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Ridgeway Middle School, Phoenix, Arizona.

Dominic stood at the school hallway looking completely lost, it was his first day at Ridgeway.

“Get the f--k out of the way black boy!” A voice growled and was soon accompanied by series of laughter as a group of school bullies bulldozed their way past Dominic, hitting him against the wall and thereby, making him loose a hold of his books. He knelt to pick up the books one after another and was soon assisted by someone who also knelt to help him pack up.

Dominic looked up at who his helper might be, and right there a set of light brown eyes, a pale white skin and dark curly hair met his gaze.

“I’m sorry, this shit school has a lot of them.” The boy said as he helped Dominic pack up. They both stood up after.

“Thank you.” Dominic said shyly.

“Oh don’t thank me. Don’t let those idiots get to you, okay?” The boy said as Dominic nodded in response.

“I’m Scott by the way, Scott Griffith.” he introduced himself.

“I’m Dominic. Dominic-” Dominic said and paused.

“You don’t have a last name?” Scott joked.

“No i don’t.” Dominic followed up with a sarcastic response as they both shared a session of laughter.

“Are you new here?” Scott asked.


“Oh right. What grade are you at?” Scott asked.

“Uhm, I just got into the sixth grade.” Dominic replied.

“That’s interesting, how old are you? Sorry, I’m a talkative.” Scott joked as Dominic revealed a brief smile.

“I’m ten.” He answered.

“Cool. I’m thirteen, eight grade.” Scott said.

“Oops, that’s the bell. I’ll see you around.” Scott said and winked at Dominic before walking away.

Dominic smiled to himself, what seemed to be a horrible start to life at Ridgeway suddenly took an instant twist upon meeting Scott Griffith. Scott seemed like an angel sent from heaven to help cheer him up as Dominic was at the verge of tears for what he suffered at the hands of the bullies.

School was closed the for the day and Dominic hoped to see Scott again, he stood by at the lobby waiting for him.

“There you are!” Scott exclaimed and ran up to him.

“Hi.” Dominic greeted shyly.

“Dominic you have to loosen up, you’re a man, you gotta be tough.” Scott said and nudged Dominic’s shoulder.

“I’m not a man. I’m a boy.” Dominic responded.

“You’re a man Dominic, and a man gotta be tough.” Scott said more seriously as he looked into Dominic’s eye, Dominic swallowed hard and nodded nervously.

“You live around?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, I trek home everyday myself. Highland Ave.”

“You trek home everyday? That’s one hell of a distance. I live there too. So maybe we’ll go home together?” Scott asked.

“Sure.” Dominic responded as they both head out of the school exit. Scott began leading the way to an unfamiliar direction.

“It’s that way.” Dominic said pointing at the far left as he followed Scott behind.

“Relax Dominic, I have a sister at the elementary school. I’m going to pick her up and mom will be here to pick us up soon, she’ll drop you off.” Scott said.

“Really?” Dominic asked excitingly.

“Yeah. You won’t have to trek home anymore.” Scott said feeling proud as they arrived at Ridgeway’s elementary school which isn’t too far off the middle school.

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.” Scott said and ran into the building as his backpack bounced up and down his back. Few minutes later, he came out with a girl much more smaller and shorter than he is. She had a black silky hair packed up in a ponytail style, brown eyes which were an exact match to Scott’s and a pale white skin. There was no DNA test required, she was the female and smaller version of Scott.

“Dominic, meet my sister Alexa. She’s seven.” Scott said introducing Alexa.

“Hi.” Dominic said and waved at her, Alexa kept mute and didn’t respond. The expression on her face wasn’t readable as she kept a straight moody face.

“She’s always like that. She’s happy on the inside.” Scott said and let out a laugh.

“Momma is here!” Scott exclaimed as Alexa ran towards to incoming car.

“Alexa wait!” Scott yelled and ran after her. Josie pulled the car to halt before Alexa could get any nearer.

