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June could see the surface of the waters through the motorhome’s window as the bus kept sinking, the reflected light got father and father away as the motorhome sank deeper. She turned her head slowly to the left, Rose and Alex were unconscious and were already afloat, Dominic was struggling to stay alive. Something seemed odd about their current predicaments, she couldn’t feel her magic despite her pulling off the magical bracelet after leaving the coven. Dominic himself was helpless.

June turned away, she couldn’t bear to watch Dominic struggle in so much pain and agony, she was too weak to offer any assistance to save her dying friend or herself. Mr Morgan’s condition was unknown as well.

June looked down as her heart began to race faster, she was in desperate need of air. She kicked and fought the waters as it became darker and darker as each second passed by. After several futile attempts to kick the waters like they could feel the pain and let go off her, she surrendered. Her last kick was weak, she knew she wouldn’t make it out of this one alive.

She closed her eyes as she began to float slowly across the sinking motorhome. She could feel the life snapping out of her. June closed her eyes and accepted her fate.

Just as she closed her eyes, her soul felt a transformation, everywhere seemed bright like she was out of the water. She opened her eyes to confirm if she had arrived at heaven or the after life.

Just as she opened her eyes, she could see the enormous building of the Sinclair mansion. She scanned her environment and it wasn’t quite what she used to know.

The beautiful flowers decorating the mansion had all wilted away, the sun was bright red and so is the sky. She was in shock, she knew heaven wasn’t supposed to be that way, at least according to what she heard.

She could see the entrance to the mansion wide open, it was usually closed at all time. Out of curiosity to know what was going on, she decided to walk into the mansion to check things for herself.

“Mom? Dad? Is anyone home?” She yelled as she stepped into the living room. It didn’t appear to be quite what it used to be. The Sinclair mansion appears to have collapsed, the exquisite interior had all become a debris. The glass interiors all shattered and the gigantic chandelier was on the floor, shattered to pieces.

“Mom!? Dad?? Megan!? Is anyone home?” She yelled louder as she made an attempt to run but stepped her feet on a shattered glass.

“Ouch!” she winced in pain and sat on the floor, she placed her hand at the back of her feet as blood covered the palm of her hands immediately.

June grunted as she stood up, she looked down at the spot she had injured herself, what she thought was a normal bleeding had become a pool of blood.

“Oh my Good!” She cringed at the sight of the pool of blood. Not sure if it was just hers alone. Wind howled as it blew off the dust at the living room, thereby making a partially opened door creak.

June limped into the door to behold the sight of her mom on a hospital bed.

“Mom!” She yelled and ran to Doris’s bed, neglecting the pain beneath her feat.

“Mom, what happened!? What is going on?” She asked as her eyes began to water. Doris was dry, pale and her hair had fallen off completely. Her lips were chapped and her eye bags were dark.

“I love you June.” Doris whispered as she held June’s hands.

“Mom, what is happening to you?” June asked as a tear drop forced it’s way out of her eyes.

“I’m-I’m sorry.” Doris stammered and shut her eyes closed as her grasp on June’s hands fell off.

“Mom please come back!! Please!” June said and began crying as she buried her face in her mother’s chest.

She raised her head off her mother’s chest and stood up abruptly.

“Mom wake up now!!!! You can’t die!! Wake up!!” She yelled as she began to breath faster, tears pouring down her face as Doris couldn’t respond to her daughter’s call anymore.

“Mom please wake up!!!” June yelled again as her heart raced more faster than it was before. She was trying so hard to contain the energy building up inside her. She grabbed her head as her heart kept racing faster. Her iris turned bright green immediately and her brown hair began turning grey. Her powers were beginning to manifest in this strange world she found herself.

“Mom-Mom” She stammered as the world she was in began to collapse, consumed by a gigantic wave of waters swallowing everything in its path.

While her body was at the motorhome floating, June’s subconscious realised she had been dreaming all along and she wasn’t dead, at least not yet.

The effects of the dream world indeed had an effect on her in the physical world, her hair had turned grey and suddenly the waters began to glow in her colour.

June opened her eyes to reveal her bright green iris, sparkling underwater as the bus kept sinking further. She finally had the powers to save her friends.

