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When did dad cheat Ran Ran? Qin Yue couldn't help but reach out and try to hold his baby daughter in his arms as usual.

But when he reached out, he realized that his daughter was half a world away from him, and even by plane it would take a day to reach her.

Xiaoran asked softly: Dad, but I miss you very much. Why don't you come to accompany her now.

Qin Yue said softly: because my father is busy with work.

Father small ran wants to cry again, the bean big tear bead hangs on the eyelash, looks like a precious incomparable pearl.

However, when he told his father whether it was snowing in New York and didn't want to see his daughter crying, Qin Yue immediately changed the subject.

It's snowing. It's snowing hard. However, playing at Aunt Feiyu's house, my mother and lazy sister sleep at home. Sure enough, I didn't cry. I was busy introducing new York to my father.

Qin Yue added: it snowed in New York, but it was so cold. How many people couldn't wait for a few months to see him, because his schedule was too full. Now they were talking with his daughter about these boring topics.

However, he wore a thick down jacket. Little ran pulled his clothes, and pointed to the hat on his finger. He also wore a nice hat. It was not cold at all.

Qin Yue said: I'll tell you how cute my natural baby looks today. It turned out that he changed his clothes and wore a new hat.

Dad, there are snowdolls in New York. It's not fun without dad. In the little guy's heart, dad is the most important.

Qin Yue said, "well, how about buying some more snow dolls for ran?"

Xiao ran said softly: "ran wants dad, only dad, not snow dolls.

Qin Yue: however, Dad now sends you a task. As long as you finish the task, dad will appear beside you.

Small Ran Ran excitedly said: Dad, what task

Qin Yue: first of all, ran and dad video chat can not tell mom, this is our two little secret.

But ran knew, but ran certainly won't tell mother. Small ran hurriedly reached out his mouth and looked back.

Seeing the little guy's mysterious and lovely appearance, Qin Yue felt only a soft heart and wanted to hold the little guy in his arms and kiss her.

So he should deal with those things quickly, deal with those who offended him, and strive to fly to New York as soon as possible to hold his natural baby.

Qin Yue smiled and asked: however, dad asked you to help dad take care of his mother. You can't make mom sad. Did you do that? In the morning, he said, "I miss my father! My mother is not happy!" I remember clearly. When she mentioned my father, my mother was not happy. She seemed to cry.

However, when it comes to Dad, mom is not happy. Knowing the result, Qin Yue asks with a little hope.

Yes. Little ran doesn't understand, answer honestly.

Dad knows. Qin Yue disguised the real mood very well. He smiled, this time it doesn't matter. Later, he will continue to help his father take good care of his mother.

Don't dad get angry? Our baby did a good job and should be rewarded. How can dad get angry.

But I love dad. He was praised by his father, but Xiao ran smiled sweetly.

Qin Yue added: "in the future, I'll be my father's eyes and ears. I'll tell my father what happened to you and my mother every day.".

Small ran sweet way: Ran Ran know.

Qin Yue once again told: must not let mom know, this is the secret of the two of us.

Well, Ran Ran knows, but ran must finish the task. Small ran said in a low voice, with a sly light in his big eyes.

Qin Yue smiled: see you tomorrow!

dad tomorrow, but don't! Xiao ran wanted to say see you tomorrow, but she couldn't see dad when she thought of cutting off the video. She would cry again.

Be obedient!

be obedient! She doesn't want to be a good child, she only needs a father.

However, I forgot what I promised my father, but it doesn't matter what I promised my father. What's important is that she wants her father to be with her.

Do you want to make your mother sad?

don't want to!

don't want your mother to be sad, but you have to be obedient. Dad will chat with you tomorrow. With that, Qin Yue cut off the video.

If you look at the little guy again, he will not want to cry. He thinks that he can't hold back any longer. Maybe he will fly to America immediately.

But in such a situation, how can he fly to the United States?

simply because the cruel woman is determined to divorce him, he can never let her know that he cheated her.

Qin Yue hung up the video, and Tang Yi, who had been waiting at his desk for a long time, immediately took up the topic just discussed: President Qin, the Hengyuan project is a big project that ye spent a lot of human, financial and material resources preparing this year, and their current investment has invested 20 billion yuan.

Two billion Long Qin Yue fingertips habitually light on the desktop. Before the contract is signed, ye dare to throw so much money into it.

Tang Yi immediately hands over the prepared documents: ye and Hengyuan often cooperate. This is not the first time, but it's amazing to throw such a large amount of money into it before taking the contract 。

Almost without thinking, Qin Yue immediately made a decision: Liu Yong, you are responsible for taking someone to check the relationship between ye and Hengyuan. As long as you find out what is true or false, let the matter be exposed first.

Yes. Liu Yong understands that it seems that their general manager Qin wants to borrow Hengyuan's project to start with Ye.

As long as the Hengyuan project finds out the problems, the 20 billion Yuan Ye's investment will be equal to the loss of water.

They want to see how many 20 billion ye can smash.

Liu Yong took the order and went to do his business. Tang Yi was still standing at Qin Yue's desk: President Qin, is the American business still in charge? Qin Yue looked up and looked at him coldly: what do you say about the work Cheng Xuyang had in hand? I have asked him to hand it over to others. Later, he will be responsible for the video chat between you and the little lady.

Tang Yi said while paying attention to Qin Yue's expression. At last, their president's expression did not change. He knew that he had made the right arrangement this time. /p

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