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Madman Long’s Power

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“Uhh… you have a point there.”

Everyone had their own opinions on this competition’s one-on-one category. It could be described as a kaleidoscope of views on the subject.

“Look! The Madman Long is about to enter the arena. I last saw him during the previous competition. He was only seventeen years old at the time yet he managed to become the grand champion and received a soul bone as his prize. No one can possibly compete with him for first place this year.”

Yes, Long Yue was entering the arena.

His bald head was extremely distinctive, while his match was specially arranged to be in the center of all the competition stages in the Star Luo Coliseum.

Madman Long was dressed in his red school uniform for this occasion. His figure was like a ball of flames as he ascended the competition stage.

His opponent was a young girl wearing a long blue dress. Her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity as she looked at Long Yue standing opposite her.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Long Yue.” The young girl bowed in salutation toward Long Yue in an extremely respectful manner.

Long Yue chuckled. “Nice to meet you.”

“Brother Long Yue, can you allow me to use all my soul skills for once, please?” The young girl looked at him piteously.

“Sure.” Long Yue chuckled with a calm expression on his face.

The judge was rendered speechless, but he did not comment on anything seeing as this was Long Yue of Monster Academy!

“Begin the competition!”

With the judge’s announcement, the first round of Madman Long’s individual match officially began.

He kept his word as expected. As he had promised his opponent, he did not attack at once but simply stood there, looking at the young girl with a smile on his face.

The girl shouted weakly as four soul rings arose from her body, and a layer of icy mist emerged.

Her elemental attribute was ice!

The young girl did not appear to be older than seventeen or eighteen. Her four-ring cultivation base was already considered pretty impressive.

As she released her martial soul, four pieces of ice-blue battle armor flew out swiftly from her bangle. Two pieces covered her right upper arm and shoulder. The other pieces were a helmet and a rerebrace on her left. She had four pieces of battle armor!

Generally, a complete set of battle armor was made up of thirteen pieces. For this teenage girl to have four pieces of battle armor, along with a cultivation base of four soul rings, was rather impressive at her age.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with excitement. She rubbed her palms together as her first soul ring glowed, and an ice ball flew toward Long Yue.

Under the battle armor’s amplification, her ice ball was around thirty centimeters in diameter. Streaks of strange patterns appeared on the surface of the ice ball as it flew out. It was glowing with a dark blue radiance.

The girl immediately started chasing after the ice ball after she had fired it. The second soul ring on her body shimmered as a stream of blue light appeared in her hand. She slapped the light directly onto the ice ball with her armored right palm.

The ice ball shook ever so slightly and then doubled its volume in an instant. The light patterns on the surface of the ice ball became even more glaring. It was as if there was a vast energy growing on the inside of the ice ball.

The girl’s third soul ring brightened just then. The sequence of her first three soul rings had elevated at an exceedingly fast speed, and also connected in an extremely smooth manner.

This time, she pressed her palms against the surface of the ice ball. Instantly, spines up to ninety centimeters in length grew out from the ice ball’s surface. The ice ball turned a dark blue shade while its volume expanded by over one cubic meter.

If anyone were to enter the competition stage at that point, they would discover that the temperature had dropped drastically.

The young girl stopped running and suddenly began performing a graceful dance on the spot. Following that, the fourth soul ring on her body began glowing brightly. This time, streaks of dark blue light bands shot toward the ice ball. The figure of the girl flashed then she was drawn away by the light bands until she vanished. The ice ball sped up in an instant and dashed straight for Long Yue with an extremely powerful force and super low temperature.

Long Yue still continued chuckling as he stood there. He had not had any intention of attacking at all from the very start.

The one-on-one category’s stage was not considered exceptionally large. In an instant, the enormous spiny ice ball had already arrived before Long Yue.

Why was Long Yue just standing there? Many in the audience were greatly puzzled. Even an ordinary person could tell how terrifying the ice ball was. If it were to hit Long Yue, his body would be shattered!


It crashed into him!

“Boom!” Shards of ice scattered everywhere as the ice ball smashed ferociously into Long Yue. The long spines stabbed directly into his body.

The smile on Long Yue’s face remained unchanged from the beginning till the end. It was as if he was a statue. Following that, the audience bore witness to a frightening scene.

At the exact moment the enormous dark blue spiny ice ball collided with Long Yue’s body, the spines crumbled and then the ice ball shattered. It was as if it had crashed into a lofty mountain. The ball was completely pulverized after it hit Long Yue’s body.

It was also at this exact moment when the young girl finally reappeared. The chill in the surroundings instantly fused with her. The audience watched as an icy vortex gathered spread with the young girl’s body as the center before all the cold air gathered onto the the right palm raised before her chest.

A complacent smile had already emerged on the young girl’s cunning face.

‘Long Yue, you’re too careless! Even if you’re more powerful than me, you’ll will certainly lose to my Chilly Palm without releasing your martial soul and battle armor.’

Everything preceding had purely been deception. The final destination was the attack of her palm before his face now.

The palm that was covered by the battle armor turned dark blue, and her icy cold right hand struck directly onto Long Yue’s chest.

The young girl hesitated for a split second before she hit Long Yue’s chest. She attacked his right rather than his left.

“Pop!” Long Yue was still standing there during the soft popping sound. On the other hand, the young girl’s figure stopped abruptly.

Her four soul rings amplified in sequence before all her strength finally condensed onto her palm. The soul power inside her body burst out onto one spot and wildly fused into his body.

She felt that she was capable of freezing an entire mountain.

Long Yue still stood there without budging, the smile on his face was unchanged. He tilted his head to the side and looked at the young girl. “Are you done?”

The young girl stared at him in bewilderment, then she looked at his body once again. “Y-you’re fine?”

‘How is that possible? How is that possible? He should be turning into an ice sculpture!’

“You’re a good girl for not striking my left side. Surrender now.” Long Yue touched her head.

The girl in blue looked at him foolishly. She still could not figure out what happened even then. She had clearly felt all her soul power release into Long Yue when her Chilly Palm struck his body, yet there was no effect. She should have succeeded under such circumstances. How had it come to this? Long Yue was entirely unaffected. Where did her attacking soul power go?

“It’s here!” Long Yue smiled as he tilted his head, and a gush of icy blue air flowed from his mouth into the air. The air temperature immediately dropped dramatically once again.

“I… I surrender.” The young girl in the blue dress could tell the disparity between herself and Long Yue was like an unpassable moat. With heartfelt admiration, she bowed in defeat.

Instantly, the audience burst into thunderous applause. Long Yue had not attacked from the beginning until the end. He had not even released his martial soul. The crowd enjoyed the match heartily.

This was a true powerhouse! A genuine powerhouse who even behaved like a gentleman. The entire arena was filled with the sounds of people cheering for Long Yue together.

Long Yue waved his hand toward the stands before he turned around and walked down the stage.

In the waiting area, besides Tang Wulin who was sitting cross-legged meditating, Shrek Academy’s group was in perfect silence.

All the huge screens were mainly broadcasting Long Yue’s match earlier. They had no choice but to watch.

‘This… this was a little too powerful, right?’

The battle method of the young girl in blue and the control she had over her abilities was quite outstanding. She relied on her impressive power to overlap four of her soul skills in succession. Even a five-ringed Soul King may not necessarily be able to endure being struck by such a force.

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