The electrifying energy building up inside of her glowed the waters green. She clenched her fist and looked up to the roof of the motorhome. A burst of energy propelled her up as she smashed open the roof of the motorhome. Trails of her magic lingered as she swam across the water.

Just after bursting open the roof of the motorhome, she looked down at her friends still trapped inside, unconscious. She raised her arms slightly as big bubbles began to form around all four of them.

She swam like a fish up to the shore of the sea as the bubbles followed behind. She controlled the bubbling waters carrying her friends to safety. June placed them carefully on the floor as she turned the gigantic bubbles back to water and sent them back to the sea.

“Rose! Are you alright?” She rushed over and leaned to check on Rose’s heartbeat. Thankfully it was still beating, but slowly.

“Rose please stay with me.” June said and pushed her chest hard, hoping to get every water inside her out.

After several attempts to get the fluid out of her Rose’s system, June knew her efforts weren’t working and she was loosing Rose with each second passing by. She then resorted to using her powers to drain the fluid out of their lungs, hoping it will work as she had never done such before.

She stood up, stepped back and closed her eyes as the waters began to flow out of their system gradually. In no time, they were completely drained of fluid in their lungs. They inhaled deeply and let out series of coughs as they jolted back to life.

“Rose! Dominic!” June exclaimed happily and rushed to them. She pulled them into a hug and pecked them both on the cheek.

“I thought i lost you both.” She whispered to them and broke free before rushing to Alex who was still trying to grasp all that was going on.

“Alex you’re okay.” She said excitingly and pulled him into an embrace. He caressed her softly and whispered a “Thank you” to her ears.

Just as she was locked in the embrace with June, Mr Morgan’s voice called out to her, she turned to see the man standing with a smile on his face despite all that just happened.

“Thank you.” Mr Morgan said to June and nodded, he had a bleeding cut on his forehead but that didn’t stop him from smiling.

“What happened? I was just driving and the next thing i knew was some weird stuff standing at the middle of the road and i lost control. It all happened so fast and strange.” Mr Morgan said.

“We don’t know for sure. But if it’s what i think it is, we’re in danger and we need to leave now.” Dominic responded as June stepped away from the discussion and walked to the edge of the sea. The wind howled blowing her brown long hair tied up in a ponytail as she watched the sea waves hit each other.

“June.” Dominic called out, startling June out of her thoughts.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” She responded still watching the waves.

“I want to say thank you, you saved us all tonight and we’re all eternally grateful for that.” Dominic said.

“It’s nothing Dom, I’m sure you would have done the same for us.” June responded as Dominic walked closer to her. He held hands with her as they watched the waves of the sea hit against each other.

When June realised she was holding hands with Dominic, this made her pull it off immediately.

“I’m sorry.” Dominic apologised immediately.

“No, it’s fine. I just want to get back to the rest of the team.” June said as Dominic paused monetarily.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“No. My family is in trouble, we have to go now.” Dominic said and rushed back to the rest of the team as June ran behind him.

“What’s going on?” Rose asked.

“Something odd is going on with my family. I could feel it and i know where they are, it isn’t good.” Dominic said.

“Where are they?” Alex asked.

“The hospital.” Dominic responded.

“Everyone hold hands now.” he ordered as they all held hands with each other, forming a circle.

“What is he doing?” Alex whispered to June.

“Teleportation” June whispered back as red flames began to circle round them, in no time they appeared at the Grenville Medical Center. Luckily for them, no one outside the hospital was watching.

They head into the hospital as they all halt walking abruptly except June. Ross dragged June unexpectedly to the hospital’s walkway where there was less people watching. They all circled round June to shield her from the sight of passers by.

Alex, Rose, Dominic and Mr Morgan all fixed their gazed on June. This made her feel uncomfortable and wondered what all that was about.

“is everything okay? Is something on my face?” June asked curiously.

“Your eyes..” Rose whispered.

“What about it?” June asked.

“They’re green. Like magical green.” Rose said.

“Your skin is whiter than usual, it’s pale white and your hair is silky grey.” She added as June’s eyes widened. Anyone who knew her before and saw the new change will know there is something different about her.

“Oh my god!” June muttered and raised her arms as she checked her skin, she loosed her hair from it’s ponytail and pulled it across her shoulder to confirm what Rose said.