Josie got down from the Peugeot car and walked up to Alexa who stood outside anxiously.

“Honey, I’ve told you never to run up to an approaching vehicle.” Josie said and grabbed Alexa up as she planted several kisses on her face.

“Mom!” Scott yelled.

“hey baby. How was school today?”

“Fine mom. Look, i made a new friend.” Scott said and pulled Dominic forward.

“Oh, hi there.” Josie greeted with a smile.

“What’s your name?”

“Dominic ma’am” Dominic answered heads down.

“Oh don’t be shy. You can look up at me.” Josie said with a smile.

“Mom he lives at Highland Ave.” Scott said.

“That’s great. Hop in, we’ll drop you off.” Josie said as she opened up the doors for the kids to sit. She fastened their seat belts before heading to the driver’s seat. She kicked the engine to life and drove off.

Few minutes past, they arrived at a big white duplex.

“That’s our house.” Scott said pointing at the duplex.

“Come on kids, off you go.” Josie said as Scott pulled out Alex’s seat belt and his.

“I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Scott said and pulled Dominic into a hug, he got down and helped Alexa down as they walked up to the White duplex.

“My house is not too far away ma’am. Just across the road.” Dominic said.

“I’ll drop you off right in front of the house Dominic.” Josie said and drove the car to Dominic’s house. His house was a mini flat, you can tell from its exterior it was built a long time ago and it appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

“Thank you ma’am.” Dominic said as Josie pulled the car to halt.

“Don’t mention. Take care.” Josie said as Dominic got down and waved her goodbye as she drove away.

“Who was that?” His uncle asked as he stepped out of the house.

“My friend’s mother.”

“You made a friend already?” His uncle asked.

“Yes!” Dominic responded excitingly and ran into the house. His uncle smiled and watched Josie’s car until it made a turn into the Griffith’s home.

Weeks passed by, Dominic and Scott would often share ice cream together. Play football together and go home together. Alexa was beginning to get free around Dominic and Dominic began building confidence. He stood up to the bullies a couple of times and they soon began to avoid him. Dominic would often do some things that seemed out of the ordinary to Scott, such as making people who are mean to others fall and scoring magical goals in football that seemed so unreal for players his age.

Dominic and Scott took a weekend stroll around the silent street of Highland Ave. “You know my home. Why don’t you let me know yours?” Scott asked.

“It’s uhm-nothing” Dominic muttered.

“Tell me what. I’m your friend.” Scott said and frowned.

“Fine. My house is old and dirty, it’s not like yours.” Dominic confessed.

“That’s it? Let’s go now! I think it’s awesome and sometimes luxury is boring.” Scott said and pulled Dominic by the hand as they walked to Dominic’s home.

Dominic knocked softly on the door as his uncle opened up just immediately.

“Hello there.” his uncle greeted Scott.

“Come in.” he said all smiles and paved the way for Dominic and Scott to enter. Dominic’s House was average and stuffy.

“I told you my house is bad.” Dominic muttered.

“No, it’s cool Dominic. Trust me.” Scott assured as they both took their seat.

“So what will i get you guys?” Dominic’s uncle asked.

“I’m good sir, thank you.” Scott said.

“No i insist. I’ll get you both a cup of soda.” Dominic’s uncle said and rushed to the kitchen. Barely a minute later, he came out with a bottle of Pepsi and two glass cups.

He poured the drink for each of them and head back to the kitchen. Just as Scott held the drink in his grasp, he could notice an incoming rumble. The liquid in his cup began shaking.

He glanced around the room nervously as a loud explosion hit the house.

“Are you guys okay?” Dominic’s uncle screamed out as Dominic made a protective glow protecting himself and Scott from the debris of the collapsing house.

“No way!” Scott exclaimed as he watched Dominic perform magic for the first time.

“Uncle, run!” Dominic yelled as the Aeternae stepped into the house in its enamours 10 feet tall figure.

