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Heaven-Defying Luck

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Ling Wuxie’s heart could not help skipping a beat when he saw such a pattern. That golden-colored tag represented Monster Academy! Only contestants from Monster Academy deserved such a privilege.

He was envious in his heart, but he was also wondering how a Monster Academy’s student could easily and surely defeat the opponent they were up against.

The golden words ‘Monster Academy’ was so clear that it made the chaotic crowd feel a little flustered.

To people of the Star Luo Empire, Monster Academy was a holy land and had always held this status in their heart.

Monster Academy’s students had the special privilege to skip the first round which was the individual match. This had been a rule for many years, for it was formed based on Monster Academy’s outstanding result in every competition.

Just as Ling Wuxie’s heart became filled with emotions, he suddenly found the name he had been looking for all along.

Match number 163 — Su Mu versus Tang Wulin.

The names of these two people were marked with a number. More importantly, there was a glimmering tag that belonged to Monster Academy placed behind Su Mu’s name, catching everyone’s eyes.

‘This was…’

Despite Ling Wuxie profound hatred for Tang Wulin, he could not help but stare in bewilderment when he saw such a list.

‘This person really has heaven-defying luck, doesn’t he?’

He would face a one-word battle armor master that was his equal or more in the first round and face a Monster Academy’s contestant in the second round.

Each and every contestant from Monster Academy was the strongest powerhouses of their age group. During one of the most terrifying years, the academy sent out eight contestants who managed to clinch the final eight positions of the competition. They had unimaginable powers.

Although Ling Wuxie was very confident of himself, he had never felt capable enough to think that he would be able to defeat Monster Academy students.

After a momentary period of shock, the pleasure he felt from Tang Wulin’s misfortune emerged along with a silent tribute he was paying surged through his heart.

‘You deserve this! You definitely deserve this! I’d like to see how you’re going to lose the competition. I wonder if you can even last five minutes.’

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of Ling Wuxie’s thoughts. He was already in the waiting area by that time. There were a few waiting areas due to a large number of contestants. Whatever Ling Wuxie saw was what he saw as well. Then, his companions came walking over and patted his shoulder one after the other.

“Captain, I can finally wash away the injustice I’ve faced!” Xie Xie said to Tang Wulin knowingly.

“What do you mean wash away your injustice?” Tang Wulin glared at him.

Xie Xie’s expression was of distress and disgust as he said, “In the past, I’ve always thought that I was a big mouth. Enough to cause so much trouble for everyone. I was hurting inside and although I apologized, I was still constantly blaming myself in secret. However, I finally understand today. As it turns out… I’m not the one with a big mouth! It’s you who has heaven-defying luck, captain! To be able to meet such an opponent, with just a one in a thousandth possibility. Your luck is truly…”

“Scram…” Tang Wulin barked in an unpleasant tone.

Still, Xie Xie revealed his glee at Tang Wulin’s misfortune in his expression. “Big brother, we’re still younger in age. It isn’t embarrassing if you lose to them.”

“Can you be a little reasonable!” Yue Zhengyu pulled Xie Xie to the side as he spoke justly. Then, he spoke to Tang Wulin earnestly, “Captain, I sincerely hope that you can overcome your sorrow and accord with inevitable changes. We won’t look down on you just because you lose a competition. Don’t worry.”

Yuanen Yehui looked at Tang Wulin as she shook her head. She was considerably kind as she did not make any sarcastic remarks.

Ye Xinglan crossed her arms as she muttered. “Why didn’t I get to draw such a ballot.”

Xu Lizhi chuckled foolishly but stared at Tang Wulin with sympathy.

Xu Xiaoyan smiled as she looked at Tang Wulin. “Why don’t all of you believe in the captain? I believe that it’s absolutely not a problem for our captain with his abilities! Even if he were to lose, he’ll still lose in a beautiful manner.”

Tang Wulin was rendered speechless. ‘This is how all of you are giving me confidence?’

Gu Yue grabbed Tang Wulin’s arm. He turned around and looked toward her, believing that even when others looked down on him, Gu Yue would always believe in him.

“Protect yourself well!”

The three simple words caused the expression on Tang Wulin’s face to stiffen.

“All of you really wish for me to lose the battle so badly, huh?!” Tang Wulin glared at the crowd furiously.

“This is an issue of power, captain! It’s obvious that the opponent is at least a one-word battle armor master. To top that off, your opponent isn’t just an ordinary one-word battle armor master and will be careless when he faces you for sure.”

Tang Wulin scoffed. “Let’s make a bet then. Who’s in.”

“Bet with your family’s inheritance!” Yue Zhengyu was the first one who blurted.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly. “Are you going to place a bet with your family’s inheritance?”