“What am i gonna do?” She asked feeling nervous.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to be like this if you’re not in your magical state?” Mr Morgan whispered..

“Yes, I don’t know why I’m still this way.” June responded. A man passing by saw her, he walked a few steps forward and turned back to confirm what he had just seen.

“What are you looking at chief? Why don’t you just mind your business and go on huh?” Alex yelled to the man as he nodded his head in fright and walked away hastily, obviously frightened by the weird teenage girl he had just seen.

“She’s this way because she’s in her magical state.” Dominic said.

“Where’s the bracelet Ornelle gave you?” Dominic asked.

“I think it’s somewhere in my pants.” June responded and dipped her hand into her wet Jean pocket.

“Here.” She said and brought out the bracelet.

“Put it on.” Dominic said as June obliged, she slipped the bracelet onto her wrist as she felt the energy inside her die down. She began returning back to default state, her eyes Hazel in colour, her hair brown and her skin was normal again.

“You now look like my best friend. You know if i didn’t know you, I’d probably be scared?” Rose said and chuckled.


“Are you kidding me? You look so fierce, like you’re about to burn the whole place down. Didn’t you see how that grown up dude was scared earlier?” Rose said as they all burst into a session of laughter.

“Thank you Dom. I absolutely forgot i had something like that.” June said.

“No problem, come on.” He said and led them to the reception.

“Hello.” Dominic greeted the receptionist.

“How may i help you?” The Nurse at the reception asked.

“Uhm I wanna make an enquiry, was any patient going by the last name Griffith brought in here recently? I could have called but i kinda lost my cellphone.” Dominic said with a fake smile.

“Uhm, you’ll have to hold on while i run a check.” The nurse said and moved her attention to her bulky computer system.

“Dom..” Rose said calling Dominic’s attention to Alexa who was walking towards the reception with a swollen face.

“Alexa!” Dominic exclaimed and ran up to her.

“Are you alright?” He asked as Alexa bursted into tears and buried her face in Dominic’s embrace. At that moment, it occurred to everyone something bad had happened to a member of the Griffith family.

The rest of the team walked up to them to show their support.

“Alexa, please you have to tell me what happened.” Dominic pleaded and wiped off the tears dripping down her face.

“It’s Scott. He’s dead” She said and whimpered. The news took everyone by shock. Dominic felt bewildered and couldn’t utter a word.

“I’m sorry Dominic.” June said and walked up to comfort him.

“Where is he?” Dominic asked.

“His body has been moved to the morgue.” Alexa said.

“Take me there.” Dominic said as Alexa led them to the morgue where Scott’s body was being kept.

Just at the entrance to the morgue, they met Josie weeping bitterly on Jacob’s shoulder.

“Mom.” Dominic called out as Josie raised her head to the hearing of Dominic’s voice. Her eyes were bloodshot and swollen, she rubbed the phlegm off her nose.

“Dom..” Josie muttered and stood up from the bench to pull her son into a hug.

“I’m sorry mom. I couldn’t save him. I’m sorry.” Dominic said and burst into tears, soaking Josie’s cloth on the shoulder.

“It wasn’t your fault honey. Don’t blame yourself.” Josie said and pat his back. She broke free off the hug and turned to Dominic’s friends who had been standing with pity written all over their faces.

“Accept our condolence Mrs Griffith.” June said and held Josie’s hand.

“May God grant you all the fortitude to bear the loss, he’s in a better place now.” Rose added.

“Thank you all.” Josie said thankfully.

“Mrs Griffith, I’m Alexander Clinton, the mayor’s son.” Alex introduced himself.

“It’s an honour, thank you for coming.” Josie said.

“It’s nothing ma’am, I know we don’t each other so much but Dominic is my friend and as a result, I’ll be taking full responsibility of the funeral arrangements and every expense.” Alex said.

“I know it’s probably not needed, but please don’t say no. Allow me do this.” Alex added as Josie turned to Jacob who nodded in approval.

“Thank you Alex, we’re eternally grateful for this kindness you’ve shown us.” Josie said.

“It’s the least i can do ma’am.” Alex responded.

“Thank you Alex, I appreciate this.” Dominic said thankfully.

“Don’t mention brother.” Alex responded.