“What the hell is that!?” Scott yelled from inside the protective glow around him.

“You kids go now! Get out of here!!! Go now!” Dominic’s uncle yelled as he pulled out a mystical sword beneath a couch in the living room.

“I love you uncle. Please let’s go together” little Dominic pleaded.

“I love you more Dominic. He killed your parents, I will never allow him hurt you.” His uncle said.

“I will die protecting you, I will die because i love you so much. I have been ready for this moment all my life and this is the price i have to pay for loving you and i am doing so wholeheartedly.” His uncle said and pulled him into a hug as tears soaked the back of Dominic’s uncle shirt.

“I love you uncle!” Dominic said in tears as mucus dripped down his nose.

Dominic’s uncle words sank deep into Scott’s memory.

“Run now! The backyard!” Dominic’s uncle yelled as he stood up to face the Aeternae. Dominic stopped the protective glow covering himself and Scott as they made their stance to run out of the house through the backdoor.

“You will never hurt him you bastard!” Dominic’s uncle said and held his sword ready to attack. The Aeternae walked up to him and grabbed him by the neck, he raised him up as the sword fell off his hand.

Dominic and Scott stopped back and turned around to take in the horrific scenery.

“Run!” Dominic’s uncle whispered as the Aeternae choked the breath out of him.

“Run!” He whispered again as the Aeternae crushed his windpipe. At that point he couldn’t utter a word anymore, Dominic knew for sure his uncle had just been murdered by the beast.

The Aeternae slid it’s monstrous hand into the already dead man’s chest and pulled out his heart and toss it to a corner of the room. He dropped the lifeless body on the floor and looked straight at Dominic with its big yellow eyes.

“No!!!!” Dominic screamed and shut his eyes, he aimed to run to fight the beast himself but Scott pulled him back.

“Let’s go!” Scott whispered as he pulled Dominic out.

Just as Dominic was being dragged with tears in his eyes, the alchemi coven arrived at the scene and he could see a woman in grey hair holding the beast down as a loud explosion blew them out of the house. The magnitude of the explosion pushed them far off the house and they both landed on the floor and passed out.


Days passed and Scott sat in his room recalling the horrific happening of the previous days, he hadn’t set his eyes on Dominic ever since and he wondered how he must be feeling. He heard rumours he was taken to an orphanage and was put up for adoption.

Scott sighed as the thoughts of Dominic’s uncle words kept ringing in his head.

“I will die protecting you, I will die because i love you so much. I have been ready for this moment all my life and this is the price i have to pay for loving you and i am doing so wholeheartedly.” The words from Dominic’s frightened uncle kept ringing in Scott’s head.

“He died because he loved Dominic. Will i die if i love him too? I probably will never see him again.” Scott thought to himself as Josie knocked on his door.

“Scott honey, i have a surprise for you.” Josie yelled from outside.

“Okay mom.” Scott mumbled and left the room.

“What’s it mom?” Scott asked as they walked down the stairs.

“Your dad and i got you a lil brother.” Josie said with a wide smile as they walked down the stairs to the living room to meet Dominic standing with his bags.

“Dominic!” Scott exclaimed and ran up to him to pulled him into a hug.

“Hi” Dominic muttered. He didn’t look so happy, he looked as though he had been crying all day.

“Son, this is your new home.” Jacob said to him.

“We promise to keep your secret safe. Your uncle told us about everything before his unfortunate demise.” Josie said and touched Dominic by the shoulder.

“Thanks.” Dominic muttered heads down.

“They will be your new siblings and we are your new parents.” Jacob said all smiles as he pointed at Alexa and Scott.

“We’ll show you to your room.” Josie said and took his bags and led him upstairs.

Months passed by, Scott and Dominic grew apart. Dominic was thrown a lavish birthday party and soon, the horrible memories of his uncle’s death was banished from his mind.

