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Monsters and Miracles

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“However, they were not beaten by those difficulties. They blazed their way through all obstacles, their hearts filled with the intent to fight for Shrek’s honor when they were faced with enormous challenges from powerful opponents. They took one step at a time until, at last, they became the champions of the competition. The seven people included the Holy Ice Douluo and Dragon Butterfly Douluo who were later rewarded by the academy and finally became a part of the Shrek Seven Monsters in that time.”

“Do you still remember Shrek Academy’s motto?”

Wu Zhangkong answered without hesitation, “We accept only monsters, not humans.”

Elder Cai spoke sullenly, “So, is a monster that doesn’t produce miracles still a monster?”

Wu Zhangkong’s entire body shivered.

Elder Cai stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the competition stages below and spoke in a low tone, “I, too, didn’t expect that their opponents were so powerful. However, the skill of the opponents will verify their potential or even their future. If they are capable of becoming the champion of any match in this competition, then I shall officially nominate them to the academy and vouch for them when we return. I’ll grant them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters of this generation.”

Wu Zhangkong’s usually calm expression changed drastically upon hearing these words. He shouted, “Grant them the title of Shrek Seven Monsters? According to the rules, only the inner court disciples…”

Elder Cai smiled. “Do you think that the academy allowed them to participate in Star Luo Empire’s exchange program just so they can improve their skills? Or are you saying that they are not strong enough to become the inner court disciples upon their return? It has already taken too long to determine the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. The Pavilion Master’s wish is to wait for people who are skilled in creating miracles. The opportunity is already here. They will need to prove themselves. Our wish is not for them to become the final champion, but to see how far they can go on the path to success.”

Tang Wulin walked onto the competition stage. He took his time and with each stride, his mind became more focused.

Stress always motivated him. He would rise to his full potential whenever he was faced with stress.

The opponent stood waiting at the far end of the stage. Su Mu was dressed in a dark red school uniform with his black hair slicked back. He was relaxed, elegant even. Very few youths his age displayed such poise.

His gaze became focused when he saw Tang Wulin.

Their eyes met and they noted the vigilance in each other’s eyes.

Su Mu did not look down on Tang Wulin at all. Tang Wulin was certainly outstanding among his peers in Shrek Academy. At present, he represented Shrek Academy to participate in the mission exchange program.

Moreover, he had defeated a One-word Battle Armor Master a few days ago.

The referee walked to the center of the competition stage. As he had gone over the rules during the first round, he skipped the rules this time and raised his right hand. “Ready? Three, two, one, begin!”

When he made the announcement, he looked piteously at Tang Wulin.

‘Shouldn’t these Monster Academy’s students in the preliminary match deserve pity?’

Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened in an instant. His eyes were exuding a faint golden glow as he exerted his left foot on the ground. He elevated himself toward the sky akin to a meteor as he charged at Su Mu.

Su Mu’s mouth broke into a faint smile. Purple soul rings arose from beneath his feet separately. Five soul rings emerged and every one of them was dark purple. Even though he had yet to possess any ten thousand year soul ring, his thousand-year soul rings were more than a thousand years with profound inner secrets.

His black hair turned into white rapidly as his ears stiffened up slightly. It was even more unusual when huge tails grew swiftly out from his back. Each tail was longer than his entire height. It was white and fuzzy with a tinge of bluish grey on the hair tips.

A total of five tails spread out behind his back. Five purple soul rings flowed downward from his body and sheathed over each tail. The tails were illuminated and tainted with the luminance of purple such that they appeared magnificent.

His hands extended from the sides of his body, while the huge tail on the left made a slight move. A pure white source of light was released from above the tail and shot toward Tang Wulin.

The halo expanded rapidly as it flew through the air. Its diameter exceeded fifteen meters just before it halted in front of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s right Golden Dragon Claw slashed out without hesitation. Golden light flashed past and crossed paths with the white halo, but there was no collision. In the next moment, the white halo dropped quietly onto the ground.