Dominic turned to his parents and shut his eyes closed, trying to hide back the tears building up in his eyes as he could see Scott’s lifeless body laid down on a bed through the transparent glass wall of the morgue. The body was of course covered but the sight of Scott lying lifeless hurt Dominic so much beyond anyone could comprehend.

“How-How-How did he?” Dominic stammered as his voice began to crack.

“He had an accident tonight. Crashed his car into a building downtown and burst into flames.” Alexa explained.

“We could go in to see him.” She added.

“No, I can’t.” Dominic said as the hard fought fears he was trying to hold back trickled down his face

“Let’s all go home.” He added and walked away.

“I’m sorry Mr & Mrs Griffith. I know Dominic very well, he’s mad at himself, he’s mad at himself for not being there when Scott needed him the most. He’s filled with guilt.” June said as Josie nodded in affirmation.

“I understand June, thank you.” Josie responded.

“I’m Mr Morgan, Miss Sinclair’s driver. Please accept my condolence.” Mr Morgan said as Jacob nodded.

“Thank you Mr Morgan” Jacob responded.

“I thank you all for coming, its late and we’ll need to gather every strength we have to prepare for Scott’s funeral. We all should go home like Dominic suggested.” Jacob said.

“Please y’all should go home and rest. Your presence tonight means a lot to us and we appreciate.” Josie said as they all nodded. June, Alexa and Rose all engaged themselves in a group hug shortly before leaving the hospital.


Later that night, Everyone had gone home but Alex insisted on walking June home until he was certain she’s safe.

“You know you didn’t have to walk me home.” June said as they approached the Sinclair mansion’s gate.

“I know you’re powerful and all that and you can look out for yourself, but my protection is the ultimate protection.” Alex said as June chuckled.

“Thank you.” June responded with a smile.

“Don’t thank me, it is my duty. Moreover, you saved my life else i won’t be standing here right now.” Alex said.

“I get it Alex, I’m also thanking you for what you did back there. Taking up the responsibility for Scott’s funeral arrangements.”

“It’s nothing. Trust me. I have to go, now I’m certain you made it home.” Alex said and rubbed June’s chin playfully.

“Thanks.” She said and pulled him into a hug.

“Take care of yourself.” She whispered to his ears and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I will. My regards to your parents and Megan. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Alex said and broke free of the hug. He waved goodbye and walked away. June watched him for a while before stepping into the gates.

It was a chilly night and June was still wet from the incident that occurred earlier. She wasn’t cold like she was supposed to, considering she had an history with asthma.

She walked up to the entrance door and pushed it open. The living room was unusually quiet and felt deserted.

“Dad? Mom?” She called out.

“Welcome home Ms Sinclair.” A steward rushed out to answer her call.

“Hi Geoffrey. Are dad and mom home?”

“I’m not sure about your mom, but i saw your dad earlier. He should be somewhere around.” He answered.

“Okay, thank you.” June said and left the living room for the hallway. She walked up to her parents room and knocked on the door, after several attempts, she got no response.

She left the door and head over to her dad’s personal room, she knocked on the door several times and got no response either.

“Something isn’t right.” She said to herself and walked up to Megan’s door. She knocked on it softly and leaned her head to the door, hoping she’ll hear a sound.

“Come in.” Megan’s tiny voice responded to the knock.

“Hi Megan, you’re up?” June said as she stepped into the room. Megan tossed her Teddy bear aside and jump out of the bed and ran up to June, June knelt down and pulled her into a warm hug.

“I missed you.” Megan said.

“So did I.” June responded and caressed her hair.

“You’re wet. Is it raining outside?” Megan asked.

June scoffed before responding, “No Megan. I kind of fell into a pool, but it’s nothing.” She said.

“Oh fine. Will you sleep with me tonight? I couldn’t sleep and Leah tried but she left already.” Megan said.

“Sure i will. I’ll have to take a shower and get these wet clothes off me first.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.” Megan said and chuckled.

“Have you seen dad and mom?” June asked.

“I haven’t seen mom for a couple of days now. I saw dad earlier this evening, he wasn’t himself.” Megan answered heads down.

“Thank you Megan. I’ll be back shortly.” June said and left Megan’s room.


Alex stood at the road side, awaiting a cab. The chills of the night were getting the better of him and he began to shiver.

