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The knife in my hand lost his earlier enthusiasm as I saw the guns pointed to my face ominously.

The leader was still smiling when he turned to his men waving them down. Then he stood up looking at me while I held the knife to his neck frighteningly, looking at each of the men unsure of my fate.

” you get mind. You put knife in my neck mean you have heart”. The leader said and gently pushed the knife away from his neck with a finger.

I stood looking like a lost dog, the pain in my waist and leg worsen the situation I was in. I still held the knife towards the leader who seem not to be frightened a bit by it. He walked away from me to pickup a pistol from a table beside us.

The young girl stood up pulling up her bum short and adjusting her shirt as she hid herself behind me.

I watched as the leader walked up to me with the gun pointed to my face, my lungs froze and my whole body shook in fear. He stood in front of with my eyes looking into the little hole of the gun.

” you really get money?” He asked expressionlessly.

I nodded and took a quick glance at the young girl to reassure myself I was right. She nodded swiftly affirming my thought.

The leader smiled and turned to the girl. ” your wife have lucky oh. He marry a rich man!”. Then he walked to a jacket hunged on one of the woods of the house, searched in its pocket, took a phone from it and returned to me. Shoved it in my face. ” call. thirty minutes or we cut her head”.

I took the phone from him not knowing what to do with it. I couldn’t even remember my own name let alone anyone’s phone number. The girl took the phone from me and began dialing a number. But the leader snatched the it from her and yelled.” who ask you! Then placed the phone on my chest. ” call the money! Thirty minutes!”

I looked around for help but met five masked men facing me without knowing what their faces looked like. I then thought of searching my pocket for a clue and stumbled on a business card. I immediately took it out and looked at it, Fiona was the name of the CEO of the oil and gas company. Who the fvck was she? I dailed the number and waited for the phone to connect. After few seconds a female voice came through.

” hello”

I tried to place the voice but it was alien. So I responded carefully trying to act as though I know who was talking.

” hello. Please I need 30 million. I’m held captive by some guys demanding that amount…”

” who the hell is this!” The voice barked.

“Fiona, please help me. I’m in-between life and death”.

She was silent for awhile, then asked. ” Mike?”

I was surprised. That was actually my name? How come I don’t remember?

Then I quickly replied. ” yes. It’s I, Mike. Please help!”

The leader snatched the phone from me and said to Fiona. ” Thirty Minutes or I send him head inside nylon for you”. And hung up.

I turned to the girl with me who was literally shivering in fear and smiled to her, she didn’t seem to notice it as her mind was busy.

Girl: what am I going to do? How did I get into this mess? Oh god, if you save me from this, I promise to change. I will stop sleeping around for money, I’ll go to church and sing in the choir.

I could really hear her thoughts. She wasn’t moving her lips but I could hear her as audible as though she had spoken to me. I began to wonder who I was, if was a kind of magician or prophet?

A lanky masked man ran in like he was being chased by a lion and said something hastily while looking behind him as he spoke. The leader quickly picked up his Ak and said something to the men with him. Four followed him with the man who came in and they all rushed out while one armed man was left to guard us.

I turned to see if I could catch a glimpse of what’s happening when I heard gunshots followed with the armed men running passed the wooden house.

The man guarding us jerked around and rushed to peep, then returned to I and the girl and stood looking at us like he was contemplating on what to do. The gunshots continued. He turned to an opening between the woods and peeped again, then turned to us almost immediately. He pointed his gun at us and motioned us towards the exit. I nodded with my hands up and moved with the girl beside me.

Outside was a frenzy. Gunshots coming from every angle. I was happy that help had finally located us but was scared of getting hit. He motioned us quickly into the forest. We hurried in and walked faraway from the shooting. We continued walking until he asked us to stop, looked around circumspectly before he whistled still looking around and someone replied. He turned to the place the voice came from and waited impatiently.

A dark, slim teenage boy in green combat trouser and black singlet and white dirty sneakers surfaced from the bush beside us and was surprised to see I and the girl. He immediately covered his face with a mask he brought from his side trouser pocket, but it was too late as we had already seen his face.