Scott was often treated differently and it soon became a concern for Scott who felt left out and abandoned in everything. Dominic took the spotlight despite never being Josie and Jacob’s biological son.

Scott felt inferior to Dominic and soon his insecurities got the better of him, he felt worthless because he had no powers. He felt maybe because Dominic was black he received special attention? Lots of thoughts ran through his mind but he couldn’t figure out which was the reason why his parents preferred Dominic to him.

Scott head to phoenix’s public library and read a book about the mythical creature called the Aeternae which had the exact description of the creature he saw which slayed Dominic’s uncle.

He read about its abilities to invade the mind and just then, the thoughts of Dominic’s uncles words crept into his mind. Regardless of all he had been through, he still loved Dominic but he promised himself never to show his affection in public anymore.

“I promise to love him with all my heart and never show it. I don’t want to be a tool the Aeternae will use against him.” Scott whispered to himself as he read through the book containing the underworld mythology.


4th July, 1990.

Years passed and the Griffiths were relocating to the city of Grenville in Tennessee.

Dominic sat next to the opposite rear window, while Alexa sat in between Scott and Dominic. Dominic had been moody throughout the trip. He rested his head on the window and counted the streetlights, he hummed to himself while doing so until he noticed a couple of girls riding a bicycle across the sidewalk. He erected his head to have a better view of the girls, the streetlights beamed its light on the girls revealing one with a blonde hair and the other with a brunette. Both cycling next to each other.

“Which of them caught your attention?” Alexa asked all smiles, startling Dominic with the question.


“You like one of them don’t you? Or maybe both?” Alexa said and chuckled.

“Oh Alexa, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t even know them.”

“I know, but you seem to be so interested in them yet you don’t know them huh?”

“Alexa please.” Dominic responded and turned back to the cycling girls, the blonde girl had overtaken the brunette, he fixed his gaze on the brunette and smiled. Jacob sped past the girls leaving Dominic with a sight of just the streetlights he had been counting.

Scott was silent throughout the trip, no one noticed his silence and no one cared either.



The New Year came quickly and Dominic had met June and Rose, and Scott was clearly unhappy about it.

Dominic returned home and got into a fight with Scott.

“You should start paying for the excessive gas you’ve been burning to showoff to those little pack of hoes you carry around” Scott said obstructing Dominic from entering the house.

“Move!” Dominic warned

“Or what?” Scott sneered.

Dominic threw him off the door without touching him.

“Son of a b---h! I’m so gonna kill you” Scott barked and stood up charging towards Dominic. Scott pulled Dominic’s shirt and made an attempt to punch him as Dominic twisted his wrist with his mind. Scott screamed in pain and hit Dominic in the private region as Dominic dropped to the floor.

“You pathetic piece of shit! you’re nothing without your powers, an empty shit feeding off the luxury he knows nothing about. Daddy’s boy with retards blood in his veins” Scott said as blood dripped down his lips.

Dominic stood up in anger and drew Scott closer, he hung him in the air as the sound of his breaking bones could be heard. Scott cried out loudly and begged for mercy but Dominic was lost in anger.

“Oh my God! Please put him down” Josie rushed out pleading to Dominic who turned deaf ears as Scott cried out loudly. Alexa joined them shortly and they both tried to beg Dominic who doesn’t seem to be aware people were making an attempt to calm him down. Dominic anger grew as the floor began to crack like an earthquake, the cracking continued as he suffered a nosebleed from both nostrils.

“Please! Dominic please! Stop this!” Alexa and Josie pleaded crying and holding his legs. He dropped Scott to the ground as Scott grunted in pain, Dominic walked up to him.

“The next time you call my friends names or insult the memory of my late parents, you will wish you were never born” Dominic said to him and walked away.

Scott walked up to his room and buried his face in palm.

“I can’t do this anymore. The hate is becoming real. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” He said to himself and cleaned up the blood on his lips and face.