“Alexander Michael Clinton..” a voice called out his full names. Alex turned back to see if anyone was around, but there wasn’t. The streets were empty at that hour of the night. Just a few passers by who were farther away from where he stood.

Alex shrugged off the call and thought it was all happening in his head. Just then, he heard the call again.

“The f--k!” he cursed and turned around but saw no one.

“I’m getting freaked out here.” He said to himself as a taxi approached him. He waved out his arm and the taxi stopped to pick him up. Alex wasted no time in hopping into the taxi. He slammed the door shut and the driver sped away with him.


The Griffiths arrived at their home after the tragic incident earlier that night.

“Goodnight mom. Night dad.” Dominic said and walked up the stairs without waiting for a response.

“He’s upset.” Josie said as they watched Dominic walk away.

“June was right. He’s feeling guilty.” Alexa added.

“He should be left alone for now, let’s give him time.” Jacob said as they all nodded in agreement to his suggestion.


June walked into Megan’s room dressed up in a silver coloured pyjamas and a barney plush slippers, she had let loose her brown curls from it’s ponytail style as it sat across her shoulders.

“Let’s get some sleep.” June said and forced a smile as Megan happily took out a story book from her shelf. June climbed on the bed as Megan handed the book over to her.

“King Midas And The Golden Touch” June read out the book’s name.

“Yeah.” Megan responded.

“Okay. Here goes..”

“Once there lived a king named Midas. He had a large kingdom. He had many palaces. But still, he was not happy. He wanted to have more gold as he was greedy. One day as he was praying, a holy man appeared. King Midas asked, “Grant me a boon, Holy Man! Whatever I touch should turn into gold!” June began reading and paused.

“The holy man said, “Son, your wish is granted.” The King became very happy.” She continued as Megan yawned, already feeling sleepy. June wondered why she fell asleep with her quickly than with Leah whose job is to actually keep her company.

June kept on reading as Megan placed her head on June’s chest, June smiled at how sweet and innocent she was.

“When King Midas sprinkled the water, all the things came into their original form. King Midas was very happy now. He had learned a lesson, Gold does not give the happiness.”

June concluded as she read the last paragraph of the children’s book and closed it. At that moment, Megan was fast asleep already. June planted a soft kiss on her forehead and pulled the blanket to cover them both as they shared a bed for the night.


Dominic walked slowly into Scott’s room, he looked around and noticed how scattered everything was. He sighed aloud and head for Scott’s drawer. He pulled it out slowly and found Scott’s notepad.

He took out the notepad and flipped it open, the sight of a photo of himself and Scott from their days at ridgeway was stapled at the front. This brought instant tears to Dominic’s eyes but that was just the tip of the iceberg, what he was about to read in Scott’s notepad will have a more devastating effect on him.

He opened a page of the notepad to reveal Scott’s last note before leaving the house that night..

Dominic began reading Scott’s message on the notepad.

“Dear Brother, I have tried almost all my life to keep you safe. Your uncle’s death is something i will never forget. I promised myself never to show the love i had for you anymore. I never wanted to be a tool for the Aertenae, but i was wrong. I was tasked to swap the map in your possession for a fake but i could never do anything to hurt you. The sole purpose of my fake hatred towards you was to keep you safe in the first place. If you find this, I’ll probably be dead by then.

I am leaving the house now, away from mom, dad and Alexa. If the Aertenae will come for me, he should leave them out of it. I fooled him to keep you safe, I alone should bear the consequences.

I love you always. Scott.

Dominic concluded reading Scott’s message. His legs failed him, he fell on his knees and burst into tears. He looked outside the window, it was a full moon. It dawned to Dominic that the Aeternae was responsible for Scott’s death, after taking the life of his parents and his uncle, he took Scott’s life too.

Dominic clenched his jaw in utter agony, anger pumping through his veins. He stood up on his feet and wiped off the tears on his face. He became determined to end the underworld beast himself, before anyone else he loves gets hurt.


Author’s Note: Quick Questions.

1 – Do you think it is wise for Dominic to go after the Aeternae himself?

2 – Do you think Dominic will stand a chance against the Aeternae?

3 – If anyone is to have a fair chance against the aeternae, which character do you think it will be?

I’ll like to get your answers to the above questions. Thank y’all for reading.

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