the next couple of chapters which leads to the end of this amazing book will be filled with mixed emotions and feelings. Beloved characters will be lost, history will be made and things will change forever at the fictional city of Grenville

Quick questions, is the Aeternae aware of June’s existence as a powerful sorceress? Does Ornelle know the fate of the coven all along and yet she didn’t warn anyone about it? Dominic seems to have seen the future of the coven’s fate but why didn’t he speak of it to ornelle or anyone else?

All these will be answered as the story unfolds, while we await more chapters. You can drop what you think about the questions i just asked in the comments section.

Thank y’all for reading.

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