Tang Wulin could feel the air suddenly turning sticky. His speed, initially swift as an arrow, immediately slowed down.

‘This was… This was Debilitating Halo! It can cause an entire mass of things to slow down! Was this only the first soul skill?’

Tang Wulin turned solemn at once. He understood that he was facing a control-type soul master. Moreover, the opponent may be the strongest control-type soul master among the eight Monster Academy’s students.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as his eyes glowed brighter. He then stomped his left foot against the ground. A golden radiance shimmered distinctly and his speed was elevated once again to everyone’s surprise.

There was no other skill that was applied here. He relied on his strength alone to resist the Debilitating Halo.

The Control System was capable of restraining the Assault System. Tang Wulin was an Assault Control-type soul master. The best way to deal with a Control-type soul master was by using the close approach. If a person was capable of approaching the soul master within a certain distance, then his chance of subduing the soul master would be much higher.

Su Mu remained smiling warmly as he witnessed Tang Wulin suddenly speeding up and was about to dash out of his Debilitating Halo’s range. Out of the five huge tails behind his back, the first tail continued moving gently as a ring of white light floated out of it. The halos interlinked with one another. Although Tang Wulin had darted out of the first Debilitating Halo, he was encircled by the second Debilitating Halo. Meanwhile, Su Mu distanced himself away from Tang Wulin as if he was taking a stroll in the courtyard.

He was consuming Tang Wulin’s soul power!

There was no doubt that he was weakening Tang Wulin’s soul power and physical strength. The most distinguishing feature of a Control-type soul master was their control. It was effective as long as they were capable of exercising control over their opponents. They fancied the feeling of exercising control rather than eliminating their enemy expeditiously.

Tang Wulin’s expression was somber. He could tell from Su Mu’s speed and precise control in releasing the Debilitating Halo that today’s battle would be utterly challenging for him.

He stopped abruptly and stood rigid, making no movement. Even the golden radiance around his body was growing weaker. He turned around slowly in tandem with Su Mu’s movement as he gave Su Mu a searing stare.

‘I thought we’re competing on consuming each other? The soul skill which you’ve released will certainly consume you no less than my walking. So, we shall wait and see!’ A Debilitating Halo alone was not enough to threaten Tang Wulin.

An amazed look flashed past Su Mu’s face. It was truly a rare occasion for Su Mu to witness an opponent who remained calm in spite of being under his control. He recalled when he fought against Madman Long years ago. Long Yue who eventually won the fight had to rely on his absolute strength to evade Su Mu’s control.

At present, the youth before him was capable of making a composed choice that compelled Su Mu into continuing his move. At the same time, the youth had yet to reveal his soul skill.

Su Mu flashed a cynical smile. ‘If that’s what you want, so be it!’

His second huge tail moved as another ring of light flew out. However, the halo this time had a peculiar color. The halo was multicolored with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple shimmering in a dazzling circle.

The current halo’s coverage was about the same as the earlier Debilitating Halo. It was swaying ever so slightly in the air which demonstrated Su Mu’s control over it. No matter where Tang Wulin moved, he would still end up in the center of this halo. The halo would manifest its powers to its maximum effect.

Tang Wulin remained unmoved as before. He would need to understand his opponent before he could defeat him. The opponent was a control-type soul master, so his attacking ability would be weaker. His best option was to study his opponent’s capabilities before he could launch a counterattack. Tang Wulin was very confident in his defense and combat capabilities.

Even though he only had the cultivation base of four soul rings, he did not lack soul power due to the Mysterious Heaven Method’s condensation and accumulation.

Additionally, there was also his blood essence power to act as an effective replenishment.

Without these, how could he possibly defeat a One-word Battle Armor Master?

The colorful halo dropped down precisely. A layer of colorful radiances was immediately added to Tang Wulin’s sides. He was astonished as he felt like the soul power in his body was being ignited. His soul power flowed out from his body akin to wisps of silk and smoke leaving his body.S

What a cunning fellow! His soul skill was Soul Power Stripping!

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