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The Left Claw’s Feature

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Tang Wulin hastily retracted the Golden Dragon Claw. In the next moment, he was hit by a realization.

The special ability of his left hand’s Golden Dragon Claw was not Smash, but Tear!

Yes, it was indeed Tear. He discovered under close inspection that the actual claws of his right Golden Dragon Claw were somewhat conical in shape, while those of his left Golden Dragon Claw were fitted with a sharp inner edge, akin to a tiger’s tooth.

On the surface, the two sides were similar, but their internal functions were completely different.

Smash and Tear were two different special abilities, but both were equally powerful.

Tang Wulin wished that he could howl aloud if not for the night time or his lodging in the hotel. The powerful sense of potency had already spread through the golden scales covering his chest, shoulders, and arms. The sensation was truly magnificent!

He was looking forward to the changes that his breakthrough to the sixth layer of the Golden Dragon King’s Seal would bring. By then, he should have gained one more golden blood essence soul ring, right?

His pair of Golden Dragon Claws came into contact in front of his body and gave out a crisp ringing sound. A ring of golden light rippled in an otherworldly manner. The pure chime cleared Tang Wulin’s mind. The scales that emerged on his body stiffened with the diamond-shaped tips facing outwards. They were incredibly sharp.

Tang Wulin’s thoughts shifted, resulting in the scales closing up and fusing into his body once again.

‘What happened?’

Tang Wulin mentally reversed his blood essence and compelled his bloodline power. Two gold rings rose around him as the Domineering Golden Dragon Body was released.

In the privacy of his room, he got a comprehensive look at the changes to his unclothed body.

The Domineering Golden Dragon Body could also produce scales to protect him, but they were a mirage. Put simply, the bloodline energy was converted into the illusory scales that shielded every part of his body. As long as Tang Wulin willed it, the scales could even cover his face.

But the scales that appeared following his absorption of the Golden Dragon King Essence were completely different. Those were actual scales that grew out from his body. They were solid and dense, thus, the areas where his real scales and the Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s energy scales overlapped had the strongest defense.

His arms, hands, shoulders, and upper back had already been completely covered by golden scales. After the Domineering Golden Dragon Body was released, its scales seemed to coat him completely, but Tang Wulin could sense that the areas armored by the real scales had even better defense and greater strength.

The Golden Dragon Claws came into contact once again and increased Tang Wulin’s strength this time. He could tell that the Golden Dragon Claws would not damage one another from these collisions.

“Ding!” With that same chime sound, the rings of golden light diffused.

This time, Tang Wulin saw even more clearly, the scales on his upper body parted in succession with a whooshing sound. Given the circumstances, his body was undoubtedly his best weapon. Even though the Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s scales had also been slightly parted, the feeling was different as more effective in shielding and amplifying his strength.

The sound produced when the Golden Dragon Claws touched had a similar amplification effect on Tang Wulin. It made his hearing sharp and cleared his vision such that he could concentrate on elevating himself rapidly.

Even though this was not a true blood essence soul skill, in a way, it was equal to a soul master’s soul skill. He did not expect to see such an improvement. Tang Wulin could not help but be overjoyed. It seemed like there were still a great many things for him to develop through his Golden Dragon Bloodline.

An icy cold god-like radiance appeared on Tang Wulin face. He raised his pair of Golden Dragon Claws to his face and sensed the vast potential contained in the claws as he observed the spiral-shaped striations on their tips. The smile on his face became even wider.

This was such a miraculous feeling!

Tang Wulin stretched out his arms from his sides. The bones in his entire body hummed as the scales on his skin closed up one by one. Everything soon returned to normal.

His body seemed to have become even stronger. His height was already on par with an adult now, with well-built muscles that were not overly pronounced. His shoulders and back were broad, with every muscle in perfect shape. His strong yet flexible muscles seemed to be filled with explosive energy. His abdominal muscles were all sharply contoured, and his slender yet powerful legs were simply perfect works of art.

Victory over Madman Long! The thought of having a goal actually felt glorious.

Star Luo City’s entire atmosphere was scorching hot after a few days of competition. The elimination round was cruel, as the soul masters who had lost in the first round of competition had already ended their grand event that happened once every three years. For the soul masters whose age exceeded eighteen years old, this would be the last time they could participate in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.

However, they would not simply leave even if the competition had ended for them. They wished to witness what great powers the elites of their generation had.

Ling Wuxie fell into that category. He could be described as the most tragic contestant in the first round of the competition. He was a one-word battle armor master, as well as a five-ringed Soul King. His original goal was to at least enter the final thirty-two of the one-on-one category, but he did not expect that he would be eliminated in the first round. It was just the first round! Not only was he eliminated, but the way it happened had baffled him.

Even though his teacher did not scold him too much, he was well aware that the main reason for his defeat was his total disregard for his opponent when the competition started.

His opponent’s explosive rush, and his constant stream of attacks that followed had defeated Ling Wuxie before the power of his battle armor could even be utilized. The opponent was albeit strong with powerful attacking ability, but the possibility of Ling Wuxie winning was still very high if he were to devote every effort. After all, the battle armor’s amplification was overwhelming! Even if his battle armor was not the especially powerful type, it was still a fully functional set of one-word battle armor.

He was truly incorrigible. How splendid would it be if the heavens could give him one more chance?

However, there was no true ability to reverse time in this world. What had passed had passed.

After a few days of agony and rage, he finally managed to pull himself together. Besides, throughout the entire continent, it was extremely rare for someone to become a one-word battle armor master at his age. His mental capability was rather good as compared to his peers.

‘Stand up straight, and don’t lie down!’ He was telling himself in his heart with great effort, that he wished to take a look at how far the fellow who defeated him could go in this competition. It was impossible that every powerhouse that he faced would look down on him, right?

Assault System, pure strength. Terrifying attacking and defensive ability, and also reflexes. This was Ling Wuxie’s appraisal of Tang Wulin.

The second round of one-to-one matches was about to begin officially today. The number of people would be reduced by half as compared to the first round. The speed of the competition was naturally faster than before. It was estimated that of the second round matches would be determined by at most two days.

Ling Wuxie arrived at the Star Luo Coliseum early in the morning. There were sixteen enormous screens hanging on the outside of the coliseum. The screens would continuously scroll out the contestant’s name list and the result of the ballot before the competition began.

The ballot for the elimination match earlier was drawn completely by the soul system. The technology was fair and completely random.

‘Where is he? Tang Wulin, that should be his name.’

Ling Wuxie unblinkingly watched for Tang Wulin’s name on the huge screen. It was not that difficult for him to look for a few names based on his teacher’s ability.

But there were far too many participating contestants. He looked for a long while, but he did not manage to find Tang Wulin’s name.

The crowd outside the Star Luo Coliseum suddenly began to stir.

A few golden words appeared in Ling Wuxie’s eyes.

The name lists that were scrolling in the huge screens were initially blue on a white background. The name lists were exceptionally eye-catching. However, a few newly added names on the lists had golden-colored suffixes.

The golden suffix was a tiny, little ball in a circle, and it was opening its mouth ferociously.

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