Scott had finished drinking at the Bourbon’s Grill, he had a bust up with his best friend and secret admirer, Brooklyn who also made him remember how inferior he was to Dominic.

Scott got out of the grill and hoped into his car, he sped off and soon lost track of where he was.

“This isn’t the way home is it?” He asked himself and turned around quickly while keeping the steering steady. The engine of his car stopped and he wondered why. He got down to check up on the hood.

“Scott Wayne Griffith” A voice echoed in his head as the flames in the hole thickened. Just then, Scott realized his car had broke down at the Aeternae’s hole.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Scott yelled.

“I am here to offer you salvation.” The voice echoed as Scott’s environment began to change. He soon found himself trapped in the cave, he had absolutely no idea how he got there.

“What do you want?” he yelled.

“Your help.” The voice echoed from the cave walls.

“How?” He asked.

“You’re Dominic Griffith’s brother and a mortal who despises him as much as i do.” The voice said again, just then it dawned to Scott what the creature might be. His guess was right. The Aeternae was about to use him as a tool against Dominic.

“Yes i do hate him. He has made my life miserable.” Scott responded.

“You can put an end to it.” The voice said again.


“There is a map in your brother’s possession, a map leading to a powerful coven of witches. Fetch it for me and replace it with a replica which will lead him to his death.” The voice echoed as Scott smirked.


“Yes. I want the coven gone and you want him gone. It’s a win for both of us.” The voice echoed.

“I know the box he hides his antiques, I’ll fine it and get it. Consider it done.” Scott said with a smirk.

“We are familiars Scott Griffith.” The voice echoed as Scott collapsed to the ground and passed out. He woke up the next morning in his room completely fine. He found a map rolled in his grasp, he figured it must be the replica the Aeternae wanted him to swap with.


Scott had found the real map to the coven in Dominic’s box. He clenched his jaw and peeled off a seal on the map and placed it on the fake map the Aeternae had given him.

He decided to go give it to the Aertenae before the midnight hour. Scott had mastered the art of deception so much he succeeded in fooling one of the smartest and oldest telepathic creatures in existence.

“Scott Wayne Griffith.” The Aeternae’s voice echoed through the cave walls as Scott walked in.

“I brought the map to the coven, like you instructed. I swapped the map with the one you gave me.” Scott responded.

“I can read your mind.” The Aeternae’s voice echoed back in response.

“Yes i know. Kill me if you think I’m lying. The map Dominic has will lead him straight to his end. This one here is the real map and I’ve brought it to you. Just like you wanted.” Scott yelled as the cave began to shake, the Aeternae began walking closer to Scott.

“Look into my head and kill me if you think I’m lying.” Scott said again and opened his arms as the Aeternae moved in its superspeed and grabbed Scott’s head. The Aeternae read his mind for a while and left him. Scott returned home unharmed that night. Happy he had successfully fooled the Aertenae into believing he had swapped the map with Dominic.


Scott sat in his room on a solemn evening holding a cup of tea, just then he began to hear rumbling from afar and the liquid in his cup began shaking. This rekindled a memory from many years ago, he had seen this only once and that was moments before the Aeternae’s arrival at Phoenix shortly before Dominic’s uncle was murdered.

Scott knew his secret had been exposed as Dominic arrived safely at the coven which wasn’t supposed to be so.

“Holy shit!” He said to himself and stood up immediately. He pulled out his drawer and took out a notepad and a pen. He began writing down.

“Dear Brother, I have tried almost all my life to keep you safe. Your uncle’s death is something i will never forget. I promised myself never to show the love i had for you anymore. I never wanted to be a tool for the Aertenae but i was wrong. I was tasked to swap the map in your possession for a fake but i could never do anything to hurt you. The sole purpose of my fake hatred towards you was to keep you safe in the first place. If you find this, I’ll probably be dead by then.

I am leaving the house now, away from mom, dad and Alexa. If the Aertenae will come for me, he should leave them out of it. I fooled him to keep you safe, I alone should bear the consequences.