The man who escorted us was mad at him and yelled angrily, the boy apologized and they both turned to us like they were considering our fate. The one who came with us heaved and turned to face the teenage boy. He said something to him and they turned to us again. The teenage boy moved closer and the girl with me slowly hid behind me holding my arm. He stopped in front of me and said apparently hardening his tone. ” move! “. Pointing the directon he came out from.

We obeyed. The other left while we allowed allowed ourselves to be led into a thicker part of the bush.

After walking for what seem like forever, we arrived a place where some persons; two young men in their thirtiee, an elderly man, one teenage girl who looked like she had undergone series of rapes and a fat dark woman all sat on the floor guarded by a slim tall masked man.

The teenage boy said something to the guard and he immediately motioned the people he was guarding up and pointed them forward. I and the girl were made to join the group. I noticed that I and the girl were looking so beautiful compared to their captors before us, that means they must have been there for weeks or months.

I struggled with my bad hip and leg as we sojourned. The girl kept helping me steady each time I staggered.

We had covered up to some reasonable distance and I was dying of thirst. What I won’t pay to get a cold ice water but it was apparently an impossible request at that moment, but I knew I may faint if I don’t get a drink, I really need to try my luck afterall he was just a kid. So I stopped and said to teenager ” water please “.

The reply I got was the butt of his gun on my nose, I saw blue sparkles of light as I found myself on the floor with a woozy feeling. The girl knelt in front of me and checked my face.

” are you okay?” She asked.

I slowly looked up and she appeared double. The teenage guard shouted and pointed his gun at us. The other guard came to me and pulled me up by my shirt muttering words of disgust.

I was yet on my feet when one of the men from the captors threw sand into the teenage boys face and jumped on the other guard, both of them fell to the ground. The second man who stood looking suddenly rushed the teenage boy and held his gun. The first man followed the guard up with punches while the second continued struggling with the teenage boy.

A gunshot was let out and the elderly man with us sagged to his butt holding his stomach. The fat woman rushed to him and the teenage girl with them ran to join the fat woman.

I and the girl stood looking. I wanted to help but I didn’t know who to assist. The girl with me rushed the other guard struggling with the first men and held the gun; she and the other man forced the guard down and overpowered him.

After a while, the two guards were defeated and their guns taken from them. The first man removed the asked mask from face of the other man and we saw a very young boy of about fifteen years old.

” who are you guys?” The first man asked.

The boys said nothing, they just looked as though regretting not to have shot us. The woman suddenly screamed and we all turned to her. She was shaking the elderly man as she cried.

We gathered around the lifeless body of the man wondering what we were going to with his body.

” who know him?” I found myself asking.

” no idea. He was here before I joined them three weeks ago”. The fat woman said sniffing in.

” how do we go about this now? We really have to get moving before they get us”. The girl with me added.

“what about these boys? What are we to do to them?” The second man asked in confusion.

” lets kill them” the first man said and pointed his gun with at one of the boys to fire.

the fat woman quickly ran to him and pulled the gun up. ” what are you doing Daniel? They are kids” she said utterly in surprise.

” what kids? and they shot that sick kid yesterday? They deserve to die!” Daniel said and made to shoot.

The fat lady ran in front of him, blocked his way and said ” I won’t allow you do this. Look at them, they’re just children”.

” we’re the resistance group”. The second man said pointing the gun at Daniel. ” you won’t kill anyone of them, drop your gun”.

We all turned to him overtake by surprise.

” what are you doing Bob?” Daniel asked completely dumbfounded.

Bob smiled and said ” I was planted to monitor you guys. The boy they killed was a collateral damage. We abducted you guys to raise money for the war we are planning”. pointing the gun at Daniel.

” then why help fight the boys?” I asked.

” wanted a little fun” Bob said with a smirk. ” the boys don’t even know I’m one of them”.

I turned to the boys that were as startled as we were.