Yue Zhengyu was feeling a little guilty as he looked at Tang Wulin’s burning gaze so he hastily answered, “Forget about it, forget about it. We’re all brothers, it’s better for us to make a small bet.”

Tang Wulin then said, “Alright! If you lose, you’ll need to get me a specific ten thousand year spirit item.”

Yue Zhengyu replied in astonishment, “Ten thousand year spirit item? Captain, you’re so confident that you’ll win huh! What if you lose?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll provide all the spirit alloys for your two-word battle armor in the future if I lose.” His words were definitely not just for show. He was already a rank-6 blacksmith and was without a doubt the most powerful one on the Douluo Continent and even Star Luo Continent today.

Although Yue Zhengyu did not speak openly, everyone was aware that Tang Wulin could very possibly become a Divine Craftsman in the future. Otherwise, he would not acknowledge Tang Wulin as the captain so easily with his arrogant personality. He only did it out of admiration for Tang Wulin.

“Consider it settled then, I’m getting it!” Yue Zhengyu burst out laughing.

Xie Xie was itching to try as well, but his heart suddenly stopped when his eyes met Tang Wulin’s gaze so he suppressed his intentions to try.

Xie Xie and Tang Wulin were acquainted even earlier. His understanding toward Tang Wulin far exceeded Yue Zhengyu’s. He suddenly recalled that Tang Wulin had never placed a bet that he was uncertain of in the past when he was betting with Xie Xie. ‘Was it possible? Could he really have the ability to defeat a one-word battle armor master?’

The captain had always been skilled in creating miracles so perhaps, he truly could do it this time. It was better that Xie Xie did not take the risk.

The rest of the people were uninterested in betting as well. Although Yuanen Yehui did not know Tang Wulin as well as Xie Xie, she still understood Xie Xie well.

His personality was a little tricky to decipher. There had to be a reason why he did not join in the fun. Although she wanted to win the bet so that Tang Wulin could help her to refine all the metals required for a full two-word battle armor set, she managed to restrain herself.

Tang Wulin had his own plans in his heart. All of them had the spirit alloys necessary to forge their one-word battle armor. They would only need to upgrade them to forge their two-word battle armor in the future. The process would make a blacksmith even more important so he would still need to help his companions with this. On the other hand, he would only need to add on a type of rare metal at the very most for each two-word battle armor. In reality, he would not even need an especially large amount of money even if he were to provide each of them with this luxury. At the very least, it would cost no more than a ten-thousand-year spirit item.

Moreover, he would use this as a method to motivate himself. If he was incapable of fighting the rest of Monster Academy’s students, how was he going to challenge Long Yue afterward? Long Yue was undoubtedly the strongest powerhouse from Monster Academy’s representative team.

Wu Zhangkong did not show up today. It was unclear if his absence was due to his confidence in them or for some other reason.

Tang Wulin walked to the side by himself and sat down in a corner as he closed his eyes to meditate.

‘Look down on your opponents in terms of strategy. Look up upon your opponent in terms of tactics.’

Match number 167 was still a long way to go. He would have to wait until noon at the very least.

The second round of individual match had already begun. The enthusiasm in the audience had only grown stronger compared to the first round. Although there were fewer contestants, the soul masters who were capable of entering the second round were undoubtedly stronger and more powerful compared to those who only participated in the first round.

There was no room for dispute when it came to this issue. Thus, the tickets were sold more expensively. Similarly, the audience was more enthusiastic as well.

The Monster Academy students would fight in this round. The organizer had already begun taking on various bets.

For example, there were those who were betting on the final position Monster Academy would take in this competition. Aside from betting on Monster Academy, they were also betting on the others who would share the final three positions.

Undoubtedly, the Monster Academy contestants were treated like a special breed in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. This clearly showed Monster Academy’s lofty and respected position on the Star Luo Continent.

“What position do you think Monster Academy will take this time? Have you placed your bets?”

“I’ve placed my bets for them to take the final eight positions. I have no doubt. Who else is capable of defeating Monster Academy’s students?”

“Hahaha, you’ve placed the wrong bet. Her Highness the Princess is there amongst the Monster Academy contestants. Although Her Highness the Princess is naturally talented, she’s still quite young after all. She only has a four-ringed cultivation base and has yet to complete her one-word battle armor. It’d be rather difficult for her to place in the final eight positions.”

“So you think I’m foolish? I think you’re the foolish one. Have you forgotten? Her Highness the Princess is going to choose her prince after this year’s competition. Her Highness the Princess is our goddess! Tell me, who would dare to defeat her in the competition?

Moreover, there’ll be so many people from Monster Academy by the end of the elimination stages that they’ll be able to help her skip the difficult matches and only take on easy ones. I really think so! Not only is Her Highness the Princess capable of placing in the final eight… I think she might just be able to place in the top three!”

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