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The Fox King, Su Mu

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However, Long Yue had not even utilized his martial soul but could still withstand such an assault.

“He’s a defensive-type soul master,” Gu Yue explained softly.

Ye Xinglan nodded. “Yes, he’s definitely a defensive-type. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he wasn’t from the Defense System. His soul power cultivation base should not only be five rings. It’s quite possible that he has six soul rings!”

‘He’s a six-ringed Soul Emperor!’

‘If he can participate in the competition, that means he is not twenty years old yet. He’s a Soul Emperor before he even reached the age of twenty!’

The crowd from Shrek Academy was aware that there was no Soul Emperor less than twenty years old in Shrek Academy.

To find such an extraordinary talent after more than a millennium was something extraordinarily rare in the world.

Without a doubt, his martial soul was extremely powerful. It was so powerful that it was beyond extraordinary.

They could not see themselves subduing an opponent who had the upper hand in both age and cultivation base.

Gu Yue’s eyes brightened. “This is an interesting opponent. Do you wish to yield now?” Her gaze swept past everyone in the group.

Aside from Ye Xinglan and herself, the remaining five people were also stifled by the overbearing opponent. Yuanen Yehui was no exception as well.

“No!” Yuanen Yehui muttered softly.

Gu Yue exclaimed, “We represent Shrek Academy. Whether we’re on the Douluo Continent or the Star Luo Continent, Shrek Academy will always be the leading academy. Age is not an excuse since we’re representing Shrek Academy. We have to uphold Shrek’s honor. This is not Tang Wulin’s duty alone. He has set Long Yue as his goal. We should all do the same! We can’t afford to lose!”

The people were no longer resigned as before, but they were beginning to be more optimistic. They even looked enthusiastic after the pep talk.

‘So what if he’s twenty years old? So what if he’s a One-word Battle Armor Master? It’s not like they’ve never performed miracles before. The burden is not on Tang Wulin alone, but on everyone.’

“For Shrek Academy’s honor!” No one knew when Tang Wulin stood up. Golden light was flashing in his eyes as he raised his right hand!

Gu Yue stretched out her hand and deftly placed her palm onto Wulin’s right palm.

“For Shrek’s honor!”

The rest of his comrades piled their palms onto his palm in succession. Their intention of taking this competition lightly was now displaced with a burning desire to win! Eight people, one heart! They were deadly serious in winning the competition.

Stress was always a motivating factor for Shrek Academy’s students.

Shrek Academy had not only provided them with reasonable cultivation and abundant resources but a motto, their sure-win motto!

The individual match was still proceeding, but Long Yue’s appearance on the scene had brought today’s competition to its c----x. The entire arena was like a vast boiling sea.

Shrek Academy’s squad participated in the competition in succession. It was just a preliminary match after all. Aside from Tang Wulin whose luck defied the odds, the rest of their opponents were not much of a challenge. Gu Yue did not register for the competition, so she remained in the waiting area with Tang Wulin.

“Thank you, Gu Yue. I heard what you said earlier.” Apart from them, all their comrades were participating in the competition.

“I’m also a part of Shrek. I did that for Shrek Academy, not you.” Gu Yue cracked into a smile.

“That’s right! For Shrek’s honor, we must win.” Tang Wulin clenched his fist forcefully.

“Be careful. The opponent is very strong,” Gu Yue spoke softly.

“Not to worry.” Tang Wulin nodded as he smiled.

The other matches in the competition ended one after another. The group managed to advance to the third round match.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin finally met his match. This was his first face off with a student from Monster Academy.

His contender was in the other waiting area opposite the sparring arena.

“Brother Su Mu, you’re so lucky! You must help me to discipline that fellow. Don’t show any mercy.” With flailing arms, Dai Yun’er encouraged Su Mu.

Su Mu was a handsome youth. Both Dai Yueyan and he were the more charming ones among Monster Academy’s squad. He was a warmer person compared to Dai Yueyan’s character. His personality exuded a feeling of gentleness and elegance.

Outsiders knew Long Yue the Madman Long was from Monster Academy as he was a rather famous personality. On the other hand, very few people had heard of Su Mu. However, Su Mu’s name was quite well known within Monster Academy.

God of Sword, Su Mu! This was his nickname.

He was ranked number three among Monster Academy’s eight heavenly kings, ranking just behind Madman Long and the Fourth Prince Dai Yueyan.

His power was only slightly below par as compared to Dai Yueyan’s. Dai Yueyan was aware of how powerful Su Mu could be if Su Mu exerted himself.

“Mu, don’t listen to Yun’er’s nonsense. After all, the other party is a member of the mission.” Dai Yueyan walked over and wrapped his arm around Su Mu’s shoulders.

Su Mu smiled warmly. “Alright, I’ll take note of that. It’s time to go up the stage.”

Dai Yun’er turned to look at her brother momentarily before she watched forlornly after the departing Su Mu. “Fourth brother, you’re not having a relationship with Brother Su Mu as what everyone’s saying, right? I feel that something’s amiss with both of you.”

Dai Yueyan’s face stiffened. Without missing a beat, he pinched her cheek. “Silly girl, what’s on your mind?”

Dai Yun’er sniggered. “So there’s really nothing going on? Then, why do you look at him so differently?”

Dai Yueyan scoffed coldly. “What do you know? You’ll understand in the future.”

“Yun’er, mind your words! If someone quoted you, then your fourth brother’s position will be jeopardized,” Long Yue chuckled as he spoke.

“Uhh…” Dai Yun’er glanced at Long Yue, then she looked at her brother. She felt that they were hiding something from her.

Dai Yueyan gave a confident smile. He clasped his hands behind his back as he looked at the huge screen before him. He was confident of Su Mu, just like how he was confident of becoming the regent crown prince and be the future heir to the throne.

He had his strength and the support of the Monster Academy being one of the current generation’s eight heavenly kings of Monster Academy. He had absolute confidence in his leadership qualities.

In the second box, Star Luo Coliseum’s spectators stand.

“Elder Cai, do we just let them compete?” Wu Zhangkong frowned as he looked at Cai Yue’er.

Elder Cai spoke indifferently, “If the eaglet wishes to spread its wings and fly, it’ll need to flap its wings with great effort and face multiple challenges repeatedly.”

Wu Zhangkong said, “In my opinion, they are already trying their best. This trial is too tough for them. If their opponents were their peers, I’ll agree that they should go through such trials, but they are five years younger than their opponents. Also, the Star Luo Continent’s Monster Academy’s reputation is unparalleled.”

Elder Cai continued nonchalantly, “Then you should know that the person who wreaked havoc across the continents ten thousand years ago is also the same person who’s talking about it with great relish at present in the Star Luo Continent. That person was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters at the time and also an heir to the Sea God’s Pavilion Master. Do you know how that person managed to establish his position in the academy at a young age?”

Wu Zhangkong was stunned for a moment.

Elder Cai continued, “He and his teammates participated in a competition too back in those days. They followed some seniors from the academy to the competition as substitutes, so they could become contestants in the next competition. However, just before the competition began, the seven leading contestants suffered a mishap fabricated by an evil soul master where most of them lost their combat capabilities.”

“At that critical moment, His Majesty the Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao led his teammates into taking over from their injured seniors. They represented the academy in the competition despite the disparity between their powers and their opponents’. Was it possible that their opponents weren’t that powerful? Or were their opponents not much older than them?”

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