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Jianran laughs: but the baby is more than four years old, and your son has not been born yet. How can he book my baby?

Lingfei's words crowded to Jianran's side: stinky girl, I'm serious, not joking with you. Vv258z I thought, I can't give birth to such a lovely and beautiful daughter, it's not bad to let her be my daughter-in-law.

Jane gave her a big white eye: who said she was not your daughter? She had long been said to be your daughter.

That's different. Lingfeiyu is in a hurry, stinky girl. Would you like to reserve xiaoranran for my son?

Don't simply know that Ling Feiyu is serious. She also refuses. Feiyu, children's lives should be decided by them. We parents have no right to choose their partners. We like it, and they don't necessarily like it in the future.

Jianran holds Xiaoran in her lap and sits, helping her to braid her braids. At the same time, she says: in my family, the life of Ran baby can only be decided by herself, and no one can decide for her. When she grows up, I will not stop her as long as she likes what kind of boy she likes.

Lingfeiyu asked: what if the baby likes a man who doesn't do his job, and you can't see him at all?

I think our baby is not bad, and the boy who can make her look good will not be bad. For Xiaoran, Jianran is so confident.

I just like baby ran. Lingfeiyu really likes xiaoranan, and just knows that he has a son in his stomach, so he wants to turn xiaoranan to his home. Vv258z

but when he grows up, he goes to find brother lie. The two adults said a lot, but Xiao ran listened attentively. She was too young to understand what was going on, but she remembered the agreement with brother lie. When she grew up, she would go to find him.

Well, we're going to find brother lie when we grow up. Jane looks at Lingfei and smiles. You see, she has her own mind when she is a little older. When she grows up, who can control her.

Then I hope that this baby in your womb is a boy. In the future, I will have another daughter, and we will be family. Ling Feiyu is a typical Yan controller. He looks good at the children of his family. He really wants to turn home and become his own family. In the future, his family's genes will be better.

I said, Miss Ling, have you been too busy lately? What's going on in your head all day? Jane pokes at her head. You like xiaoranan. I'll give her to you today. Go shopping. I'll stay at home for a day.

I didn't sleep well last night, but Jane couldn't get up to go shopping. If she tried to get up to go shopping, she would be in trouble once she moved. So she decided to stay at home.

Lingfei quickly grabs Xiaoran in her arms and holds it: it's no problem that Xiaoran is handed over to me. But what's wrong with you?

Jane shook her head and said: there is no discomfort, but the jet lag hasn't been adjusted. She always wants to sleep.

You just got pregnant. Then you'll have a rest at home today. I'll take the two children to my side to watch. Don't let them disturb you. Lingfei said that she would like to take care of all the things of Jianran.

Feiyu, thank you for your life. For Jane, the two happiest things are: one is to meet lingfeiyu, the other is to meet Qinyue.

Although she and Qin Yue ended in divorce, she did not regret meeting him, marrying him and having two children with him.

Xiao Qinghe went to find some students after breakfast. Naturally, Xiao ran and Xiao Ze were led by Ling Feiyu, and Jane went back home to have a rest.

Today, it began to snow outside. It's not suitable to take a child out. Ling Feiyu canceled the trip to play, and let Xiao Ranran and Xiao Ze play at her home.

Ozawa's child is very sensible. He looks after his sister and doesn't let her bump into her. He is still reviewing his lessons.

My uncle said that today's school in the United States is not the same as Jiangbei school, so he must work harder and not lose face to his parents.

However, I can't think of learning this aspect, because when I was young, I didn't study hard, plus her fluent language, I could save a lot of trouble.

Little ran, come here. Cheng Xuyang came out of the study and waved to Xiao ran.

Uncle Cheng, what can I do for you? Xiaoze holds xiaoranan and doesn't let xiaoranan enter the study alone, which shows that he has a strong sense of prevention.

It's uncle Tang talking to Uncle Cheng. He wants to meet Xiao Ranran. Although questioned by children, Cheng Xuyang still answered truthfully.

Xiao Ze, don't worry, aunt Feiyu will accompany Xiao ran away. Lingfei touched Ozawa's head with satisfaction.

Xiao Ze is right in this way. Even the uncle he knows can't let him bring his sister into the room alone.

With Ling Feiyu, Ozawa is relieved to let his sister go.

Cheng Xuyang looks for xiaoranan and doesn't do anything else, just because Tang te helps to know that xiaoranan is in their home and asks to chat with xiaoranan via video.

If you want to chat with Xiao Ranran in the video, of course, it can't be Tang tezhu. Even if you think with your fingers, you can know that their president is going to see their daughter.

Cheng Xuyang holds xiaoranan to the office chair and starts the video: Ranan, you're here, uncle and aunt are waiting for you outside.

Dad saw his father appear in the computer screen, but his eyes were full of dad, where can I hear what others said.

But do you miss Dad? Qin Yue also looked at Xiao Ranran and wanted to squeeze her face. However, she was clearly in front of him, but he could not touch her.

But I miss my father so much. When he saw his father appear in the screen, Xiao ran was so excited that he wanted to rush to the computer screen to kiss his father.

My father is also very thoughtful. Qin Yue's voice from the sound to small Ran's ear, or her familiar father's gentle voice.

Father small ran again called a father, flat flat mouth, a want to cry do not cry poor appearance.

But are you ready to cry for Dad? Looking at Xiao ran, he was going to cry. Qin Yue was in great pain, but he said with a smile.

But I miss Dad. Because she wanted her father to hold her, but he couldn't hold her, so she wanted to cry.

Qin Yue said softly: as long as Ran Ran is good, don't cry. When Dad finishes his work, he can go to America to accompany ran and his mother.

Did dad really say that? Small Ran Ran blinked the big eyes of water spirit, and didn't believe dad's words very much. /p

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