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Qin Yue never interfered in the simple work.

Although it is said that the acquisition of P company is for simplicity, it has not been disclosed to the public, and Jane's work has not been affected in any way.

Today, when Jane went to apply for the job, he followed her quietly to know that it was not arranged by him.

He was misunderstood, but Qin Yue didn't explain much. He didn't need to explain to others. After greeting Ling Feiyu, he left.

Today, I saw my father. I was so happy. I was so happy. When I got home, my face was full of smiles.

Seeing her dancing and humming her nursery rhyme, Jane, who is busy drawing the design draft, is also infected by her: baby, how happy are you today?

Shuranran can't say xiaoranran raised her finger to her mouth. She promised her father never to tell her mother, so she won't tell her mother.

What is so mysterious? Can't you tell mom yet? Jane put down the painting and looked at her baby carefully.

Mom, but I can't say if she said it, maybe dad would leave. How can she play with dad tomorrow?

Well, if you don't, mom won't ask. Jane shakes her head helplessly. Her daughter, who is more than four years old, has her own little secret that she can't tell her mother.

However, I love my mother very much. She rushed to Jane's arms in a hurry and said sweetly and softly.

Jianran hugs Xiaoran and rubs her head against her neck. Suddenly, a man's breath that she is familiar with is introduced into her nostrils.

Smelling the familiar breath, Jane thought it was her own illusion. She quickly bowed her head and smelled it on Xiao ran.

, however, has a very faint fragrance, which is commonly used by Qin Yue. Vv258z

at any time, Qin Yue will have a light fragrance, which is very light and fresh, and always makes people feel refreshed.

How many days and nights, Jane is smelling this kind of breath to sleep, it is really too familiar to her.

She can be sure that Xiao Ran's breath must have been contaminated with Qin and Yue. Besides, no one else will have it.

All of a sudden, Jane understood why Xiao ran was so happy. She must have met her thinking father.

Qin Yue thought it over, and came to New York to meet Xiaoran. Thinking about it, she simply increased her strength of holding Xiaoran and greedily breathed the breath of Xiaoran. It seemed that she was holding another person and smelling another person's breath by Xiaoran.

The man who can no longer belong to himself.

Although she would hint every day that she didn't want to think about him, he was always in her mind.

Mom, but the pain was small and she protested. Mom held her so tightly that it was hard for her to breathe.

Hearing xiaoranan's voice, Jianran realized her gaffe. She released xiaoranan, patted xiaoranan's back, and said gently: baby, I'm sorry

but it's OK.

Well, she smiled and rubbed her head. Mom washed your strawberries and put them on the table. When you are hungry, you wash your hands and eat them.

Mom, I'm not hungry. Just now my father asked her to eat delicious food. She is not hungry at all, so she doesn't even want to eat strawberries.

Yeah? Jane let go of small ran, changed to hold her face, quietly looked at her, but today is to see who?

However, he was not used to lying when he didn't see his father and dad coming to New York. His face turned red when he said these two words.

Looking at the appearance of Xiao Ran's strong denial, Jane thinks it's cute and funny. This silly child, she's not a typical one.

Jianran is in love with xiaoranan: Well, mom believes in Ranan.

When I heard my mother say that I believe in myself, I was relieved and went to find my sister to have fun.

Wang Wang - Wang Wang several times, around Xiao ran a few circles, I don't know if it is the same as the owner of his family, but also smell the smell of his family's male master.

Seeing Xiaoran and Mianmian busy in the hall, Jianran smiles and takes back her eyes, but she can't concentrate on the design manuscript.

Why did Qin Yue come to New York so quickly?

Does he want to return to the custody of Ranran?

Or for other reasons?

Because of the thought of Qin Yue, Jane 's heart became a mess, and the painting in her hand was almost broken by her.

If Qin Yue wants to go back to xiaoranran, she has no opinion. After all, xiaoranran is brought up by him, and the little guy thinks about his father all day long. It's reasonable for Qin Yue to raise Xiaoran.

Yesterday, Xiao ran thought that her father was crying deeply. She couldn't persuade her. She couldn't think of any other way except to accompany Xiao ran.

Look at today's state of xiaoranan again, because the happy little look looks like having the whole world.

In fact, it's easy to understand that in xiaoranran's heart, the father who raised her is her whole world. Wherever her father is, she will be. As long as her father is, she will not be afraid.

If Qin Yue wants to return to her children, she will not refuse, but she looks at Xiao ran again with a simple eyes. Suddenly, she feels sour and astringent. If Xiao Ran is picked up by Qin Yue, what should she do?

So is she left with the baby?

Jane can't help but caress her abdomen. She has been pregnant for nearly three months, but her abdomen is still flat. She can't see that she is pregnant at all.

I don't know if she has a bad appetite and not enough nutrition recently, so the child grows slowly.

Time passed one night in the simple imagination. When she got up in the morning, she dressed Xiaoran beautifully and waited for Qin Yue's people to come to her and ask her if she wanted Xiaoran.

After breakfast, Xiaoqinghe had just taken Ozawa to school, and the doorbell in the room tinkled a few times.

When she heard the door bell, she tightened her heart and hugged Xiao ran in her arms and kissed her: ran

she thought a lot last night and wanted to say something to Xiao ran, but at the critical moment she didn't know what to say to Xiao ran.

Small Ran's world is so beautiful, she still don't want to say more, as long as let the little guy know that whether her father and mother are not around her, they will love her as always.

Jane took a deep breath and led Xiao ran to open the door together.

Open the door of the yard, Jane saw two staff members in some clothes standing outside. They said politely: Miss Jane, this is a gift from DD boutique. Please sign for it.

It turned out that it was the courier. It wasn't Qin Yue who came to ask her if she wanted to be young, but her heart suddenly fell to the original place / P

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