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However, Jane's heart just fell back to its original position, and suddenly raised again.

This time it's not Qin Yue who rings the doorbell. Maybe next time it's Qin Yue. If he wants to, he will take Xiao ran away.

Jianran wants Qinyue to leave Xiaoran to her, but she can't be so selfish. Xiaoran follows her. What can Qinyue do?

Miss Jane, please remind the delivery person.

Oh, good Jane didn't care what gift DD boutique gave, so she signed the receipt.

Although she thought that xiaoranan was brought up by Qinyue, and Qinyue wanted to take xiaoranan's custody for granted, she would still be reluctant.

She missed more than three years of growing up time of xiaoranan, how she hoped that she could accompany xiaoranan every day in the future.

The delivery man walked for a long time, and Jane still led Xiaoran to stand in the snow, her eyes staring at some place.

What are you doing in the snow? Lingfei put up her hand and shook it in front of Jianran's eyes, but she didn't respond. She started to pull Jianran again. Jianran, what are you thinking?

Jane, breathing: what are you thinking? What can I think of? Just want to know why Xiao ran was so happy yesterday?

Xiaoranan is staying at lingfeiyu to see Qinyue. Lingfeiyu must have seen Qinyue. If Qinyue wants to take xiaoranan, lingfeiyu should hear the wind.

Why were you so happy yesterday? Lingfei scratched his head. We two watched cartoons at home. We watched the English version. While watching cartoons, we could learn oral English. Don't tell me, my English accent is much more standard than mine. It's a real English. But I have lived here for half a year, and it is said that Ying still has a strong taste of Beijing films.

Lingfei said a lot in one breath and scratched her head uneasily. She had known her for so many years, and always knew that if she only said lies, she would be used to scratching her head and saying more. Vv258z

although they didn't get a clear answer from Ranran and lingfeiyu, they were 100% sure that they had met Qinyue and kept something from her.

She guessed, but she didn't intend to break through lingfeiyu and xiaoranan.

Jane smiled and smiled: I'm in the same situation as you, and there's no standard for our natural baby.

But don't think about it. Who is their English teacher?

It's Qin Yue, the head of Shengtian's family, who taught his daughter how to be inferior to others.

However, don't worry. We'll all help you watch Xiaoran. It's going to be OK. Don't worry. Lingfei knows that xiaoranran is happy to see her father, but she can't reveal a word to Jianran.

Well, I'm so glad to see her. If she doesn't say it, I'll ask you by the way. Seeing that it's snowing heavily again, she said simply, "Feiyu, do you want to come in and sit down?"?

I'm not going to sit. We have an appointment with the doctor to have a birth check-up today. We are going to the hospital soon. Lingfei said.

Jianran says: it's snowing so heavily. You should let Cheng Xuyang drive carefully.

He, no matter what he does in his life, is careful, even in bed.

When it comes to getting up, Lingfei is not satisfied with one hundred things, but who let her fall into the hands of Cheng Xuyang.

Meanwhile, in the same villa next door, Qin Yue is having video conference with his subordinates.

Mr. Qin, it has been found out that the project that ye and Hengyuan cooperated with is really boring. Hengyuan's head of the project has received 200 million villas of unknown origin.

In the video conference, Liu Yong stood upright, facing the camera and reporting the latest information to Qin and Yue.

Now that it's found, let the news out. The bigger the trouble, the better. Qin Yue raised his legs, sat gracefully, and gave orders in a calm manner.

Liu Yong added: "it has been sent out as you asked, and some other information has been added randomly. The Ye family is already taking public relations measures.".

Qin Yue narrowed his eyes slightly and said: I'm very busy these days. How do you do things? Just report the results to me every night.

Liu Yong has been with Qin Yue for many years. Qin Yue believes that Liu Yong can do it perfectly without him.

Since taking office as president of Shengtian, Qin Yue has never given himself a good day off. Now he can't leave his wife and children. It's better to take this opportunity to give himself a holiday.

President Qin, did you go to America? As Qin Yue's special assistant, this time they didn't know where their president had gone. It was really a breach of duty.

Qin Yue picks eyebrows: what's the problem?

No, No. Of course, no problem. What can be the problem? He just wanted to make sure the president was safe.

Hang up, Qin Yue looks out of the window.

From his position, you can see the courtyard where Jane lives.

Little ran jumped happily in the yard, while Jane took a broom and swept the snow in the middle to the side.

Jump jump, small ran because did not control the speed, bang, like a snowball rolling on the ground.

Because she was wearing too thick, it was inconvenient to move. After falling on the ground, she tried hard for a long time, but she couldn't get up.

Finally Jane saw her. She picked up little ran and said with a smile, "but do you want to make a snowball to make mom happy?"?

Little Ran Ran stared at her mother. What did she just say she was?

The snowball is round. She doesn't want to be a snowball. She wants to be a cute girl, which is very beautiful and lovely.

Jane smiled and smiled: I said our house is the most beautiful, even if it rolls in the snow like a snowball, but it is still very lovely.

Mom, but it's the baby born by mom, so it's lovely. Xiao ran tells her what her father taught her.

When my father said that, my mother would be very happy. Sure enough, my mother laughed happily and kissed her on the face. Flash marriage and love: read the latest chapters for free: "I ∷ book ∷ city ∷ net ∷ first ∷ hair"

when you hear this, you feel that your heart is melting.

See small ran so sensible lovely, Jane can not help but think of small Ran's father, with his good education, will have such a lovely small ran.

Their every move, all fell into Qin Yue's eyes, looked at their mother and daughter's smile, Qin Yue's lips angle not from ground up, he also followed to smile.

However, Qin Yue's gentle smile disappeared in a flash because of her next move, which was a deep worry even when it appeared in his eyes.

He hardly hesitated to turn and run downstairs. /p

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