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It's a luxury to think about. //258z

it is estimated that only their president Qin can waste talents.

Cheng Xuyang, a doctoral student in a famous university, is now only responsible for video chat between their father and daughter.

After all, his wife is about to give birth, so that he can stay at home with his wife, and his salary will not be less, which is also a good thing that many people can meet but not ask for.

For example, he wants to be relaxed. He doesn't have to be so busy every day. He doesn't have to be around the president to do things with fear. He can also take his current salary, so he is satisfied.

What else?

Tang Yi imagines the future and is pulled back to reality by the cold voice of the president. He retreats quickly.

As soon as Tang Yi left, Qin Yue lit a cigarette and smoked it one by one, looking out of the window.

He must have cried.

Just now, the little guy's tears have rolled out. She is holding on to it, but when he hangs up the video call, the little guy will cry out.

Thinking of Xiaoran 's sad look, Qin Yue could not sit any longer.

At this time, it has already passed the normal off duty time, but the office area assistant outside his office and his big secretary group are still very orderly busy.

Mr. Tang Yi, the general manager of Qin, hurriedly came here and waited for their master to issue new orders at any time.

I'll take a few days off, but don't pass it on. Qin Yue left behind such a simple sentence that could not be simpler.

Tang Yi just wants to howl. It seems that he has a few days to stop thinking about peace.

He went back to the office and immediately passed on what the president had told him to do. He should do what he should.

As for the president's refusal to let the news out, there is naturally his problem. Tang Yi dare not guess at random. Just do as the president's adult orders.

When Qin Yue hung up the video, Xiao ran couldn't see her father, and cried out with a cry.

When she didn't see her father, she didn't seem to miss her father so much. When she saw her father, she couldn't be with him. She couldn't accept it.

Ling Feiyu and Cheng Xuyang rush in at the first time, worrying: but, what's the matter?

But I want dad. Small ran let out a loud cry, cry to break the liver and intestines rain.

She only wants her father, but she can't remember what she just promised her father, as long as he is by her side.

But don't cry. As long as you are obedient, dad will come to see mom soon. See small Ran Ran cry, Ling Fei language coax again persuade.

Dad, don't let it go. My father never left her before. Even if my father was busy with work, whenever she wanted to video with my father, my father would not hang up. But today, my father hangs up. I can't accept my missing my father's disaster.

However, how could dad not want you. But ran's father loved ran so much that he had to give up ran. Ling Feiyu thought of many words to persuade Xiao ran. She was poor in words, but Xiao Ran's cry didn't get any smaller.

Xiao ran can't hear what other people have said. There is only one consciousness in her mind, that is, she wants to be with her father and wants to be with him very much.

In the end, Lingfei can't persuade xiaoranan. He worries that xiaoranan is crying out. So he has to take xiaoranan back to Jianran.

Seeing her mother, Xiao ran cried even more loudly, as if the whole world had bullied her.

But what happened? Jianran holds xiaoranan, worried and distressed.

But I miss Dad. Although she promised her father not to mention her father in front of her mother, she was only a child over four years old. When she was sad, she forgot everything.

Jane ran:

Jane opens her mouth, but she doesn't know how to tell Xiao ran.

Do you want to tell the little guy that mom and dad are divorced and dad doesn't want to raise you? Will you be raised by mom later?

Xiaoranan is brought up by Qinyue. Even though Qinyue doesn't want to raise xiaoranan now, Jianran still doesn't want to say Daddy's wrong in front of xiaoranan.

She hoped that Qin Yue's impression in Xiao Ranran's heart would always be so tall, a hero of the sky, and no one could replace him.

I don't know how to tell Xiaoran, but Jianran just hugged her, stroked her back and comforted Xiaoran in her way.

Xiao ran burst into tears. No one could persuade her. After crying for a long time, she slept in Jane's arms and stopped crying.

Ling Feiyu worries: however, Xiao ran hasn't left her father since childhood. It's reasonable that she misses her father. Don't worry too much.

Jane smiled helplessly: it's OK, but xiaoranran will surely make it through.

When she filed for divorce, Jianran thought that Xiaoran had never left her father, so she left the custody to Qinyue, but who would have thought that Qinyue would not want Xiaoran's custody.

Qin Yue didn't want to raise xiaoranan, which was beyond Jane's expectation. After the surprise, she didn't think much about it.

She wants to raise Xiaoran by herself very much. Qin Yue is not willing to leave Xiaoran. It is not like her, and there is nothing wrong.

It's just that the little guy's heart and mind are all about her father. It's really hard for her to let her accept her father's absence for a while.

Lingfei language: however, in fact, I can understand it. Jian ran laughs and interrupts Ling Fei's words, saying, "don't help us prepare breakfast later. I'm not a waste man. I don't have to worry about everything.". You look like you have a big stomach and can produce at any time. You are the one we should protect.

Lingfeiyu: I'm OK

simply interrupt her: Feiyu, I'm ok. Please believe me, I really can.

Once betrayed by people around her, she can walk out of the shadow. Now what can stop her?


She believes she can.

She can work hard and take care of her children. She can do everything. She doesn't need anyone else to prepare for her.

However, I can't believe you, can't you?

Listen to Jane, Lingfei suddenly understood.

She finally understood why Jane had filed for divorce and why she didn't let her take care of her too much.

It's because she is simple

from small to large, she does everything by herself, no one helps her, she is used to taking care of herself, and all things are undertaken by herself.

Later, she went through a lot of things. She lost her memory. For a long time, she didn't even know who she was.

One day, when she thought of everything, many things changed. /p

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