I love you always. Scott.”

Scott wrote and brought out a small photo of himself and Dominic taken many years ago at Ridgeway, he attached the photo to the page he had written on and closed it. He slipped the notepad into his drawer and closed it. He began packing his clothes to leave the house as soon as possible..

Shortly, Josie walked in.

“Scott honey, what is going on?” Josie rushed into Scott’s room and met him packing up his clothes and shoes into a bag in a hurry. He shot occasional glances outside the window as sweat trickled down his face profusely.

Josie kept yelling for answers but he turned deaf ears to them. This irked Josie further as she locked up the door and held the key.

“Mom, he is coming. I don’t want to hurt you or Alexa. Please let me leave.” Scott pleaded and kept packing his clothes into the bag.

“Who is he? What is going on?” Josie asked as her voice began to shake.

“Mom please for Christ sake open the d--n door!” Scott barked frustratingly as Josie obliged and opened the door. Scott swung his bag across his shoulder and barged out of the room. He raced down the staircase as Josie followed behind crying.


Scott fixed his gaze on the road as he titled the steering steady and sped across the highways of Grenville. He began shaking his head in discomfort as he could hear the voice of the Aertenae call out his name in his head. Sweat began to pour out of his head profusely as tears trickled down his cheek. He knew his end had come.

He took out his handkerchief and cleaned up the sweat building up on his face, but they kept pouring out more. “Leave me the f--k alone!” he yelled to himself and made a turn and pushed hard on the car accelerator, the car raced faster as it approached a pedestrian crossing.

He shot a glance at the traffic light indicating green and no pedestrians were at sight, just as he sped closer to the pedestrian crossing, he saw something else. The traffic light had been red all along and pedestrians were at sight, but it was too late to slow down without causing any casualty.

“Oh shit!!!! Shit!!!” He cursed.

“I’m sorry Dominic. All i ever did was to keep you safe.” He muttered to himself and pushed his feet hard on the car brakes as the tyres made a screeching sound.

The car pushed hard on the floor and tumbled over, flying over the screaming people on the pedestrian crossing who began to run for their lives. Scott’s car kept tumbling over as he smashed into a city restaurant and burst into flames.


Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee.

An Ambulance blared its siren as it pulled over at the hospital’s main entrance. The doors swung open instantly and Scott’s body was brought down on stretcher. He had oxygen on him and his entire skin was completely peeled off revealing his internals as blood soaked the stretcher wet. He got pushed into the hospital in a rush.

“Emergency!!!” A man yelled to people standing at the hallway as they all gave path for the body to pass. A group of nurses and doctors followed Scott’s body as it was rushed into the ICU.

Scott was immediately rushed into the ICU as a series of doctors and nurses surrounded him hoping to save the life slipping out of him. The patient monitor connected to him let out its beeping sound as the monitor graph indicated life was slipping out of Scott.

A doctor pushed hard a Defibrillator machine on his chest, hoping to jolt him back to life but all was to no avail. The patient monitor beep sound stopped and the lines were all straight indicating lifelessness.

“He is gone.” A doctor in nose mask and surgical gloves said as he pulled up the sheets to cover Scott’s deceased body.


Author’s Note: Hello guys, thank you all for reading. This chapter was written in a rush due to how busy I’ve been lately. I promise to do better next time.

This chapter is specifically dedicated to Scott Griffith. Many of you who have been readers from the onset will agree with me you all probably hate him, he has been Dominic’s mortal enemy and we all deserve to know the story behind it. This chapter explains the unfortunate fate of Scott Griffith.

Many times in this chapter, you can recall previous happening from other chapters included. It is a back story from his earliest years down to the time of his accident.

Scott was a hero, an unsung one and that makes him one of the greatest characters in the book.

Thank you all for reading, the action continues from where it stopped previously, in the next chapter.

Chapter 25.

I hope y’all enjoy this one.

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