” so you were with us to get information?” The fat woman asked.

He smiled and focused on Daniel.

” so what now?” the girl with me asked.

” those guys who attacked are the government. Our cover is blown…”

“… I wish they killed that ugly fool who tried to rape me”. The girl with me interrupted Bob frowning in disgust.

Bob turned to her and smiled. ” this is war my dear, expect a little rough play”.

” and so what now? ” The fat woman asked.

The man turned to her and said calmly. ” you’re all coming with me”.

” no way bro! I got a pregnant wife to go back to” Daniel said and pointed his gun at Bob firmly.

Bob smiled and faced Daniel. ” I don’want to kill anyone here. You guys are all important. And if I shoot your leg you now, you will slow us down. But I won’t really like to kill you, so drop that gun”.

Daniel held the gun steadily with sweat dropping down his face.

” it is you against all of us, you can’t kill us all”. I said pointing at Bob.

He looked at my bad leg and said. ” you? What really can you do?” Then he turned to the ladies with me. ” and you count these ladies too?”

I knew he was right but we had to get out of here without him.

” we have to get out of here. Kill us all if you want. Mike lets go!” the girl with me said and pulled the teenage girl by the hand who had been standing silently.

Bob fired very closed to the feet of the girl with me and before he could return to Daniel, Daniel shot him in the neck. He dropped his gun abruptly and clinged to his throat, with his eyes looking in horror and blood pumping out between his fingers and under his palms. He turned and ran towards the nearby bush, but before he could get into it, Daniel shot him twice in the back and he fell.

Daniel then turned to the two teenagers who were looking at him dreadfully and shot them dead even before the fat woman would get over the shock of Bob being dead.

There was a momentary silence. Four dead bodies laid on the floor. The sight was gory and frightening. I turned to the girl with me, she was hugging tight the teenage girl with us. The thirst I felt had miraculously disappeared.

” who knows the way out of here?” Daniel finally asked breaking the silence, looking around.

” I think we should go back towards the place they brought us through” the fat lady said looking dreadfully at the gun in Daniels hand.

Daniel thought of it and shook his head. ” no. we can’t risk returning back into their hands. Lets take here”. Pointing behind him.

” no sir. I heard one of the guards saying the main road is that way”. The teenage girl softly said for the first time with fear in her tone, pointing adjacent direction.

We all turned to her direction. Daniel didn’t completely buy the idea, he looked around for a better option, but it came back to the girls direction.

We found ourselves walking through bushes and narrow paths. Everyone suddenly trusted the girls intuition. I and the girl who I discovered her name was Mary got talking, she was telling me some strange things about myself and I believed her because I had to. I had finally come to accept that I had lost my memory.

After about an hour of walking without getting anywhere and it was already getting dark, the fat woman stopped and asked tiredly. ” why is everyone following this little girl as though she knows were she’s going to. We have been walking for awhile now and have gotten nowhere”.

” I was here before you people. This was where they brought me through”. The teenage girl said emphatically.

” but you said you heard the guards saying this way leads to the road?” Daniel asked suspiciously.

” yes. And we came through this path, I remember”. The girl confidently replied.

We all exchanged glances and continued following her. I was going through pains but kept moving. The girl with me never kept her mind off me, she continued checking on me and encouraging me on. My chat with her helped reduced the pain. I asked her if we were married, she smiled and was about answering when we heard a familiar voice:

” if you move!”

We all froze abruptly. People started coming out of the bush with guns and they were the masked men from earlier. Daniel dropped his gun and put his hands in the air. Mary held the terrified girl as she looked around at the men surrounding us.

As the leader smiled coming closer, I heard the teenage girl saying in her thought: thank god Ra isn’t dead. Ha! I thought I was alone oh. Mercy, you’re such a good actor. I thought I would not be able to lead them into this trap but I did! Ra must kill this Daniel for killing Madman Jonz.

I was so transfixed listening to her as she pretended outwardly to be innocently afraid. Why didn’t I hear her earlier?

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